Chreece Profile: Harry Otaku

Harry Otaku

Harry Otaku is the most respected producer in Indianapolis.

When Harry Otaku’s name comes up with rappers, all they have to say is, “That dude knows everything.” Pope Adrian Bless went as far as to call him God.

Harry is a producer and beat maker for many of the rappers who performed at Chreece. Harry first broke into the scene in 2011 and has since gained almost every local rapper’s respect. There is a reason for this. 

The more Harry talks and the more he creates the more you can tell how deeply he loves music.

He has been making music all his life. People just listen now. 2014’s “Harsh Winter Tracks Only” is quintessential listening for an Indianapolis winter.

We caught up with Harry before and after his set emceeing on the Fountain Square Plaza.

How’s it feel to just pull up and see the crowd?
Yeah, it’s nice to see all these people out–it’s exciting. I don’t get to see people active in Indiana. We typically wait for someone else, so this is dope.

How long have you been making music?
As far as people noticing me and being involved, I’d say about four years. But as far as tinkering with it, man, I’ve had a little piano since I was like four-years old. But that was just messing with sounds. I didn’t get organized until I was like 16. 

How’s the scene changed from when you started?
There’s a lot more variety in it, a lot more people are branching out and trying new things and bringing things into the hip-hop world. The execution may not always be there, but people are trying. That’s always a good thing, when people are trying. 

What do you expect Chreece to do for the scene?
It’ll make people aware that it exists and that it’s something worth mentioning and going to see. Some people are proud of it, and that’s great for people to go to other places and mention it and say, “Have you ever heard…?” Also, more collaboration between artists and a lot more press to want to be involved. “Did you know this happened in Indiana? Everybody was happy and having a good time? It was hip-hop, and there were no gunshots?” Yeah, quit listening to FoxNews.

It’s been incredibly positive so far…
It’s good music and good food–those go hand in hand. And it’s on a nice strip. Everyone is happy to be out here. Everyone is out mingling. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

What’s next for you?
I’m learning how to DJ from Top Speed. I’m all about scratch culture, and he took me under his wing. 

How’d you get involved?
Literally a random meeting with Pope Adrian Bless at an event called the Circle City Cypher. And it was in downtown, and we met up, and we started working together. Got a lot of good feedback, so we’ve been together ever since.

Final Reflection?
This weekend I saw a state wide acknowledgment of the Indiana hip-hop scene and it was wonderful. People dancing smiling, filming, and most importantly listening. Every stage was packed so everyone can say they got to rock a crowd and get a feel for getting involved with a crowd. I loved it and can’t wait for the next one. Oh and most importantly Jon Rodger and Sean Oreo Jones are the MF’n gents of August for helping form such a spectacle of an event.
Twitter: @HarryOtaku

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