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1. Attendance
2. Dues (none collected)
3. Guest Speaker: Summer internships.
4. Upcoming meeting information.
Last meetings will be April 21st, and May 19th.
Voting for next year's officers will be held May 19th
DAT PAT practice
Reading of Personal Statements (good vs. poor )
Lab activities
Presentation by C. Bizzell on non-profit dental organizations
Toothpaste Activity for May
Discussion with current dental students for April 21st meeting
Outreach program planning for Shortridge Middle School
Discussion of Summer Academy Program

5. Summer Academy Program information:
2007 Health and Science Careers Academies
contact Peggy Chestnut _Pchestnu@llfmail.org_ (mailto:Pchestnu@llfmail.org)
This summer will be busy for Learning for Life's Health and Science Careers
Explorers with four health academies and two science academies available.

Learning For Life's National Health Careers and National Science Careers
committees are working with organization such as the National Institutes of
Health and NASA to give youth an opportunity to experience careers in these areas
first hand.
Participants will experience interactive hands-on seminars, tour NASA and
other science-related facilities, visit medial research facilities that are
working on cutting-edge developments in stem cell research and forensic
medicine, and much more.

Highlights include:
Career related seminars/workshops
Interaction with practicing health or science professionals
Team competitions
Award Programs
Extracurricular activities

The cost to attend is $200 per person or $375 per person if overnight
accommodations are needed.
This includes meals, on-site transportation, conference materials, and
extracurricular activities. Participants must take care of their own travel
A limited number of scholarships will be offered to help defray expenses for
posts that wish to attend an academy. If Posts are interested in
fundraising ideas, call the office.

Location of the academy for Health Careers:
Houston Medical Science Museum
Houston, TX June 20-22

National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland July 18-20

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois July 25-27

University of Washington
Seattle, Washington August 1st-3rd

 NEXT MEETING- April  25TH 2009

Hope to see you soon!





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