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Ke’ondris is a rapper and guitar player from Norcross, Ga. Everyone could feel his passion for what he was doing onstage at Joyful Noise. Wanting to get another song in, he played until he had to be stopped by the stage manager. 

During his performance, Pope Adrian Bless showed up and demanded he play the song, “Attack on Titans.” And for a good reason: it’s awesome. The song is a hip-hop variation of the high tension, slow then fast pace style that the Pixies made popular in the ‘90s. The song feeds off Ke’ondris’ amazing voice and sense of timing.

Ke’ondris prides himself on the quality of his videos and continues to make videos for his songs. He will be in studio to perform for The Campus Citizen soon. Ke’ondris brings an interesting perspective as an outsider and someone who has been part of the scene for the last few years.

We caught up with him right after his set at Joyful Noise Recordings.

When did you start?
Seven years ago. I was 16-years old and I quit playing basketball. My mom took me to a professional studio, Soul Asylum, but that didn’t work out. While I was there, I learned as much as I could. I mixed and mastered my own stuff. I love to sing.

Where are you from?
Norcross, Ga. I live here now, though. Eastside, German Church!

When did you get to Indianapolis?
Three years ago.

How’s the scene changed since you’ve been here?
I don’t know. That’s a good question. We are kinda solo though. We do our own thing. Everybody is on the same boat, doing the same thing. I want to jump off that boat. A lot of people from Indianapolis rap the same way. People think I’m from somewhere else, because I sound different.

What does Chreece mean to you?
Bringing everyone all together so we can know who is here. Everyone in Indiana is busy doing their own thing, so now they know me and I know all of them and everybody knows everyone.

How’s it feel to just get off stage?
I feel fucking amazing. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on music videos, an “Attack on Titan” music video. Just taking everything to the top. I’ve got to get my guitar fixed, bro. That’s my passion, bro–I’m a guitarist. You’ve got to check out my video, bro. It’s a real video. It’s gonna blow your mind, bro.

Twitter: @Keondris

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