Dear Friend of Santayana,

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is facing the possibility of elimination by the new presidential administration. 

The NEH has been extremely supportive of the Santayana Edition. Please contact the president and your members of congress to let them know that you support the NEH. 

You can learn about the proposed elimination and plans to stop it here.

Since Herman Saatkamp first began working in 1976 to establish the critical edition of Santayana’s works, the NEH has provided funding for research, equipment, and editorial salaries. Presently the NEH is providing $225,000 (and funds to match gifts) primarily for salaries for an editor and student interns through 2018. This is the sixteenth grant the Edition has received from the NEH. Please help ensure it is not the last. 

You can call and email today to oppose elimination of the NEH.


The Santayana Edition