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Customized Education is available through the IUPUI Office of Community Engagement contracted training experiences. Contracts range from brief, introductory programs to in-depth training of leaders. The IUPUI Office of Community Engagement works with IUPUI’s Faculty and Schools to find the right experts to offer training on-site at your location, or at IUPUI’s downtown campus.

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Below are sample programs and examples of course descriptions. Click on a program, or simply scroll down to view:

ABA and SYTA Certificate Program

Since 1989, IUPUI has partnered with the American Bus Association and the Student Youth and Travel Association for their certificate programs. While these classes are designed for travel industry professionals, these online classes are open to all.


Business Grammar and Writing: Learn practical tips and techniques for successful business writing. This course provides a basic understanding of grammatical relationships rather than mere memorization of rules. Acquire skills to better target your audience and establish positive communications with your clients. Enhance your writing skills through exercises and letters, applying persuasive, controversial, and routine correspondence styles. Upon completion, you will have a portfolio of assignments for reference to gain greater confidence and proficiency in both your business and personal correspondence.

Effective Advertising: In our fast pace world we are bombarded with messages for goods and services. It can become overwhelming to the point we block them out. This course examines advertising and marketing in our harried world. We will look at personal attributes to become more effective about creating awareness about one’s company and to grow the business. Identifying tools and resources will help to make a difference in the ability to increase effectiveness and separate one from their competitors. Lastly, blending advertising and marketing can help distinguish a company in a frenzied messaged filled society.

Ignite Your Effectiveness by Improving Your Sales Skills: Every day in every situation, we must sell. We sell ourselves, we sell our company, we sell a service that our company offers, and we sell employees on how to be more motivated and effective. This course takes you from the “pre-sell” perspective through to “closing a deal.” Learn effective sales competencies; learn what differentiates an individual who has not yet succeeded in selling well to a sales superstar. Gain an in-depth look at the dynamics and key components of a successful sales presentation – from the words you choose, to the medium your message is delivered, to your personal aura and actual physical presentation. In addition, this course will help you gain insight into critical measurements of sales success – from lead generation to qualifying potential audiences to writing RFPs.

Personal Organization & Effectiveness: T.S. Eliot said, “We must not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time.” This course provides the opportunity for you to examine and improve your effectiveness, not only at work tasks, but also as a whole person striving to fulfill your responsibilities as an entrepreneur or employee, a spouse, a friend, a parent, and other life roles. Stephen Covey has described timeless wisdom of the ages in a way that helps you tailor your own life plan for maximum benefit to yourself and others in his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Benefit from this excellent book, and improve your interpersonal skills in your professional environment and personal life.

Running a Business: Understanding the Numbers is Step #1: There are multiple aspects of creating a thriving enterprise. Whether if one is a business owner, an entrepreneur or an employee of a large corporation, having the ability to grow the organization is fundamental to stakeholders regardless of their position. One must have the ability to analyze the inner workings of that enterprise. It is important to justify one’s observations based on facts and data, not guesses or bias. Each person’s day to day work and role, in that business is critical for success and growth .In this course we will look at each person’s ability to move the business forward.

Emerging Leaders Program

This set of classes was organized and designed for high performing staff and new managers.


Being Part of Your Organization’s Brand: All businesses market their products in some way or another.  Yet, how does each employee of the organization fit into that brand?  Learn the power of purpose, brand, ethics, and proven strategies that create effectiveness and how each employee is a brand ambassador for the company. From professional behavior and dress to practical guidelines for social media and workplace manners, this down to earth program will help participants have a clear understanding of the expectations for your workplace environment.  

Communication in the Workplace: All leaders must be able to communicate effectively with all of their clients, team members, and executive management. This class will cover theories and specific examples to polish communication skills including: • Increase awareness of the impact of good communication and fine-tune techniques that result in persuasive and effective messages. • Identify and discern the most appropriate communication methods and techniques to use for all types of messages.  • Know why different audiences respond differently to messaging and tailor messages and techniques to audiences. Maximize communication impact and understanding in all methods of communication.

Managing Difficult Conversations with Respect, Civility and Tact: In the midst of conflict, we are challenged to communicate in ways that do not create defensiveness in others and to avoid becoming defensive ourselves when confronted by others who are rude, angry or uncivil.  Typical responses are to become angry and aggressive or to withdraw and shut down.  Participants will learn how to engage in difficult conversations with others, including how to manage negative emotions, show positive intent, separate facts from opinion, challenge unsubstantiated assertions, avoid labeling, and confront others in ways that avoid escalation.

Transforming Managers to Leaders: Leaders must be able to embody the beliefs, values, and commitment required to be an effective Leader. In this session, participants will discuss leadership and what it entails. Leadership is a “choice & mindset,” and once an individual is aligned with this concept (and paradigm shift), the outlook and outcome begins to shift within themselves and among the team members.

The Business of Leading Program

This set of classes challenges top leaders and managers to think of their organization’s goals and vision, successfully build teams, and learn how manage multiple aspects of an organization.


Effective Negotiation – The ability to negotiate effectively in a wide range of professional contexts, including employment decisions, team building, contract discussions, and dispute resolution, is a core management skill.  Program Highlights include: maximizing your opportunity to succeed through pre-negotiation preparation, recognizing the different negotiation approaches and their implications, understanding the importance of interests, alternatives, and goals, knowing how personal biases and cultural differences influences your negotiations, and learning how and when to use compromise to your advantage.

Ethical Decisions in Leadership: This session is for participants interested in discussing and contemplating the difficult legal and ethical situations facing managers in all sizes and types of organizations. Participants in this session will read and discuss a range of ethical issues that arise in the workplace. In this session, students will use a structured decision-making model to promote thinking, reasoning, and rational decision making about ethically fraught cases.

Finance for the Non-Finance Professional: Employees frequently believe finance is at best a mystery and at worst, a necessary evil. This class will remove the shroud of mystery from the basic financial procedures, as well as assist in enumerating their value to any organization.  Additionally we will explore the art of budgeting in order to assist in understanding and developing this annual process.

Leadership Communication: A vital part of successful leadership is communication. Your communication style sets the tone for the culture, provides details about mission and value, and motivates, inspires and manages your team. Communication is how you create, share, and work towards the goal. Knowing your audience, having emotional intelligence, knowing how to diffuse tense situations, and active listening are all critical components of leadership communication that will be covered in this half-day session. Learn how to strengthen your EQ, stay calm and positive, and ask the right questions to be an effective and positive leader.

Organizational Planning: Developing strategic plans and moving them from plan to action is an essential skill for effective leaders. This management activity helps leaders determine priorities, concentrate the proper tools and energy to strengthen operations, and give employees and stakeholders a shared vision to work towards while assessing and realigning as needed. In this session, we will explore how to effectively coordinate and align resources and actions with the mission and vision of the organization. We will also learn to how to successfully analysis, execute and evaluate a strategic plan.


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