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Student Success

IU School of Medicine alumnus Dustin Nowaskie took the initiative to change a problem that he saw time and time again in the medical field. Dustin found the truth was that many health care professionals weren’t sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ individuals. So he started OutCare, a website that provides information about health care professionals in your area that are confirmed to be knowledgeable in LGBTQ health care.

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Fahrenheit 451

Campus Success

“Fahrenheit 451,” the famous dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury, is now a film and is currently available on HBO streaming. Since the film’s May 19 debut, the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies based in IUPUI’s Cavanaugh Hall has been fielding media requests and welcoming scholars who want to study original manuscripts of the science fiction classic. The center is home to thousands of Bradbury artifacts, including rare first editions and the author’s typewriters, desks, awards, and mementos.

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Manual therapy

Faculty Success

Research is the quest to uncover the unknown. Sometimes you get more than you bargained for in the process, which is exactly what happened to IUPUI’s Josh Roy and Abhinaba Bhattacharjee when they signed on with faculty-led startup Health Smart Technologies. Both joined School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences associate professor Terry Loghmani’s research team knowing they would learn more about manual therapy, and came to find they were thrown into real-world advanced experience.

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Career Outcomes

67%of 2017 graduates completed at least one internship

83%of 2017 graduates work in positions related to their field of study

92%of 2017 graduates reported positive career outcomes

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