Dear Friends of the George Santayana Society,

The George Santayana Society and the Santayana Edition have always been and will remain closely intertwined. The Edition is the publisher of Overheard in Seville, it provides staff for preparing the Bulletin for publication, and the Director of the Santayana Edition serves as the Managing Editor of Overheard in Seville. The Society strongly supports the work of the Edition.

The Santayana Edition is part of the Institute for American Thought at Indiana University in Indianapolis. It began publishing critical editions of Santayana’s work under Herman Saatkamp’s direction in1977. Dr Saatkamp brought it to Indianapolis in 1998 from Texas A&M. It is funded by the University and by matching grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Martin Coleman is the Santayana Edition’s current director. He sends us the following report:

The Santayana Edition website plans to publish electronically the letters of George Santayana’s father, Agustín, to his son. The Edition also will receive from Columbia University Libraries Archival Collection copies of over 300 of pages of recently discovered documents including letters from Santayana to his friend Baron Albert von Westenholz, whom Santayana described as one of “best-educated persons I have known” (PP, 442). The letters to Westenholz were written between 1903 and 1937. An inventory of the documents may be viewed here: The Edition has permission to publish the Westenholz letters on the Edition website.

Santayana’s five-volume work The Life of Reason, a seminal text in American philosophical naturalism was originally published in 1905–06. In 2016, the Santayana Edition completed work on the critical edition of The Life of Reason. All five books are now available as Volume VII of The Works of George Santayana from The MIT Press. You may see the catalog listings here:

Richard M Rubin
President, George Santayana Society