IUPUI Staff Council (SC)


May 21, 2008 ~ IH 100 ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Members and Guests Present:  Emily Anderson, Meghann Arnold, Karen Best, Linda Bethuram, Joann Bright, Susan Cauble, Scott Cunningham, Virginia Dowling, Jim Fiddler, Margo Foreman, Avis Frieson, Kristine Frost, Alicia Gahimer, Kimberley Gibson, Nancy Gibson, Natalie Harvey, Scott Hemmerlein, Sue Herrell, Mary Lynn Hoffmann, April Hubbard, Wayne Husted, Brett Jackson, Leslie Kidwell, Kyle McCool, Caroline Miller, Christine Padgett, Dale Ray, Beverly Jane Schoening, Meagan Senesac, Michael Simmons, Rachel Sipes-Salter, Pat Stites, Lee Stone, Jennifer Taylor, Becky Thacker, Mel Titus, Kyle Torgerson, Suzanne Vick, Elizabeth Wager, Mabel Walker, Shannon Wise, Aaron Woodsworth, Courtney Wooton, and Deb Wyeth


Agenda Item I:  Call to Order

IUPUI First Vice President Sue Herrell called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day

The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of the Minutes of the April 16, 2008, Meeting

Hearing no objections, the SC April 16, 2008, minutes stood as written and were entered into record. 


Agenda Item IV:  Report from Human Resources Administration (Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate)

Poffenberger reported that Dan Rives continues to look at packages of benefits that represent a variety of information including short-term disability, long-term health care, auto insurance, health insurance, and others.  He is also looking at identity theft.  Poffenberger suggested the Staff Council ask him to come for a complete update.  She also said for new hires, there will be automatic enrollment into an additional retirement savings plan.  The employee can opt out if they wish; otherwise, five percent of their salary (or less) will be placed into TIAA/CREF, Fidelity, or others.  Current employees who do not currently participate in a similar plan will be invited to do so in the fall.  Kim Kirkland has been hired as the IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity, replacing Lillian Charleston.  She begins in June. 


Agenda Item V:  [Discussion Item] Chartwells Food Service (Don Godleski, Resident Manager, Chartwells and Maggie Miller, Associate Director, IUPUI Auxiliary Services)

Godleski said the spring semester was a learning experience for the operation as it moved into the new Campus Center.  He reviewed the food options in the Center.  It is hoped to change the coffee option in the Library this fall.  The Law School service will remain the same, but have more variety of foods.  In concessions, they have taken on Track and Field events as well as others coming up.  In Research III, they will open another Caribou Coffee in January 2009.  Another option for food maybe coming to campus.  He is working with a local vendor, Judge’s BBQ, to provide a location on campus from time to time.  They are looking to convert a location in the campus center to rotate food services each season to add variety.  They may add a cookout venue in the center of campus for the summer months.  They are putting together some focus groups this summer for faculty and staff and then students in the fall.  The focus groups will be done to improve food service on campus.  Miller chairs a food service policy committee on campus primarily to address food safety.  The committee looks at food safety, but now also catering on campus.  They have developed “food facts” which appears on some websites on campus.  The facts are compiled to answer questions about food.  The food court in the hotel has been vacant since last December.  University Place is preparing to convert the space into a multipurpose space (exhibit space and banquet space).  Construction should begin in September.  Chartwells and Flick are part of Compass, a large food service company based in England.  A realignment of resources and strengths is being reviewed to provide better service and product.  Catering staff at the hotel is small as the demand there is small, but if combined with Chartwells catering, they can keep a full-time staff going.  Miller referred to a survey conducted by a student class and said the comments were helpful.  The negative part of the survey is that the results are all lumped together.  That is, the hospital, Riley, Campus Center, etc., information is all lumped into one survey result document instead of breaking them out to know where the concern actually lies.  Godleski and Miller are open to suggestions. 


Best noted Outtakes was moved out of the Union Building.  Are there any plans to put something back on that side of campus?  Miller responded not at this time.  There may be more housing that may use a cafeteria, but that is long in the making.  She mentioned the store space in student housing.


Best said on July 18, the Staff Council is having a retreat.  She would like to know if Chartwells could donate something for the event.  Miller asked her to send an email. 


Thacker asked how to participate in the focus groups.  Godleski said flyers and emails will be sent out to students, and Human Resources will work with staff.  The groups will be six to eight people. 


McCool asked about Barbeque Day in the summer.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday is New Student Orientation and she wondered if the BBQ was included.  Godleski said NSO has prepackaged deals that the students will know about beforehand.  McCool also asked about food service in the UCOL building.  Miller said the space has been turned back over to University College and there are no plans for food service at this time.


Simmons asked if a kiosk could be set up in the Union Building.  Godleski said it may be possible and he would look into it, but it all depends on what the plan is for the building.  She also asked if there could be more healthy snacks included for purchase.  Godleski said they have been putting more hummus and pita and other “takeaway” items as well.  Miller will see if Canteen can include something more healthy in their vending machines.


Dowling said the campus website does not have proper information listed saying the Law School food service was closed.  Miller will look into it.  Dowling said a student has complained that it takes a long time to get through the line in Wild Greens.  Godleski said he noticed that and is working on a plan.  Dowling suggested prepackaged salads and prepackaged salad dressings.  Godleski noted that Outtakes has four different kinds of prepackaged salads available for sale. 


Herrell thanked Godleski and Herrell for their report and invited them back next semester.


Agenda Item VI:  [Discussion Item] Academic Plan for International Affairs (Susan Sutton, Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs)


Sutton spoke of the new International Affairs Academic Plan and its implication for staff. 



President McRobbie believes internationalization is very important to the university.  She spoke of how staff can participate in internationalization.  At this time, there is an international development fund available for faculty (http://www.indiana.edu/~intlprog/fac.html) and Sutton would like to see that open to staff in the future.  The Office of International Affairs (OIA) has a fund for an OIA staff member to travel internationally and Sutton is willing to discuss with other departments on how they can set up something like that as well.  There are funds for anyone who is a student (including staff) for Study  Abroad scholarships. Information on Study Abroad scholarships can be found at http://www.iupui.edu/~oia/SA/IUPUISchoolAid.html.

She noted that international enrollments declined across the country following 9/11, however, at IUPUI, the enrollment continues to increase. 


Kidwell asked if the scholarships are open at certain times.  Sutton responded that staff who are not students should look on the OIA website for information. 


McCool said she works with students in learning communities.  Are there modules or presentations that can be shared to train the staff to talk about internationalization?  Sutton responded there are ways to do that and she will get in touch with McCool.


Agenda Item VII:  [Discussion Item] IUPUI Emergency Preparedness (Diane Mack, Emergency Preparedness Manager)


Mack’s job is to look at “what ifs” and find ways to keep the university moving forward if a catastrophic event should occur.  Her job is to coordinate the efforts of all emergency procedures to keep information flowing and moving in the event of an emergency. 


She is currently looking at business continuity.  Who is essential in your department after a disaster?  She will be asking departments to put together a plan.


She is also working on an emergency management plan for everyone.  Pandemic planning has been a part of this in the past.


IU Notify and JagAlert are parts of the emergency plans.  IU Notify is the emergency notification system through phone, email, and text.  These services have been combined into JagAlerts.  A test was performed a few weeks ago and was very successful.  She encouraged everyone to look at IU Notify and update their personal information.  Texting is the best way to receive quick information. 


The website is www.iupui.edu/prepared.  In a disaster, the site will change to www.iupui.edu/alert.


The emergency operations center is located in Ball Annex.  Everything needed for communication in a disaster is located in that building.


She is looking to put together a campus cert team.  Let her know if you want to be part of the cert team (dmack@iupui.edu).  Training will be offered.


Her office will be putting together an emergency exercise for everyone to practice what to do in an emergency.  Dates have not been set so far. 


Nancy Gibson spoke about the offices that have moved off campus.  Does her office include a plan for those offices?  Mack said her office will help with business continuity, but in the event of a disaster, buildings off campus will be taken care of by the city.


Kidwell asked about smaller emergencies such as one building closing.  How will we find out the information?  Mack said everyone will be sent a JagAlert message. 


Agenda Item VIII:  Report from the First Vice President (Sue Herrell, First Vice President)

Herrell reported in place of Michelle Tansy who couldn’t be here today.

·        Herrell welcomed Husted as the new Second Vice President.

·        Herrell said Husted and Eckert are forming an election committee and elections are behind schedule, but will be held soon.


Agenda Item IX:  Reports submitted by Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:

·        Bylaws:  No report. 

·        Communications:  Elizabeth Wager, Chair, reported the first meeting of the committee went very well.  The committee wants to create a historical record of the staff council.  If anyone knows of a history, please let her know.  Eckert will check with the previous coordinator to see if she knows of a historical document.  The committee also wants to include information about Staff Council in the New Employee Orientation information.  They will create information that can be included or a small takeaway (like a refrigerator magnet).  She created a logo for Staff Council that can be used.  They will use the PowerPoint prepared by Padgett in advertising.  They will meet again in June.  Kidwell said there was a Staff Council brochure that could be updated and used at Orientation. 

·        Diversity:  No report.

·        Membership:  No report.

·        Rewards and Recognition:  Christine Padgett, Chair, announced the winners of the Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award.  They are:  Nancy Lemons, Nancy Roof, Rachel Sipes, and Marla Zimmerman.  The Bohan Award and Nathan Scholarship are the next awards/scholarships to be started.  Please refer to http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil for information about these awards and scholarships.

·        Special Events:  Karen Best, Chair, said the Staff Council retreat is July 18, at Bradford Woods.  She announced 175 pints of blood were collected at the last Blood Drive.  October 31 is the date for the next Blood Drive and will be combined with the Health and Benefits Fair.  Harvey asked for carpooling for the retreat.  Best said there will be online registration and an opportunity to indicate that need when you register.  The theme for the retreat will be STARS and team building.  Ellen Poffenberger, Dan Griffith, and Marilyn Bedford are helping to find ways to move the STARS concept forward.    

·        Staff Affairs:  Wayne Husted, Chair, reported on the S Pass for student to ride city buses for free.  The committee is working on trying to get a similar pass for staff or what is going to be done next year after the evaluation of the current S Pass.  It is hoped the evaluation will show heavy usage and that they will be more apt to extend the offer to staff as well.


Agenda Item X:  Call for Reports from Other Committees

·        Simmons reported on the Fine Arts and Craft Fair.  A flyer and application is available on the Staff Council website, as well as Staff Council Newsletters.  Please encourage crafts persons you know to apply for space.  Herrell asked if persons are looking for a committee to serve on, they can use some help.  Kidwell suggested finding out how the city-wide garage sale went to find out how to handle the craft fair.


Agenda Item XI:  [Action Item] Resolution for the Review of the Affirmative Action Office

Herrell referred to the link on the Staff Council website as well as the hard copy of the Affirmative Action Office report provided at this meeting.  She said that at the last meeting, the Council discussed the item in detail.  With the appointment of Kim Kirkland as the Director of Equal Opportunity, the SCEC would like to have her talk with the Council about the report.  Herrell reported on the meeting held with Barbara Mawhiney, the consultant brought to campus by Chancellor Bantz, too look at the operations of the present Affirmative Action Office.  Poffenberger spoke about a larger session with faculty, staff, and students, about what has occurred and how problems can be solved.  Once a report is received by the Chancellor, he will share it.  However, she suggests that once Kirkland begins on June 2, it would be beneficial to meet her.


Padgett spoke of the larger meeting held and the information presented makes it appear that the Staff Council is behind in the discussion and that a resolution may not be needed at this time, especially since there are mechanisms in place for a review of the office.


It was moved to close voting on a resolution for review of the office at this time.  There was no discussion.  A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.


Agenda Item XII:  Report from the Chancellor’s Staff Council Academic Designee

No report.


Agenda Item XIII:  Old Business

No report.


Agenda Item XIV:  New Business / Announcements / Hot Topics

Vick said the current host of “The Spot” is graduating.  There will be guest hosts for the time being.  Contact Steve Hodges in Communication and Marketing if you are interested.


Gibson (Nancy) said the campus will be sending a notice out soon to volunteer at the State Fair for Indiana University Day.  She encouraged everyone to volunteer as it is very rewarding.  Community Relations (Maggie McFarlin) can be contacted about this.  Gibson said it would be good to wear our Staff Council button. 


A question was asked about terms that end this year on the Council.  It was reported that staff can serve three consecutive terms on the Council.


Agenda Item XV:  Adjournment

First Vice President Herrell (in the absence of Tansy) adjourned the meeting at 4:54 p.m.



Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax:  274-2970 / scouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil