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Get noticed on JagTV

If you are part of a department or organization on the IUPUI campus and have an event, program, or other announcement that you would like to promote, you can submit an announcement suggestion to play on JagTV.

Announcement rules and guidelines

Announcements are run on a first come, first serve basis, and rotate every few minutes.

All announcements are displayed as an 1370 x 670 pixel JPG image.

Once you've submitted your announcement, allow three weeks for it to be added to the rotation.

The role of IU Communications

IU Communications shall serve as the clearinghouse for all messages to be placed on the JagTV system.

All messages will be reviewed for content prior to posting on the system.

IU Communications reserves the right to reject or cancel content (e.g. announcements) at any time for any reason, including, without limitation, appropriateness of content, length, and availability of space or time on the display system.

Announcements may be edited before being posted and must be free of grammatical and spelling errors or they may be rejected. Accuracy of posted information is the responsibility of the person, group, or office submitting content.