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If you love to travel and would like to study a foreign language during your trip then you have come to the right place! At Accent! on Language Travel we offer total immersion language programs for both individuals and groups at private language centers in Europe, Russia, Central and South America.

Our programs are varied and cater to the needs and interests of all ages, budgets and time constraints. They are open to all levels and provide participants the opportunity to study a language in its native setting and, at the same time, experience the culture first-hand. These types of courses promote accelerated learning and retention. They run in length from one week to one year and operate on "rolling admissions." Participants have the choice of one to four starting dates per month (depending upon language proficiency) so can easily fit a program into their plans for a vacation or sabbatical. A very effective and exciting way to enhance your experiences in a foreign country!


Company Profile
Accent! on Language Travel is an independent agency. We do not own nor do we have a vested interest in any of the language centers we represent. These centers are among the top language schools in the world today and have been chosen for the quality of their programs and their attention to customer service. We maintain a close working relationship with the owners and their staff, which allows us to offer our clients fast and efficient service.

At Accent! on Language Travel our primary focus is our clients. We are dedicated to working with you to select the school, course, and accommodations that are right for you. We have detailed knowledge of the schools and their programs and can provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision. At Accent! on Language Travel we measure our success by our clients' satisfaction! Following is a list of services you can expect from us:

  • Pre-Screening—There are literally thousands of language schools all over the world. Choosing the program that meets your needs can be confusing and very time consuming. We make this task much more enjoyable as we provide you with a select list of pre-screened language schools that offer many different types of programs.
  • Registration and Accommodations—We handle your registration and accommodation arrangements and will furnish you with specific information regarding the school, city, course, and accommodations you have selected.
  • Direct Payments—We pay the schools directly which means that our clients can pay for their program in US currency. This is much easier and less expensive than purchasing an international draft or ordering an international wire transfer. We also offer a number of different payment options.
  • Quality Monitoring—The schools are monitored on an ongoing basis through participant comments and routine visits. We feel that this is the only way to ensure that we continue to offer top quality programs.
  • Access—We are easily accessible by telephone during business hours and are happy to answer all questions. This is much more convenient and cost effective as it means you do not have to worry about the timing and expense of international calls.
  • References—We realize that choosing the right program from all of the wonderful programs we offer can be challenging. This is why we are happy to provide our clients, upon request, with the names and contact information of former participants. Sometimes a first-hand description can help you make that final decision!
  • Representation—As stated above, Accent! on Language Travel represents you. If you encounter any difficulties during your program, we are here to help you. Our close relationships with the partner schools enable us to intercede to resolve problems quickly and effectively.


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