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Civic Engagement

In 2008, IUPUI students contributed over 75,000 hours to community partner organizations through service learning classes.

An engaged campus means our students and faculty are working with the larger community to benefit the public good. We create these relationships to enrich student life and learning at IUPUI, while helping to solve social issues in Indianapolis and beyond.

At IUPUI, you can find courses, internships, and volunteer opportunities in which you’ll be making a real difference in the lives of local residents. Work with your exercise science classmates to advance high school student fitness on the west side of Indianapolis. Use GIS technology to map the location of urban trees for a local nonprofit. Or participate in campuswide community service events. Your options are endless, and your impact is lasting.

Different types of civic and community engagement opportunities are available for you to customize your experience to fit your schedule. And IUPUI will support you along the way. Student assistance is available through scholarship programs, awards, and student organizations, and by way of grants that match funding for paid internships.

Resources for community

IUPUI is committed to fostering strong partnerships with local nonprofits, businesses and organizations for the betterment of our community. Ask us how we can add to your internship programs, service projects, or other community efforts, such as our Near Westside and Near Eastside neighborhood initiatives. We can also help publicize your volunteer opportunity to more than 30,000 potential volunteers.

Engaged units at IUPUI

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