Propose a Partnership with the Solution Center

Community members interested in working with the IUPUI Solution Center should:

1. Fill out a Web form to provide a brief outline of your proposed project or need to Solution Center staff members.

2. Meet with a Solution Center project champion to talk about the request and determine appropriate university resources.

3. Meet with potential partners, such as IUPUI faculty or researchers, appropriate to the project or post a position to IUPUI Talent.


  • An internship is an opportunity to integrate career related experience into an undergraduate or graduate education by participating in planned, supervised work.
  • In general, a good experiential learning opportunity will include a significant level of responsibility, be related to the student’s program of study and career goals, and provide a suitable mentor or supervisor who is expert in the field of the internship.
  • The organization or business that creates an internship will gain in terms of the student’s talent and the capacity they bring to the organization, but should also be prepared to create a learning environment for the intern that may include networking opportunities, cross-training experiences, exposure to organizational goals and planning objectives, in addition to the intern’s primary internship responsibilities.
  • For-credit internships should be developed in agreement with a school representative, faculty member, or career counselor. There are specific requirements for both the employer and the student-intern that make the internship experience eligible for credit.

Class Projects

  • Practice-based education, an enduring hallmark of IUPUI, can take many forms, including class projects, independent study, capstone projects, and case studies.
  • Class projects provide for-credit opportunities for students who work in close contact with a faculty member in his or her program. Projects are usually short term engagements that accomplish a finite set of goals, defined in partnership between the faculty member and the community partner.
  • For-credit class projects should be developed in agreement with a faculty representative and the community partner.

Outreach Projects

  • Outreach Projects offer an organization and a student or faculty member the opportunity to engage with a small business or non-profit organization to respond to a short-term need.
  • Projects do not provide the organization or the student the same level of contact and direct involvement as an internship, due to the short-term nature of projects. However, outreach projects often are an excellent solution to an organization’s need for training, information, technology assistance, etc.
  • Projects tend to be between 40 and 100 hours in duration, and should be reviewed and planned with a Solution Center director to assure that the scope of the project is suitable to be accomplished in that limited amount of time.

For more information, please contact an IUPUI Solution Center staff member.

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