Get JagTV

Display JagTV in your department on campus

Since JagTV informs IUPUI students, staff, and faculty about news and events happening here, it works well in any public space on campus. You can put a JagTV in your lobby, a busy corridor, waiting area, or anywhere else that gets a lot of traffic.

JagTV in HD

If you have access to a high-definition screen, you can and should display JagTV in HD. When you do, your viewers will see crisper text, video, and graphics.

How to get started with JagTV

To broadcast in HD, you’ll need a wired connection to the IU network and a channel player.

A channel player is essentially a PC, customized for video display. We offer a Mini Form Factor Channel Player that’s ideal for mounting directly to the back of your HD screen.

Contact for more information about getting started with JagTV.