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Shadow Village

Shadow Village is a collective of eight young artists who pride themselves on having talents beyond hip-hop. They want to change the scene by adding more layers of art and not just music.

The guys and gal of Shadow Village all hail from the east side, except for one member who is from Muncie. They bring their love of anime into their rap style and belong to a couple of clubs on campus, including the Japanese and Anime clubs.

Even though they were left off of the Chreece flyers, twice, they still took advantage of performing at the crowded Pizza King.

When did Shadow Village start?
We started in 2013, but most of us have been rapping for about four years? We were just hanging out in the winter and there wasn’t shit to do, so we just started rapping. More people keep hopping on to it, and we’ve just grown. 

How did Chreece go?
[Mumble] The cheers and peace thing was for real. It was the biggest show Indy has done. It’s gotta go up from here.

[Luke Hazel] Too turnt! It was the first Chreece, so we had to bring it. We had to set the bar high!

[Cozy Miles] Interesting fact: Chreece left us off the flyer. Twice. No beef though, but we had to bring it.

[Illus Medias Maximus the 1st] Fucking amazing. So much better than we thought it would’ve been. No one expected this.

What’s next for you?
The main plan is to get other artists of different mediums to collab with us. We are all doing this for hip-hop, for art, and for this city. It’s no selfish bullshit–it’s about getting everybody in the community involved. We already know what’s coming and we’re making it, so we want to help out. Also, with this plan, we are already starting to see the business side of it. There’s money to be made; we just have to do it. We are trying to incorporate all things. We aim to be different than anyone else. We all do things other than rap. It’s nothing destructive; we all have something constructive to do outside of music. We all got jobs. 

I’ve heard you guys hang around IUPUI?
We are part of Japanese Club, League of Legends Club, Anime Club, and International Club. We used to be there all the time, so shout out to them. 

How did you feel about the support from the city?
We fuck with all these groups here. It’ all love. We are all a family. These are the dudes you call to get rides to work with, when your car breaks down you can call any of these guys. 

witter: @ShadowVIllage

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