IUPUI Staff Council (SC)


January 21, 2009 ~ IT 152 ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Members and Guests Present:  Ujala Akram, Sarah Baker, Bobby Bell, Nan Bohan, Andrea Brian, Jennifer Burba, Perfecto Caparas, Susan Cauble, Mike Cozmanoff, Melanie Curfman, Gary Curto, Karen Dickey, Virginia Dowling, Jim Fiddler, Mary Fisher, Margo Foreman, Avis Frieson, Kristine Frost, Alicia Gahimer, Kim Gibson, Nancy Gibson, Angela Graves, Yvonne Gray, Nicholas Harris, Deanna Hart, Natalie Harvey, Robin Hawkins, Sue Herrell, Angela Hill, Nikki Holdcroft, Melanie Hollcraft, April Hubbard, Wayne Husted, Dee LePak,  Lodema Lines, Jill Mathews, Megan May, Teresa McCurry, Scott McIntyre, Caroline Miller, Paul Norris, Scott Orr, Christine Padgett, Jane Parr, Amy Pfaff, Abbey Pintar, Ellen Poffenberger, Andrew Poland, Dale Ray, Dawn Rhodes, Colleen Rusnak, Kara Salazar, Amy Sandlin, Jane Schoening, Meagan Senesac, Rachel Sipes, LaDonna Sloan, Candice Smith, Nathan Spaulding, Pat Stites, Lee Stone, Uday Sukhatme, Mel Titus, Bob True, Shari Upchurch, Mike Warwick, Karen Whitney, Aaron Woodsworth, Debbie Wyeth, and Cemal Yildiz


Agenda Item I:  Call to Order

IUPUI President Sue Herrell called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day

The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of the Minutes of the December 17, 2008, Meeting

Hearing no objections, the minutes of the December 17, 2008, SC meeting stood as written and were entered into record.  (http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil/documents/minutes/2008-2009/Minutes_SC_12-17-08.htm)   


Agenda Item IV:  Updates from the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (Dawn Rhodes, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Chancellor’s Administrative Designee)

Rhodes report on the following:

·         Parking Services is working hard on the proforma to justify a new parking garage.  Approval of site and budget is hoped to be received soon.


Agenda Item V:  Report from Human Resources Administration (Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources)

Poffenberger reported on the following:

·         Open Enrollment for New Hires moves to 30 days versus 60 days.  If a new hire comes to your area, you can encourage the eDoc to be done more quickly so that employees have time within the 30 days to enroll in benefits.  Academic appointments are allowed the same amount of time and you are encouraged to process paperwork as quickly as possible.  For qualifying events (birth, death, divorce, marriage), an employee is allowed 30 days following the event to make the change as well.

·         For Professional Employees (PAE, PAU, PAO) please be mindful of capturing time for these employees as the auditors have found a higher rate of errors in timekeeping.  A presentation will be given at the February SC meeting about this and will include information on moving to a biweekly status and timekeeping system.

·         40th Anniversary Celebration:  A kickoff breakfast will occur on January 28.  All employees are invited to attend. 


Agenda Item VI:  Panel of Vice Chancellors

Marilyn Kuhn, Moderator, Sr. Consultant, Training and Organization Development, Office of Human Resources Administration, mhkuhn@iupui.edu

Dawn Rhodes, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, dawnrhod@iupui.edu

Uday Sukhatme, Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties, sukhatme@iupui.edu

Karen Whitney, Vice Chancellor for Student Life, whitney@iupui.edu


Kuhn introduced the Panel.  A handout was distributed allowing attendees to ask questions, make suggestions, or address additional concerns.  These items will be addressed following the meeting.




For all three Panelists:


1.      What are your top three suggestions regarding how staff, in particular, can help IUPUI be even more successful?


Rhodes addressed customer service.  If we have happy students in the classroom, we believe they will return.  If you are working in an area and you find there is something not being done efficiently or correct, it is our duty to make someone aware of it.  Please talk up positive experiences with persons outside the university.


Whitney agreed and also mentioned Student Life.  Strengthening student engagement on the campus is important.  Make the notion of “family” on campus.  If there are ways you know of to engage students in campus life, she would love to hear from you.


Sukhatme agreed with both Rhodes and Whitney and stated that if all three of them thought it was important, than it must be.  He also highlighted the Academic Plan.  If you want a copy of the Plan, notify Sue Herrell and she will send you one.  It is important to be aware of the plan; the more engaged you will be.  Be aware of what is being done to maximize scholarship.  The second goal of the plan is to promote the IUPUI image.  People friendliness is especially important in the age of budget cuts.  When a student comes into a department, it is a staff member they see first.  Remember to smile and be friendly!


For Vice Chancellor Rhodes:


2.      Regarding the “classes cancelled” and “campus closed” issue during adverse weather:   After a major mix up during bad weather, when Deans and the media were giving mixed messages about our campus being closed, Staff Council was told in February, 2008, that there was a change in policy about the campus closing during adverse weather. Then, in November, 2008, we were told that you want to look at campus operations and employee safety as separate issues.  If weather is bad enough to cancel classes for the safety of our students (which also means faculty do not have to come to campus), then it should also be bad enough to close campus for the safety of staff.  What is your perspective on this issue?


Rhodes responded that the policy did not change.  What we live under now is the policy that existed before she came to campus.  Classes may be delayed or canceled and there will be times when the campus is closed and everyone stays home (except those who the protocol states they must attend).  Does this apply to offices that are off campus?  Yes, it does.  Communications staff have worked with three television stations to make the announcement, but you are suggested to look at the IUPUI website for the most accuracy.  If you feel you are in peril and just cannot make it, please call your supervisor to work out a solution.  Either work at home, or work to make it up somehow using appropriate university policies.  What about counties that declare an emergency?  Response is that you need to work with your supervisors to work out something to take care of the time out of the office. 


For Vice Chancellor Whitney:

3.      What can staff do to help enforce the campus smoking policy?  How does the campus plan to better enforce the policy?  A few staff have been reprimanded for trying to let others know not to smoke on campus.  Why did that occur and how can staff protect themselves if they do help enforce the policy?  The policy–and lack of practical enforcement–has also resulted in increased tobacco litter (especially cigarette butts) near the entrances and exits of all the buildings on campus.  Can there be more effort to keep these areas cleared of litter?


Whitney fears this is what she will be known for at IUPUI (laughter).  There has been progress made.  Things are getting better in that there are fewer people smoking on the property.  We are not at 100% however.  We are probably at 93-94% in compliance.  What can you do to help?  Talk to fellow staff and faculty as they are hired as part of orientation to let them know of the policy.  If you see someone smoking, let them know there is a policy.  As far as being reprimanded, she is concerned about this.  She suggests that you seek advice from HRA as you shouldn’t be reprimanded for following university policy.  If you are “overzealous” in trying to enforce the policy, then this is a different case.  Try to be kind in enforcing the policy and not go overboard.  Poffenberger said this gets at the heart of civility.  This is probably the overzealous employee that has been mentioned as may be the case that a reprimand occurred (if it did occur).  Whitney doesn’t tell them not to smoke, but where to smoke.  Her office receives referrals and there have not been many referrals of untoward behaviors.  The intention of the policy is meant to be a civil policy and not punitive.  The lack of enforcement has been frustrating in that she would like to see 98% compliance.  From a governance standpoint, she entertains ideas from the staff on how to do a better job of enforcement?  She will want to have a conversation with the police department about the tobacco litter and enforcement on that issue.  Her office is trying to create a better awareness.  Ideas have been to put a sign around the smoking butler areas to say that persons are allowed to smoke in that area (city property) and put signage in spots where cigarette butts are prevalent saying “don’t even think about smoking here.”


For Dean Sukhatme:


4.      Please provide an update on the Academic Plan.


Sukhatme has been going to schools to give updates.  Highlights are:  Research – Development of the signature center initiatives has occurred.  This gives money into interdisciplinary research to raise the image of IUPUI.  Student Experience – The initiative is the Enrollment Shaping Initiative.  This initiative takes care of conditional admits.  Students at risk are given a free course in math or science in the summer to help them get started early academically.  Scholarships are given as well.  They have been working on attracting high end students through guaranteed admission into various schools.  This attracts top quality students.  We are also moving toward an Honors College.  He would like more staff participation in this.  The second town hall is schedule for January 30.  The search for a dean is ongoing.  We have tried to recruit out of state and international students.  This adds educational value to Indiana students.  Deans have special programs to attract these students.  Service Learning – The program was named to the presidential honor roll.  The CSL has received at least two high recognition awards since he began employment here.  Fund Raising – This piece will begin next year.  All these initiatives will shape the academic plan.  It is important to be aware of the plan and participation whenever possible.


For all three Panelists:


5.      What are your top three ways that IUPUI can be improved for staff?


Whitney:  1- Tuition and fee support for staff.  She welcomes extending the support to the staff for the fees.  Reduce the fiscal burden so staff can attend classes.  2 – Be more engaging with supervisors and leadership for staff to have time to pursue professional development.  3 – Every employee deserves to be reviewed annually in a formal way. 


Sukhatme:  He would rather seek suggestions from the floor and then try to implement as many as possible.  He hopes that staff will participate in the master plan process.  It is important to give thoughts on the master plan – spaces, buildings, beautification – please let him know. 


Rhodes:  One of the things they have established as a goal for Finance and Administration is to make this campus a one of choice over what it currently is.  What are the things that are lacking that you need to feel challenged, valued, and enjoy coming to work each day?  If you provide customer service to students, it is important to be happy in doing.  Evaluations – she agrees with Whitney about this.  She has had this conversation with Poffenberger.  You are owed an annual review to know how to improve.  It should be required and there should be a format agreed upon.  Parking seems to be a problem for students, faculty, and staff.  She is working to build more garages.  She wants to put 3-4 more garages over a 10 year time period.  Question was about the pricing of permits.  Have the A and B spots been reevaluated with the higher cost of the A spots?  People are moving from A to B as they are expensive.  Rhodes said she is not aware of a review of the two permits, but Parking Services is looking at other campuses and other issues that will help ease the issue of parking.  The finance and administration website has a suggestion box you can use.


For Vice Chancellor Rhodes:


6.      Many employees cannot take advantage of the tuition reimbursement offered by the University because of mandatory fees that are a minimum of $154 per semester.  Do you see value in our staff taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement offered and do you agree that employees should pay these additional fees?  Since we have gone to a maximum dollar amount each semester, why can fees not be included up to that maximum?  For example, many staff enroll in only one course.  With fees added to tuition, the total is still below the maximum benefit per semester.  Other employers in Indianapolis who provide benefits for the cost of attending college allow both tuition and fees; many also allow a stipend for books.


Rhodes feels this issue is valid.  If you have the opportunity to take classes, please do so.  As far as the benefit, Poffenberger has brought this up to her many times.  As students, there are many fees added to the bill.  As a benefit, we are under IU benefit policy.  Since she arrived on campus, a policy was made that a new benefit plan cannot be made that does not become a benefit to the university.  Is this campus willing to step out and advocate for lower fees for employees?  This will become a revenue issue for the campus during a time when the economy is bad.  Suggestion was to add to the form or website about fee courtesy, to add a clarification to the site and form that fees will be added to the cost of the course so that there are no surprises.  A group is working on fee simplification.  There will be one fee for what encompassed four fees.  They are trying to be more user friendly.


For Vice Chancellor Whitney:

7.      What is the Behavior Consultation Team and how does it benefit staff?


For more information regarding the Behavior Consultation Team: http://life.iupui.edu/rights/sbct.html


The purpose the BCT is to assist in addressing situations where students, faculty, or staff are displaying behavior which may not be appropriate for the IUPUI campus environment.  Such as behaviors that appear to be threatening to others, inappropriate to others, threat to your safety or the safety to the campus.  The BCT was established following the Virginia Tech violence.  Based on recommendation on the review from VT, faculty, staff, and student behavior is being reviewed.  There is a core group that meets regularly.  The team will proactively work with persons that may be told they need to leave the university community or make changes in order to come back.  Question – Is there faculty buy in on this, and on matters of faculty behavior?  Whitney said the group is comprised of student, faculty and staff.  Centralization is key, not decentralization.  Faculty leadership was informed, but they were not asked to vote.  Deans and Faculty Council leadership have not complained about the BCT.  Have there been instances where someone has been referred to the BCT?  Whitney said yes, about a dozen a semester.  Question – what is the plan if someone is crying uncontrollably, or doing something behaviorally?  Whitney said the person is not removed immediately, but they are worked with to find a solution or help for the person.  Student, faculty, and staff are allowed to due process.


For Dean Sukhatme:


8.      How does the campus distinguish between the funding of the new Affinity Councils and the (lack of) funding for non-Affinity groups such as IUPUI Staff Council and IUPUI Faculty Council?


The affinity councils meet on a reasonable basis with Chancellor Bantz.  The support for those areas comes from his area.  The IFC and SC have a budget but it is very modest.  If you have items that need support, please submit a proposal to Sue Herrell for consideration.  If it fits the educational mission of the campus, they will consider it.  Rhodes said if a group is trying to have an event that funds are needed, to ask about it and they will see what they can do.  The IFC rents space in the Campus Center was paid for by Dean Sukhatme and the SC rent was paid for by VC Rhodes.


For all three Panelists:


9.      What is your current perception of the campus (for Vice Chancellor Rhodes, particularly since your arrival)?


Sukhatme:  His feeling since his arrival over two years ago is that this campus is very much on an upward trajectory.  In general, it is a vibrant campus and with the increase in student housing and the Campus Center, even more things will occur.  This campus is open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.  I think we are ahead of the game as far as change is concerned on the national level.  They are willing to embrace new ways of thinking and to implement them.  He finds the campus to be rather well kept and that isn’t always the case at other campuses.  Indianapolis, in general, gives the impression of a clean city.  One thing he didn’t know about is that the people on campus care a great deal about the people in the community.  We are regarded as the city’s university and he hasn’t seen that at other institutions.


Rhodes:  She loves the campus.  She enjoys being here.  She finds very hard working people that care.  We have a strong leadership team and she has a wonderful staff that reports to her.  This is a matrix organization that is more complicated than what she thought.  Establish the right relationships and find the right people to answer the questions that you have.  This hasn’t been difficult, but interesting to learn and absorb.  This campus is open to risk taking and the entrepreneurial attitude.  She looks forward to being here for a long time.  It impresses her that many people here have been here a long time.


Whitney: She’s been here ten years almost.  Innovative, scrappy, up and coming and relevant are her perspectives of IUPUI.  She believes everyone has a lot of fun and is hard-working.


For Vice Chancellor Rhodes:


10.  In the fall, President McRobbie asked each of his chancellors to provide him with a blueprint for how campuses were going to cut back.  Given the state of today’s economy, what measures is IUPUI taking to reduce its financial obligations?  In what ways will these affect departmental budgets and staffing?  Do we risk having to make staffing cutbacks or downsizing in the immediate future?  Is there any real awareness that we are already understaffed in many areas and that additional reductions would impact services?  And proportionately most staff pay is not going to save the university substantial sums.  Is IU/IUPUI considering reductions/changes in benefits as part of this plan?  How much notice of changes will be provided? 


Rhodes said that what we know at this time is that the state has pulled back 1% of the state appropriation.  Because they are doing it in January, this means 2%.  This is a one-time cash reduction of $2M.  There are enough reserves in the schools and administration that we will be able to respond to this.  For fiscal years 2010-2111 we don’t know where it will go.  We need to work through the Senate and House before we get a budget.  We need to watch the process play out.  Indiana is very conservative in their fiscal policies.  We are dependent on the state for funding.  But as we look forward, it will be a tough fiscal year.  What we will do is to be thoughtful.  We have looked at priorities during discussions.  Things that aren’t priority don’t necessarily mean they are devalued.  We need to look carefully.  She also said that in most departments there is a range of 60-95% of budgets in personnel.  If we do have to take reductions, this may mean taking positions and it isn’t known how that will occur.  Might be positions, not persons.  Deans have been asked how they would respond to cuts if a cut is necessary.  We will be as humane as possible throughout the process.  Question – is the cost of living increase on the table that might be touched?  Rhodes said that each year there is a salary increase and the range is stated by the University using guidelines with flexibility in the schools.  At this time, it is not known how it will be handled this year.


For Vice Chancellors Rhodes and Whitney:


11.  This is a multiple-part question regarding parking and safety, including pedestrian safety and safety in garages. There is detailed information listed below to provide context to the question, but in general:  Are there plans in place to provide more alternate modes of affordable transportation (like bus passes); enforcement of pedestrian safety; and security cameras around parking areas?


Information for context:

Transportation and parking on campus continue to be issues.  In fact, this was a large consideration in the new master plan that was developed for IUPUI.  Recently, IndyGo increased their fares from $1.50 to a $1.75, implementing this fare on their Red Line Circulator.  When looking at my own alma mater and the relationship they have with their host city, they are able to provide faculty, staff, and student discounts on the metro system (Cincinnati).  What is/are the issue(s) causing IndyGo and IUPUI to not offer this service to all staff and faculty in addition to the student S pass?  It seems that if IUPUI wants to encourage alternative modes of transportation to and from work to free up the congestion, this service should be a top issue.


We are seeing more vehicle and pedestrian traffic on campus but very little police presence is seen on the streets or at crosswalks.  Do you see a need or have any plans to increase the police presence on campus to enforce traffic laws and patrol pedestrian crossings?


There is a growing concern over safety in our parking lots.  Most hospitals, shopping centers, banks, and even high schools have cameras viewing parking areas, but we do not.  This seems to be an answer that would assist in multiple areas of securing University property, personal injury, personal property and most importantly, increasing individual feelings of security.  Do you have any plans to install security cameras around campus?


Whitney said it is a compliment when staff want something that students have.  Students are enjoying the use of the S Pass which is a contract for service.  IndyGo received $200K this year to assist students in using this service.  It is possible to explore with IndyGo a package for faculty and staff.  She will only consider this if there is a plan in place about how to fund the program.


Rhodes said a meeting occurred with IndyGo earlier in the academic year in which they looked at expanding the service to faculty and staff.  IndyGo wanted to charge $250K the first year.  The S Pass is expiring for students soon and IndyGo wants to raise the price to continue the service by two to three times.  What is our priority at this time?  Keeping employees employed or looking at this kind of service with funds that are lacking?  Police staffing – she had a conversation with Chief Norris about staffing.  At one point, there were 51 officers on campus and before her arrival, there were 33.  6 vacancies have been approved and searched for to fill them.  They want to hire the right people.  Once those persons have been trained, we will see an increase in patrol officers.  She wants to hire another three persons in the future.  More dispatchers are needed as well.  Finding funds has to occur to make all this happen.  Re: security cameras and safety in parking lots.  With additional officers, we will be able to patrol better.  About cameras, the price tag to add equipment to do security is $1M for equipment and infrastructure.  Cross walks and police presence:  Prior to her coming on campus, lights and signs were added to the campus to help.  Crosswalk safety is being reviewed by the Health and Safety Committee.


For Vice Chancellor Rhodes:


12.  What is your opinion of the food service on campus and do you feel that the pricing is reasonable?  How do you feel it compares to other area vendors? 


The Baker Group report will be shared at a later time.  Rhodes said a lot of work has been done with Chartwells and she sees improvement.  Her focus is on students right now and she meets monthly with Tom Cappucci and John Short.  They seem to be happier with the prices, quality, and turn-around time in the Campus Center area.  She has not focused on departments.  If there are concerns, she would like to know about them.  Food service is working hard to make this better. 


Agenda Item VII:  Standing Ad Hoc Committee Reports

·         Bylaws:  Frieson (Chair) reported on bylaw changes.  A handout was distributed on the changes.  The Chancellor has approved the changes according to Bylaw rulings.  Herrell asked the staff to look at the Bylaws.  They will be sent to the SC members via email and vote will be taken at the February meeting.    

·         Communications:  Senesac (Chair) has taken over for Elizabeth Wager who is on medical leave this semester.  She reported the committee is working on the creation of a magnet that gives the SC web address and will be used at New Employee Orientation as well as Staff Council Awareness Week.  The magnet will help others know of the SC awareness.  The magnet will be attached to an information sheet.

·         Diversity:  Curto (Chair) said he will be attending the Diversity Cabinet meeting this coming Tuesday.  Poffenberger reminded the staff the Maura Cullen session on Taking Adversity out of Diversity is next week.  If you can attend, it is well worth it.  Rhodes said 235 people are registered and the room holds 400, so there is plenty of space.

·         Membership:  Ray (Chair) reported on upcoming changes in the election process.  Staff Council Awareness Week will become Awareness Month.

·         Rewards and Recognition:  Foreman (Chair) reported that the committee is meeting on January 26, and will discuss the charge to the committee and the upcoming rewards and recognitions.  She would like to have opinions on what to do with the funds received from the Fine Arts and Crafts Fair.  The proceeds were $1000 and we need to fund a scholarship or do something like that with the fund.  Please email suggestions to her.

·         Special Events:  Gibson (Chair) reported on the Legacy Project for Staff Council.  The project is to adopt the main portal to campus (welcome grounds at Michigan and West) with plantings and maintenance.  Pansies will be planted in the spring and mums and cabbages in the fall.  Grounds Crew will till the ground and we don’t need to worry about watering.  They are working on getting a sign to show SC is working on the grounds.  A greenhouse has donated all the plantings.  Mid-march will be the first planting.  A blood drive is being constructed for the spring, perhaps in April to tie into IU Care Month.

·         Staff Affairs:  Stone (Chair) reported that the committee was broken down into five task forces working on suggestions by the staff and constituents.  The next meeting is next Friday at 10 AM in MS 311 Rooms A and B.  The fee courtesy task force is waiting on a report that VC Rhodes referred to regarding the end results on fees to take additional courses.  One fee, versus four fees, is much easier to work with and he was glad to hear of the upcoming change.  The Chartwells team is working on a focus group.  Chartwells is working with us and he agrees that the changes are good.  The Staff Council has representation on the Campus Safety Task Force.  VC Rhodes touched on these topics during the panel today.  We are working on many issues, including crosswalk safety.  We are looking for more membership involvement on this committee.

·         Web Site:  Eckert (Coordinator) reported on the development of the new website.  Should be turned on in a few days.


Agenda Item VIII:  Call for Additional Reports / SC Agenda Items from Standing or University Committees

No report.


Agenda Item IX:  Report from IUPUI Faculty Council Liaison (Sarah Baker, IUPUI Executive Committee)

Baker reported on the following:

·         Bylaws are being worked on in the IFC as well.  They have approved a “small wording” change that she shared with the SC Bylaws Committee for wording to use. 

·         They are looking at elections and ways to do them.  The SC may want to use the wording the IFC used for a bylaws change for electronic voting.

·         A bylaws change for non-tenure track faculty will be voted on at the February meeting.  Ten additional slots were approved in May and the vote will be on how they are implemented into the Council.


Agenda Item X:  Report from the Chancellor’s Academic Liaison (Mary Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)

Fisher reported on the following items:

·         118 Promotion and Tenure cases are being reviewed.

·         The Sabbatical Leaves Committee met this week and will be making recommendations on 33 applications.

·         The deans have been asked to work on trying to determine the most direct path to graduation.  This year the university will move to an incentivized format.  They will be judged on student success.  How to get them in the door, be successful, and out the door as quickly as possible.  Are those paths direct, is the curriculum streamlined, can the school offer courses when the students need them?  We need to find additional ways to assist students who are having problems.

·         Can we offer more courses in the summer?  The deans have also been asked to develop a plan to create more summer classes and allowing faculty to either teach in the fall or summer.

·         Personal Development Plan – piloted in University College this past fall.  They are doing some final tweaking and the campus is waiting on the report of the project.  The students will get started on their PDP in their learning community and learn how to move the plan along as they move into the schools.  Advisors will be busy helping students with their PDP. 

·         Honors College – proposal is moving forward and an active search is underway to find a dean.  The dean will help the program move into a College format.  Budgeting is being sought.  Town Hall meetings are being held. 

·         Faculty Club:  The club is interested in updating the fiscal facility of the club and they have worked with an architect to determine what needs to be done for funding.  Membership is needed to create a larger funding base.  A foundation account has been set up to take donations when persons consider making their annual donations.  Staff is eligible to be members of the faculty club.  The fee is $50 per year.  The food is good and the cost is comparable when you consider what you would spend on Chartwells food.  Call the club if you would like an application.

·         Scholarship at Lunch and Conversation Tea and Reading at the Table are held at the Faculty Club.  It is a chance to hear what is happening in the academic community.  Today’s session was from the School of Liberal Arts and on Star Trek on philosophy. 

·         There is a faculty gender salary equity study being conducted.  Why is the study being only conduced for faculty?  Last year, HRA reviewed the staff in this type of formation and a realignment of the compensation process was finalized.  It will be reported on later in the spring.


Agenda Item XI:  Old Business

No Business.


Agenda Item XII: New Business

·         IUPUI 40th Anniversary Celebration (Suzanne Vick, slspragu@iupui.edu):  Vick reported on the celebration plans.  The campus’s birthday is January 28.  We were founded in 1969.  A breakfast will be held on January 28 that the Chancellor is hosting.  RSVPs are still being taken and will begin at 7:45.  The event will end by 10 AM.  January 31 is the recognition dinner for Senator Lugar who will receive a medallion.  Also on January 28, there will be birthday cake in the Campus Center.  We will be celebrating all year.  Watch for the 40th Anniversary logo.  We will co-brand with other events to raise awareness of the celebration.  The Speakers Fund Committee is accepting proposals to help step up the funding that a group request to fund a speaker for an event.  She invited everyone to take a 40th anniversary picture frame following the meeting.  Ray thanked Vick for the calendars that were distributed at the December SC meeting.  The calendar will be available at the breakfast next week.  http://forty.iupui.edu/


Agenda XIII: Adjournment

President Herrell adjourned the meeting at 5:03 p.m.



Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax:  274-2970 / scouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil