Near Eastside Neighborhood Olympics

Welcome! Join us for the Near Eastside’s first ever Olympics competition! The Olympics will be held from June 16th – June 23rd. Check back to learn more about the event and to support your neighborhood.

Near East Side Community Organization (NESCO) is proud to present the Near Eastside Neighborhood Olympics. Starting June 16th, the near eastside and all of its assets will become host to numerous events pitting neighborhood against neighborhood in friendly competition. The events will take place at many familiar and historic locations around the east side such as The Chase Legacy Center, the Golden Ace, Brookside Park, and the Commonwealth. Events will be accessible to an all ages crowd including events for competitive athletes such as basketball, softball, trivia, and volleyball alongside some more events for the more leisurely competitors such cornhole, ping pong, and a cooking competition (a la the food network’s Chopped).

All times and accomplishments will be recorded and kept online for reference. All events will have a gold, silver, and bronze medal winner that will also be recorded. The neighborhood with the most points for medal winners will be declared the champion of the Near East Side Olympics.


The requirements for participation in the Near East Side Olympics is that you must live, work, or worship in your neighborhood.  All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate and watch. We are seeking sponsors and for various events relating to the Olympics and are always welcoming volunteers.

Email: eastsideolympics@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/indyeastolympics

Twitter: @IndyOlympics

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