Chase-NELI Experiential Learning

The JPMorgan Chase – IUPUI Near Eastside Legacy Initiative is not only building up the Near Eastside community, the initiative is growing opportunities for IUPUI students to learn from innovative and multi-disciplinary internships, class projects, and research projects that have meaningful and sustainable impact. By working with community members, students are able to increase their professional networks and gain valuable mentors outside of academia. IUPUI students also benefit from applying what they’ve learned in their coursework toward solving real world challenges, which helps students to see how they can play a role in social change and to strengthen their sense of community.

What students say:


Jeyanthi Bhaheetharan

“Our class project allowed us to use methods that we learned in class in a real-life setting and help increase understanding of health in the NES community. We were able to explore the Near Eastside on a professional and personal level, talking with residents and health providers about local assets and needs. I was able to gain experience with community-based research and learn more about oral health in the NES. Overall, I really enjoyed connecting with residents.” - Jeyanthi Bhaheetharan, IUPUI graduate student in IUPUI professor Kathryn Coe’s Culture and Qualitative Methods class


Nan Ye

“Because I have studied remote sensing and GIS courses and am able to work with ArcGIS software, I am able to work on the analysis of NESCO (Near East Side Community Organization) plantable areas. Also, I have experience with Python programming, which helps me work with the ArcServer to build the Web tools of a map. I think my future career will involve GIS work, and this project has been helping me explore what GIS work looks like in the industrial world.” - Nan Ye, IUPUI graduate student working with IUPUI assistant professor Daniel Johnson, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.


Natalie Johann

“The Near Eastside of the city has shown me that while living in an urban environment, it is still possible to have a deeply rooted sense of community. This has inspired me to continue learning about the lives of individuals within communities — no matter where those communities might be — and working on improving the quality of life for those individuals through health and physical education. … I plan on continuing to find ways to work within the Near Eastside community through health and exercise, [including] working with a summer camp at the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center.- Natalie Johann, IUPUI graduate student intern, Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center Fitness Zone


Stephen Hendricks

“This internship allows my peers and I to get involved in real world problem solving. There is an inequality in access to dental care and this internship has been a great medium to work towards the improvement of our Near Eastside neighbors’ smiles and employment status. This project will help me stay engaged in what I find important as I move towards public health and international dentistry.” - Stephen Hendricks, IUPUI graduate student intern, IU School of Dentistry Student Outreach Clinic on the Near Eastside
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