IUPUI Staff Council (SC)


December 17, 2008 ~ Center for Young Children ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Members and Guests Present:  Emily Anderson, Brenda Baker, Joann Bright, Kathy Champ, Pamela Clark, Scott Cunningham, Gary Curto, Karen Dickey, Virginia Dowling, Jim Fiddler, Avis Frieson, Kristine Frost, Alicia Gahimer, Kim Gibson, Nancy Gibson, Jane Goergen, Nicholas Harris, Deanna Hart, Natalie Harvey, Scott Hemmerlein, Sue Herrell, Angela Hill, April Hubbard, Danielle Hull, Leslie Kidwell, Dee LePak, Emily Leveque, Lodema Lines, Jayme Little, Caroline Miller, Scott Orr, Abbey Pintar, Ellen Poffenberger, Andrew Poland, Dale Ray, Kara Salazar, Meagan Senesac, Lee Stone, Laurie Turner, Shari Upchurch, Courtney Wooton, and Debbie Wyeth


Agenda Item I:  Call to Order

IUPUI President Sue Herrell called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.  She thanked Beth Jeglum and the Center for Young Children for hosting the meeting.  Jeglum followed with remarks.


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day

The agenda was changed to reflect the children singing at 3:30 p.m. instead of 3:45 p.m.  The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of the Minutes of the November 19, 2008, Meeting

Hearing no objections, the minutes of the November 19, 2008, SC meeting stood as written and were entered into record.  (http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil/documents/minutes/2008-2009/Minutes_SC_11-19-08.htm) 


Agenda Item IV:  Report from Human Resources Administration (Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources)

Poffenberger reported on:

·         Hiring in 2009:  The University has moved the timeline for employees and faculty to enroll in benefits from 60 days to 30 days.  She encouraged personnel doing eDocs to complete the paperwork as quickly as possible, especially for academic appointments, which usually take longer to make changes.  This is an IRS-mandated function. 

·         She encouraged everyone to take time off over the holidays to rest and enjoy your families.


Agenda Item V:  Standing Ad Hoc Committee Reports

·         Bylaws:  Senesac reported for Avis Frieson (Chair).  Tithe committee is setting up a meeting with Joyce MacKinnon to look at the Bylaws and suggest changes.

·         Communications:  Herrell reported that Vice Chancellor Sukhatme approved the magnet the Council will use for PR purposes as well as for use in New Employee Orientation.

·         Diversity:  Curto (Chair) said the committee will meet in January.  Herrell reported that Ken Durgans has contacted her to place a Staff Council member on the Diversity Council.  She recommended Curto for that position and he has accepted.  Curto and Poffenberger encouraged persons to attend the session on Taking Adversity Out of Diversity.

·         Fine Arts and Crafts Fair:  Herrell reported on behalf of the committee.  She thanked the committee (Sue Herrell, Melanie Curfman, Tina Noonan, Teresa McCurry, Jane Schoening, Deanna Hart, Donna Kent, and Judy Izuka-Campbell).  Students from SOAR volunteered as well as a few students from University College.  The students, and other volunteers, helped the vendors bring in their wares the night before during set-up.  Photos were taken and will be put on the Staff Council website.  She will share the profit amount at the next meeting.  The profits will be used for student scholarships.  We can add the funds to the current scholarships or begin a new scholarship.  She hopes the proceeds will be $900.  She has asked the Rewards and Recognition Committee to determine how to distribute the funds. 

·         Membership:  Ray (Chair) reported there are a few vacancies in the School of Medicine and he and Eckert will be working on the divisibility of the units to prepare for election.

·         Rewards and Recognition:  No report.

·         Special Events:  Ray (Chair) welcomed Nancy Gibson back to the Council and that she will be the Special Events chair in 2009.  For today’s meeting and celebration, CVS has donated $100 worth of blankets, scarves, hats, mittens and a $100 gift card to the Center.  They have been a strong partner to the Council for several years.  A CVS supervisor donated $50 of the $100 gift card.  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Speedway, will be given the food donated today.  Thanks to everyone who donated to the Giving Tree and Food Pantry.

·         Staff Affairs:  Stone (Chair) reported that the task forces are meeting.  He distributed an emergency procedures flip-chart for use in your office.  Their next meeting is in January.

1.      Campus Safety:  Alicia Gahimer will meet with the Police in January and will also discuss with them a parking issue at the HITS building.

2.      Fee Courtesy:  Jim Fiddler and his team have found about a reassessment of fees and he will have more to report next month.


Agenda Item VI:  Call for Additional Reports / SC Agenda Items from Standing or University Committees

No report.


Agenda Item VII:  Center for Young Children Performance

The children from the Center performed some Christmas classics.  They were very cute!  Gibson presented the Jeglum with the $100 gift card, hats, gloves, and scarves.


Agenda Item VIII:  Updates from the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (Dawn Rhodes)

Herrell reported that Emily Wren has notified the Council that parking lot striping has begun and the fall allotment has been completed.


Rhodes was unable to attend the meeting due to a campus emergency.


Agenda Item IX: New Business

·         Herrell mentioned the Panel of Vice Chancellors.  The panel will be on January 21 and will include Vice Chancellors Dawn Rhodes, Karen Whitney, and Uday Sukhatme.  They will address questions by the Council from 3-4 p.m. that day.  She asked that the representatives ask as many staff to attend that day as possible.  She also asked that representatives to submit questions to Eckert via email.  Marilyn Kuhn (HRA) will moderate the Panel and is helping to coordinate questions received.  Please designate who you want the question to be addressed to.  Deadline for submission is January 7.  A week prior to the meeting, the questions will be submitted to the VCs to prepare their remarks.  It was suggested to hold the meeting in a larger room.  She gave ideas of questions that have been received thus far, including top three ways IUPUI can be improved, update on the Academic Plan, what can staff do to enforce the smoking policy, the Behavior Consultation Team, perception of the campus since Rhodes’ arrival, food service, etc.  A member shared her experience with the Baker Group about the survey they conducted regarding food service as well as the face-to-face meeting with the staff.  Curto asked how we can best capture the answers the VCs the give.  Herrell suggested we might video tape the session.  He would be glad to provide streaming media capability if the VCs are willing to have this be done.  Pod-casting was also suggested.  A question was asked if it would be appropriate to ask questions about the economics of the campus and how the economy will affect our business.  Kidwell mentioned the issue of adverse weather and switching back from one policy made by VC Bob Martin to two policies by VC Rhodes. 

·         Herrell asked Eckert to link the 40th Anniversary website to our Staff Council website.

·         Becky Thacker will be a part of the Campus Sustainability Committee.  Kara Salazar will also serve on that committee.

·         Christine Padgett has been asked to serve on the Chancellor’s Review Committee.  The second meeting of the committee is meeting at the time of this meeting.

·         The Metropolitan Affairs Committee is hosting a roundtable with Tom Morrison.  The roundtable will meet on December 19, from 2-3, in BS 3023.  Herrell will attend the meeting, but other staff council members may attend as well.  She will report on the meeting at the January meeting.

·         It was asked if the Staff Council will do anything during the 40th Anniversary celebration of the campus.  Herrell responded that the SC is celebrating their 30th Anniversary during 2009 as well, so the SCEC will plan something.  We may do it in conjunction with the Staff Council Awareness Week.  It was asked if we could pair with the IFC to plan something.  Herrell would take that under advisement.


Agenda Item X:  Old Business

No Business.


Agenda XI: Adjournment

President Herrell adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.



Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax:  274-2970 / scouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil