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IUPUI has over 206,000 living alumni

Once you graduate from IUPUI, you’ll be able to join either the Indiana University Alumni Association or the Purdue Alumni Association. You’ll also automatically become a member of the Alumni Association for the IUPUI school from which you graduated.

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The IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations will keep you up to date on the latest IUPUI alumni news, events, services, and programs.

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Invest in the power of transformation

Giving to IUPUI supports the campus initiatives that transform the lives of students, communities, and the world around us. Learn more by exploring the options below.

Giving at IUPUI

Help IUPUI students in crisis

As the worst public health crisis of this generation, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many of our students to face unforeseen hardships—from food and housing instability to unexpected medical bills. For those who are able to help, please consider giving to support students in urgent need.

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