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Simulations, Virtual Explorations

Healthline Body Mapsrotate, look in, or mouse over to learn about the body!
Skeletal Systemtest your knowledge of the skeletal system
Human Anatomy OnLineby InnerBody
Human Embryology Animations
Online Exhibits Hotlistincluding brainium, virtual stethoscope, ecg library, and primer on molecular genetics

EKG Quizzerrandomly generated EKGs for you to identify EKG characteristics
EKG Interactive Identification and Evaluationfrom RnCeus: free online course for continuing education credit
Biology Labs On-lineinteractive, inquiry-based biology simulations and exercises (reasonable subscription rates!)
Center for Safety, Simulation, and Advanced Learning and Technologyfree simulations from University of Florida

Bladder Management after Spinal Cord Injury: A Practice Approachfrom RnCeus: free online course for continuing education credit
SkillStat Learningonline tutorials including ecg stimulator, heartscope, acls testing, and a cardiac dictionary
RnCeus.cominexpensive online course for continuing education credit
Thermodynamic Equilibriuman online simulator of a diffusion process
ACLS OnlineLibrary: Kid's Guide to the Circulatory Systemspecial thanks to Ms. Anderson's Pine Mountain Central School District, TN, science class

Games, Activities, Interactive Exercises

Learn About the Human Bodyincludes games, lesson plans, webquests; awesome site!; thanks to Candance H for the referral!
Info and Resources for Checking Your Pulselearn to take your pulse & heart rate; resources for healthy hearts; thanks to Danielle from Colorado for the referral!
NASA Questonline resources, live interactions with NASA people, interactive learning

20Q.netremember “20 Questions”?
Neuroscience for Kidsresources, activities, experiments & more!
The River City Projecta multi-user virtual environment for learning scientific inquiry and 21st century skills

Activity Generators

Crossword Creatorcreate your own crossword puzzles
Hot Potatoessoftware that allows you to create interactive online learning activities
PowerPoint Gamesdownload and modify to fit your educational requirements
Puzzlemakerpuzzle generator tool
Quiaonline resource that allows you to create interactive online learning activities

SMILE"online programs for recording, uploading, mixing, and interacting"
Word Search Makercreate your own word searches!
SoftChalka commercial product for building interactive lessons and activities


Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning (IJPBL)

Web 2.0

Moodlea course management system based on sound pedagogy to help create effective online learning communities
Writeboardan online collaborative or solor writing tool that allows editing, version roll-backs, and collaboration
Zohoan online word processor that allows solo or collaborative writing
H20 Playlistcreate your own shared list of readings and other content about a particular topic


Bloggercreate your own blog and get started communicating!
Bloglinesan alternative blog resource
Weblogg-ed: the read/write web in the classroom
Blog maintained by Will Richardson, author of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms
Exploration Guide: Educational Uses of Blogs, Wikis, RSS Feeds, etc.from the Teaching, Learning, Technologies Group
The Potential Use of Blogs in Nursing Education: Blogs as Educational ToolsMedscape Today
Top 50 Health and Medical Education Blogs


Do Your Students Wiki?a Health Publications article from Nursing Education Perspectives
Exploring the World of Wikisdiscusses these collaborative tools from the viewpoint of non-profit agencies
Wikis, Blogs and Podcasts: A New Generation of Web-based Tools for Virtual Collaborative Clinical Practice and Educationarticle from BMC Medical Education

Collaborative Resource Repositories

MERLOTonline learning materials, peer reviews and assignments



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