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UCASE Goals, Activities, and Accomplishments


Members of UCASE will:

  • Coordinate the program of studies and curricula to prepare exemplary STEM secondary teachers (high school and middle school) who serve diverse learners effectively in the urban and high-need setting.
  • Recruit high-performing students who are interested in pursuing a degree in teaching middle school/high school STEM areas with particular attention to increasing the number from underrepresented groups, low income, and first-generation students who choose to teach in urban schools.
  • Offer K-12 teacher professional development with an emphasis on improving teaching and learning of STEM areas in an urban setting.
  • Engage in and disseminate scholarship advancing STEM education in urban areas.


UCASE seeks to accomplish its mission through a variety of activities that include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Collaborating in the writing of STEM grant proposals
  • Publication of peer-reviewed research in STEM education with emphasis on the urban setting.
  • Developing a strong record of externally funding for programs in STEM Education, including K-12 partnerships, undergraduate and graduate STEM focused programs.
  • Bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Education faculty to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate programs leading to the certification of secondary teachers in life science, physical science, engineering technology education, career and technical education, and earth/space science.
  • Developing workshops and professional development opportunities addressing best practices in teaching and learning, especially in the urban setting, for pre-K-12 STEM teachers.
  • Contributing to the development of a regional network of Indiana’s I-STEM Partners between IUPUI, other colleges and universities in central Indiana, and local K-12 schools: