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Strategic Directions: Task Force on Staff Talent

The Task Force on Staff Talent was charged with (1) identifying current initiatives, best practices, and future trends related to staff development; and (2) making specific recommendations that can foster IUPUI’s ability to find, retain, and develop its staff talent.  The task force has reviewed all the input collected from our site, e-mails, tweets, town hall and other avenues and has found five common themes emerging that can encompass the majority of ideas collected from your feedback. 

The five common themes are 1) Retention and Promotion of Staff, 2) Development of Staff Talent, 3) Environment of Inclusion and Engagement for Staff, 4) Benefits for Staff, and 5) Work/Life Balance for Staff.

The Task Force on Staff Talent has three team members assigned to each of these themes and were asked to come up with a vision of where IUPUI will be in 2025 if we make advancements in these areas and the result is an exciting vision of the future of IUPUI.  Below are the vision statements from each of the working groups above:

  1. IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 if staff are recognized as a valued investment, are evaluated and awarded for their performance and are given priority in promotion and transfer thereby allowing them to reach their fullest potential.
  2. IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 through its staff development office programs such as processional and career development, mentoring, and continuing education. 
  3. In 2025, IUPUI will be a campus with an established tradition of communication between Staff, Administration, and Faculty. Members of the campus community will engage in dialogue about relevant policies, practices, and procedures at IUPUI; fostering advocacy with administration and communication across all campuses in a diverse and inclusive environment.
  4. By 2025, the benefit program the university offers will be adaptable to individual needs and must recognize the evolution of the family.
  5. By 2025, IUPUI will be an employer of choice by making strategic investments in programs and personnel to establish a workplace which respects the value and importance of work life balance for all employees.

Our next step is to create recommendations on how we achieve our vision, likely resources associated with the recommendations, people/departments responsible for implementing the recommendations and metrics/performance indicators for evaluating the implementation.  This is where we need your valuable input. now has these five visions and we would like you to submit your thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, etc… on your recommendations on how we can achieve our vision, what would it cost or what resources do you think would be needed to accomplish your recommendations, who or what department would be responsible for implementing your recommendation, and what metrics/performance indicators can we use to verify that your recommendation has been implemented.

To do so first click here. Click on any of the five ideas listed in the left hand column shown highlighted below (Please do not click on the All Ideas tab.) Click on the comments tab for any of the campaigns in which you would like to comment.

Active Campaigns


What must be done to achieve this vision?

Finally add your comment by clicking on the omment tab below:

Comment Tab

Please visit the following link today and submit your input today or contact Lee Stone if you have any questions.

Together we can make IUPUI the employer of choice in Indiana.