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Distance Learning


Distance learning can mean different things to different people. Delivering high quality educational content and managing student learning via a communication medium (i.e. mail, television, internet, etc.) is the goal of distance education. Distance learning can take place in many ways, but today most people think of distance learning as learning that takes place over the Web. One meaning of distance learning is learning that occurs when there is some physical distance between a student and the instructor.

woman at computerDistance Learning began as early as the 1700's as correspondence courses. Radio courses later emerged and with the invention of television, television courses appeared. Now courses are available on video or DVD. With the growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web, online courses have developed and grown in popularity.

IUPUI has offered distance courses for over 25 years. The means of offering courses has changed, but IUPUI continues to provide the same quality education at a distance that it provides to its students on campus. Students can still take course using non web technologies, but since 1998, the majority of distance learning has occurred over the web.

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