Campus Recreation

Make friends, and get that Jaguar blood pumping

It’s time to feel invigorated. Campus recreation at IUPUI is geared toward giving your body, mind, spirit, and social life the refresh they’ve been craving.

Students, faculty, and staff who pay their IUPUI recreation fee (only $15 each semester!) will have access to our world-class recreational facilities, as well as our fitness programs and intramural sports.


Hey, batter batter batter. Some of us like to watch sports. Some of us like to play them. That’s where IUPUI intramural sports come in. Softball, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, dodgeball, soccer, and basketball: be a team captain or a team player. When it comes to bringing home a victory, every player matters.

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Three intermural soccer players


Challenge your classmate to a game of racquetball. Beat your best time on the elliptical, increase the intensity of your circuit training, or hang out for a pick-up game of volleyball. (Like to hear the sound of rubber on linoleum? Choose an indoor court. Or sweat it out under the sun on one of our sand courts.) More of the swimming type? We highly recommend checking out the IU Natatorium, where U.S. Olympian Michael Phelps has competed.

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Group fitness

These aren’t your typical group fitness classes. Get ready to build muscle, momentum, and—more importantly—a new community of health-minded friends who are ready to sweat it out together. Kettlebell training, Pilates, yoga, obstacle course challenge training, and Zumba are just a sampling of the classes available to you with your recreation fee.

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