Chase-NELI Community Impact

Resources and expertise leveraged by the IUPUI Solution Center as part of the JPMorgan Chase – IUPUI Near Eastside Legacy Initiative have directly helped more than 20 community organizations on Indianapolis’s Near Eastside since the initiative began in 2011. Through these partnerships, IUPUI faculty and student knowledge and skills are being utilized to aid community development efforts in a way that creates lasting relationships mutually beneficial to the university and the Near Eastside; we are investing in the community and the community is investing in our students.

 What community partners say:

Bob Neary

Bob Neary

“[Our] new Hotspot Map will inform both the public and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful internally on where to plant trees in neighborhoods. It will help educate the public by enabling them to access vast amounts of data previously unseen, and will be presented in a way that is intuitive to grasp. In the long term, the Hotspot Map will not just provide planning of direction for precious assets, it will also affirm to the public their network of connections to the urban forest and display the very nature of those connections. There was no viable path to do this project alone with regard to academic expertise or financial capacity in 2012. Having the assistance of the Solution Center and JPMorgan Chase allowed KIB to expand its capacity in the short term, and redefine an avenue for public interaction, communication, and impact.” - Bob Neary, Geographic Information Systems Coordinator, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.


Tracy Taylor

“The power of the Solution Center is that they invest in community organizations that are already doing the work, instead of trying to start another program in our neighborhood. This allows community organizations to leverage their resources to create sustainable relationships and outcomes in the communities where they are committed. It is essential … that we invest in organizations who know the neighborhood, who live this work daily. That is the invaluable work that the Solution Center and JPMorgan Chase are supporting, strengthening, and propelling.” - Tracy Taylor, Community Builder, Englewood Community Development Corporation


Ben Jones

“The IUPUI Solution Center and JPMorgan Chase have been instrumental to the first year success of the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center. The Solution Center helped us to hire an intern that was a competent problem solver and eager to dive into new and different things that he had never tried before. We were able to throw almost anything at him and he would quickly and efficiently develop creative solutions. Having a capable intern helped to take many of the day-to-day issues off of our ‘to-do’ lists so that we could focus on providing great programming to our members and youth.” - Ben Jones, Director, Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center


Kyle Mobley

“Through the Solution Center and JPMorgan Chase, we now have the ability to grow our community garden space and infrastructure and to facilitate [partnerships with] experienced gardeners to help more of our neighbors learn the skills and gain the confidence it takes to grow their own food. More than that, we are now able to partner with researchers to help us understand the food demographics of our neighborhood and our city. The gardening and research help provided through the Solution Center has and will make a deep impact on our neighborhood. Without this assistance, this work would have to go undone.” - Kyle Mobley, Director of Recreation, Englewood Community Development Corporation
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