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B and T Lymphocyte Transcription Factor Activity in Mouse
This website is designed as a portal of information regarding transcription factor (TF) activity in the developing B and T cells (lymphocytes) in the mouse. This topic has been studied for some time, and a large number of TFs have been identified as crucial to the process. In addition to new TFs being identified and studied, differential activities, developmental stage-specific timing, modifications and cooperative functions of established TFs during lymphocyte development are continually being described. This site is designed as a repository of such information published in peer-reviewed journals. The many interactions are meant to be displayed in a biologically meaningful way so that information on timing of a TF's activity on target genes can be accessed at a glance. Queries can be run to search for TF-target gene interactions and their corresponding developmental stages. A TF-TF interaction query (run from the “TF Activity” page) can provide clues to the transcriptional regulatory networks active in lymphocyte development. In addition, a graphical representation of target genes' promoter region (from -8 kb upstream to +2 kb downstream of the transcription start site) where some TF binding sites are mapped can be viewed. The relevant sequence is mapped to graphical outputs of CpG content and matrix associated region (MAR) analysis and a simple drag and click tool can be employed to retrieve any portion of the sequence. Immunologists, other biological researchers and bioinformaticians are encouraged to submit any relevant information that can be added to the database.
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Please include the following reference in publications citing LymphTF-DB: Childress, P. J., Fletcher, R. L., and Perumal, N. B. (2007) LymphTF-DB: A Database of Transcription Factors involved in Lymphocyte Development. Genes and Immunity, 8, 360 - 365.

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