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Research Areas

The different innovations that we do in health informatics
Go to Radiological Information Systems

Radiological Information Systems

At Purkayastha Laboratory, one of our research focal points is in the area of improving Radiological Information Systems. We believe healthcare should be patient-centric and one of the ways…Read More

Go to Biomedical Data Analysis

Biomedical Data Analysis

With the recent development in the effort made by the US government to reimage the clinical research infrastructure to overcome some of the challenges we currently face is related to the…Read More

Go to Mobile and Population Health

Mobile and Population Health

One of our goals at Purkayastha Laboratory is to inquire more into how we can improve Preventive Care and Population Health Management. We have engaged in a wide …Read More

Go to Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

One of our goals at Purkayashta Laboratory is to develop consolidated Electronic Medical Systems that would cater for the need of every section in a healthcare establishment…Read More

Our Team

Dr. Saptarshi Purkayastha

Lead Researcher.
Assistant Professor of Health Informatics.
Dr. Purkayastha’s research interests are in EHR systems, mHealth, eHealth Architectures, health information standards and interoperability. He has special interest in developing innovative approaches to teaching high-school to graduate-level students… Read More

Dr. Judy W. Gichoya

Associate Researcher
& Radiologist
Dr. Gichoya is an informatician specializing in radiology. She has extensive experience in deploying health information systems in many countries around the world. Her current interests are in machine learning and artificial intelligence in radiology… Read More

Asha K. Surapaneni

Teaching (I501 Fall ’18)
& Research Assistant
Asha Kiranmayee Surapaneni has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from India and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Health Informatics. She has expertise in qualitative data analysis, business analysis for healthcare workflows, Java development for EHR systems… Read More

A.K. Bhavani Singh

Research Assistant
Mobile Helping Babies Survive Project
Bhavani is a Bachelors in Pharmacy from India. He is pursuing a Masters in Health Informatics at IUPUI… Read more

Prem Chand Avanigadda

Research Assistant
Mobile Helping Babies Survive Project
Prem chand is pursuing a Masters degree in Computer and Information Science from the Purdue School of Science. His areas of interest include databases, big data analytics, machine learning and software development. Other Interests are painting and artwork… Read more

Ramachandrarao Barma

Teaching Assistant (B585 Fall ’18)
Ramachandrarao Barma has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is currently pursuing Masters in Health Informatics at IUPUI. His research interests include Clinical data analytics and EHR systems. He has worked on projects like the Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL)… Read More

Siddhartha Nuthakki

Research Assistant
Siddhartha Nuthakki is a Doctor of Pharmacy from India, specializing in Health Informatics. His interests are in public health, mobile health applications, machine learning and EHR systems. He is currently developing a mobile app for the ‘Essential care for every baby’ program.

Chinazom Chukwuemeka

Research Assistant, NeoInnovate Project
Chinazom Chukwuemeka has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and is currently in her second semester for a Master’s degree in Health Informatics. Her research interests include data analytics, EHR … read more

Tri Minh Le

Research Assistant
Tri has an undergrad degree in Accounting & Business Information Systems from Texas Christian University. Currently in Master’s in Applied Data Science at IUPUI. Has worked in data analytics in the industry, including Mary Kay, Inc. & Deloitte Vietnam. His areas of interest are analytics, machine learning, and visualization.

Saloni Sinha

Research Assistant
Saloni Sinha has completed her Bachelors in Biotech. She is currently pursuing Master’s in Bioinformatics at IUPUI. She has worked in IT industry as a Java developer and her research interests includes Machine learning and Data analytics in the field of Biomedicine.

Bhawana Yadav

Research Assistant
Bhawna has 10 years of public health experience in Health Informatics, system development, implementation and deployment, M-Health projects, Human Resource Information systems, Web Development, ERP implementation and working on open source technologies… read more

Mounika Guntu

Research Assistant
Mounika Guntu is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Health Informatics at IUPUI. She is a Pharm-D graduate from India. Her areas of interest are EHR systems, clinical decision support systems, mHealth and clinical pharmacy… read more

Anushri Singh Rajapuri

Research Assistant
Anushri Singh Rajapuri has a Bachelor’s Of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) degree from India and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Health Informatics. Her research interests include oral cancer, EHR systems and mHealth technologies.