A Musician’s View of Record Store Day

For the past 5 years, my sister and I have made a point to visit our top three favorite record shops in town – LUNA music, Indy CD & Vinyl and The Exchange.  This year will be no different.

Record Store Day provides the opportunity for record collectors, musicians and music enthusiast to rejoice in the celebratory bargains, special edition albums and music performances.

Every year, the official Record Store Day website issues a list of the special albums and sales each store will have for the event.  Last year, I got a late start and the one record I was searching for, a special edition of Sia’s “Spotify Sessions”, an album of the singer’s live performances, had sold out at both LUNA and The Exchange.

At the end of the day, when the huge line at Indy CD & Vinyl had died down and the crowd had fizzled out, I walked in and unconfidently asked if they had any copies left. Somehow, they did have one copy left, and I happily left with my big purchase of the day.

I’m not particularly interested in any of the specials this year, but I plan to still hang out at the shops and peruse the used record racks. Usually, these records will be really cheap, but on Record Store Day, you can get five for the normal price of one.

This year, I’m mostly excited to see some of the concerts. Lots of local bands will be playing this year. Indy CD and Vinyl will host both Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars, and David Peck, some of Indy’s favorites.

As a member of the Indy music scene, I love these concerts because I feel that it really connects Indy to the other cities all over the world also celebrating this day of music and community. Different cities and different record shops will obviously have slightly or even vastly different celebrations, but there is still an apparent sense of unity when so much of the world is buying records and rocking out on the same day.

Even if you’ve never heard of the albums, musicians or bands, it’s nice to go just to hang out and soak in the good vibes of Record Store Day. Come out and bring your family and friends. These events are so lively and bring something to the table for everyone who attends.

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