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November, 2013
From the Desk of Lee Stone, Staff Council President

Dear IUPUI Staff,

At this time of year many of us will enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with our family. During this time some families will ask those present to voice what they are thankful for. I would have to say to my IUPUI family that I am thankful for the opportunity to work side by side with so many hard-working, dedicated individuals who many times think of others more than themselves.  

Many of our staff members are leaders in the community as well as at IUPUI. Our staff give of themselves; give of their money; and give of their time to their families, IUPUI, and various charities, community, and religious organizations. 

In addition to being thankful, I would like to also address a topic of many recent discussions. I have been asked if the Staff Council is going to draft a resolution in support of Indiana University’s stance against House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR6). This was discussed at length by the Staff Council Executive Committee where it was decided that the IUPUI Staff Council would support all staff by remaining neutral and would not draft a resolution. At IUPUI we celebrate the diversity of our staff. We are blessed with the opportunity to work at an institution where we can interact daily with fellow staff from many cultures and religious beliefs. The very foundation of Staff Council is to serve as a voice for our staff and to petition for the opportunity for all our staff to have a voice or a vote on issues that impact them.

Many of our diverse staff are fearful that their religious convictions and beliefs are misunderstood and are being minimalized just as many of our staff have concerns that HJR6 would send the wrong message or promote intolerance in our state. Because of this, and in the spirit of Staff Council acting as a voice for all staff, we will not silence the voice of our staff who are in support of a resolution against HJR6 nor will we silence the voice of our staff who do not support a resolution against HJR6. The Staff Council will remain neutral in support of all staff and encourage our staff to make their voices heard to their legislators and on their ballot. I am confident the staff members of our IUPUI family will continue the tradition of ensuring a tolerant, respectful and diverse climate at IUPUI regardless of the legislative outcome.

I hope you have an opportunity to share what you are thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lee Stone

Stone welcomes your feedback and the chance to hear what is on your mind.

Staff Council Meeting - November 20, 2013 - Noteable Notes
  • Soon grievances can be filed online through Human Resources. See your HR Liaison for more information.
  • The Sexual Assault, Prevention, Intervention and Response Task Force gave a presentation on its work this past year.
  • Chancellor Bantz attended the meeting and updated the council on facilities, the success of the Impact Campaign, and Strategic Plan. You can find out about these subjects in his State of the Campus address that was given on November 5.
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