Devon Fisher’s Big Fat Record Collection

For IU sophomore Devon Fisher, Record Store Day is a chance to appreciate the local arts scene and expand his already impressive record collection. As of today, Fisher has around 700 albums, including a few limited pressings, thanks to Record Store Day.

Among the many albums that fill his crates, Fisher proudly spins a limited three-LP set of Give Up by The Postal Service, which included Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie fame. A 2-LP set of Grateful Dead rarities-one of 6,700 pressing-is one of the highlights of his collection.

A small snippet of Devon Fisher’s record collection.

“I bought my first record in early 2012, but I didn’t start avidly collecting until Record Store Day 2013,” Fisher said. “I really liked the idea of having exclusive vinyl from some of my favorite artists. It sort of makes you appreciate the artist more. I’ve always loved collecting things, so the idea of having something that is really rare is exciting.”

The fanbase that comes with record collecting was another factor for Fisher.

“It’s a great way to get to know the people around you, and the community based around the record store is definitely something that wouldn’t exist if these stores simply sold CDs. It’s cool to gawk at an expensive piece of wax with someone equally as enthralled as you. That simply can’t happy with digital media,” Fisher explains.

As of right now, Fisher’s favorite album in his collection is a limited pressing of “Flower Boy” by Tyler, The Creator. On this Record Store Day, Fisher is hoping to grab a release of “Endless” or “Blonde” by Frank Ocean.

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