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Urban Educators: Robert Noyce Scholarship for Math and Science Teachers
Funded by National Science Foundation: First Award #0531598, Phase II Award #0934555

Noyce Teacher Scholarship for Transition to Teaching (T2T) Students

Currently new scholarship funding will expire on September 30, 2015


IUPUI is a recipient of Phase II Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program to continue providing financial support to career changers or college graduates who wish to become certified math or science teachers and who agree to teach in high-need school districts for two years within four years of program completion.

The Phase II Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides $12,000 stipends to bachelor degree holders who had a major or adequate content course work preparation in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science (Geology), Mathematics, Engineering or Technology and plan to become certified science and mathematics teachers in the secondary education (grades 6-12). The Robert Noyce Scholarship recipients are awarded on the basis of academic merit, with consideration given to the established financial need and diversity of applicants in the program. An application [PDF] and personal interviews are required. To be considered, the T2T Robert Noyce Scholarship applicants must be admitted to the IUPUI's One-Calendar-Year Transition to Teaching (T2T) program in the School of Education.

About the T2T Program

The Secondary Transition to Teaching Program (T2T) of the Indiana University School of Education at IUPUI is a 12-month pathway to teacher licensing at the graduate level that prepares middles school and high school teachers. Noyce Scholars must have degrees or appropriate courses in science and/or mathematics before entering the program.

The T2T program is highly selective and rigorous, with hours of embedded field placement. As a T2T intern, you will spend the majority of your time working with practicing teachers. You will also work with an excellent group of IUPUI faculty dedicated to transforming mature, well-educated adults into successful teachers. This is a full-time immersion program.


Benefits of T2T at IUPUI

  • Mentorship support
  • Immersion in content area classrooms at both middle school and high school levels
  • Opportunities to experience team planning and professional development
  • Coaching from university faculty
  • Working with peers to create and implement instruction
  • Opportunities to reflect on teaching and assessment practices
  • Limited time in university classrooms with maximum time practicing teaching
  • Coursework application toward a Master's Degree in Secondary Education if completed with a 3.3 or higher GPA


Summer II: P510 (3 cr.)
Psychology in Teaching

  • Two nights a week
  • An introduction to adolescent development, learning theory, and motivation

Fall semester: EDUC S521 and EDUC M500 (6 cr.)
Teaching and Learning in the Middle School
Integrated Professional Seminar

  • Five days per week with a mentor teacher at an IUPUI partnership middle school
  • Focuses on teaching at the middle school level and an exploration of standards-based education, multicultural educaiton, special education, and literacy across the curriculum
  • Coursework 1-2 evenings per week

Spring semester: EDUC S531 and EDUC M500 (6 cr.)
Teaching and Learning in the High School
Integrated Professional Seminar

  • Teaching in a high school with an IUPUI partnership school mentor five days per week
  • Focuses on general high school methods and content area methods
  • Coursework 1-2 evenings a week

Summer I: EDUC S590 and EDUC M500 (3 cr.)
Portfolio Development

  • Assistance in preparing professional portfolios that document achievement of the professional standards required for teacher licensing
  • Coursework 1-2 evenings a week

How to Apply

For program materials, transcript evaluation requests, and application information, please contact:

Sharice Breland, transition advisor

Application Deadline

February 7

For More Information

For more information about Phase II Noyce Scholarship for Math and Science Teachers, contact:

Dr. Kim S. Nguyen, UCASE Director of Operations or 317-274-1126.