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This is a totally self-serving page of some of the glowing comments I've received as a result of publishing this web site.

"I am tasked to a research about HTML website development and found your site. The reference materials on the page were really helpful, thank you for that!"

American Association of Webmasters 2007 Silver Award presented by the American Association of Webmasters to acknowledge "Webmasters and Designers who obviously spend a lot of time building and creating their sites, not just to benefit themselves, but to also make a positive contribution to the World Wide Web Community."

“There are many PowerPoint tutorials freely available online, but this is one [PowerPoint 2000 Basics] of the most extensive. It includes everything from Getting Started to Putting the Presentation on the Web.”
—LMC News

“I wanted to take this time to thank you for all the useful information that I found today by searching on the internet for online courses. Your website came up and I received some very helpful information from Frontpage 2000. You are a godsend. I thank God for people like you. You website is WONDERFUL!”

“I love your site and will bookmark it . . what a great resource thanks!!”

“I just discovered your site and have already found it to be a wealth of information. I've been designing sites for over seven years and learned more in ten minutes on your site than I have in a long time. So I wanted to drop you a note to say...THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!”

“Thank you so much for the excellent online PowerPoint tutorial. First, I thought I was only briefly scanning through your material, I ended up reading the first line and through the last line of your material&3133;good job! ”

“I have followed your steps and I am VERY HAPPY to report that I have successfully published some additions to the drop downs on my career vocabulary sections!! I see now what my mistakes were, thanks to you... You mentioned that you have been "webfriends" from around the world. You now have one more in...”

Awesome Links for Teachers and Students: “A fantastic web site that can get anyone started using PowerPoint! This site does a wonderful job of breaking each section of PowerPoint down into simple and easy to understand directions.”

Multimedia Tools @2Learn.ca: “PowerPoint 2000 Basics Tutorial - From the Web By Design site at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, this easy to follow tutorial is hyperlinked throughout, making the tutorial succinct where necessary, and helpful when you need it”

“You may not really understand or even see the need for this. But these words of appreciation come from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how I'm struggling to find some free, up to date Microsoft Office tutorials over the net with much sweating. The problem is that I have only limited access to the WWW. So for me to come across such a site as your…with powerful and relevant stuff as FrontPage 2002 (XP) is way too wonderful to contain within me…”

“Your above website is an awesome piece of work!!! It looks like you have spent a great deal of time putting it together…”

“This was extremely helpful, informative and easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to create the Powerpoint Tutorial in this format. I have used workbooks, learning disks from work and books from the library and your tutorial was the best by far!”

“I would like to congratulate you on what is a very useful webpage/IT resource and I have begun to direct some of my students there.”

“…just had to stop a moment and congratulate you on a job so well done! In particular, your ppt2000 tutorial site is a knockout. The features you cover, and the concise, effective guidance is the best I have ever seen. I teach ppt at a couple local schools…, and am putting a one credit course on line for adult students for this fall. So I have, in my search for excellence, seen more than two or three “tutorials”. Great job!”

AdSoft Web Award logo presented by ADSoft Web Programming “to the best web sites that attract visitors with eye-catching design, useful content or just by charm.”

“I am a teacher in Iceland I teach highschool and my major subject is to teach kids in computing I am very impressed with your webpages on these matters.”

“Just found your web site lesson while searching for help in teaching K-6 graders in our church's' afterschool program. You did a real good job and just wanted the chance to tell you.”

“I was surfing the Web looking for resources on doing Power Point presentations when I found your site. Thanks for quick but comprehensive presentation on doing presentations with PP. I only wish I was still doing my 'Best Practices' column so I could tell a broader audience about your site.”

“thank you for a superb resource for learning how to use PowerPoint”

Golden Web Award 2002-03 logo presented by The International Association of WebMasters and Designers “to those sites whose web design and content have achived levels of excellence deserving of recognition.”

“i just wanted to thank you for the great powerpoint tutorial! i've been waiting to take a beginning powerpoint class with our city's info sys. dept. and after working through your tutorial, i don't think i'll need it!”

“…I have been looking over various sites on the web and borrowing good ideas from others' presentations and suggestions. I thought you have an EXCELLENT tutorial and just wanted to say thanks. I'll be handing out your URL along with some others during my workshops.…”

Golden Web Award 2000 logo presented by The International Association of WebMasters and Designers “to those sites whose web design and content have achived levels of excellence deserving of recognition.”

“…thank you for a great site & some really useful resources! Some of which I hope to use…I was glad to be reminded about 'Bobby'! Many thanks, & good wishes…”

“Your HTML site is the best I have seen…”

“I found your [Word 97] tutorial extremely clear and useful…”

“I went on to download a couple more of your tutorials - phenomenal style - very fluid content with the learner's needs squarely in front… just plain great work!”

“I didn't think people knew how to share anymore but you proved me wrong. You've filled my plate and I'd like to thank you.”

Discover Award

“If you are thinking about creating a webpage from scratch and you really don't know or need to brush up on your HTML coding, here's the place to go. Check the index for things you need specifically or just browse around. This is an informative, easy to navigate site which should be a must. There are plenty of tutorials on basic and advanced HTML, Word 97 HTML Editor, using UNIX with home pages, as well as LISTSERV list management and basic Windows 95 and others. VERY impressive.”

Starsaber's Award of Excellence presented to sites that “excel in design and content”

Bronze Award by Nielson presented by Nielson Web Sites and Business Graphics.

“VERY impressive. You have really done a nice job of organizing all of your information.”

“…Let me tell you, it has been a HUGE help for me in looking up how-to-do's on the web. I appreciate your effort in having all of your own creations and links available. I can't think of anything you could do better.”

Market-Tek Design Award logo Market-Tek Design Award, 1998

Award of Achievement in the 1997 Society for Technical Communication, Southwestern Ohio competition for Web Design and Development Resources.

This site was featured in the “New Sites” section of Starting Point on January 7, 1998.


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