IUPUI Staff Council (SC)


April 16, 2008 ~ IH 100 ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Members and Guests Present:  Meghann Arnold, Karen Best, Linda Bethuram, Amanda Buck, Jan Canganelli, Elizabeth Cohen, Scott Cunningham, Virginia Dowling, Amy Fletcher, Avis Frieson, Kristine Frost, Alicia Gahimer, Kimberley Gibson, Nancy Gibson, Scott Hemmerlein, Sue Herrell, Mary Lynn Hoffmann, April Hubbard, Pat Laskowski, Kyle McCool, Teresa McCurry, Christine Padgett, Dale Ray, Michael Simmons, Rachel Sipes-Salter, Pat Stites, Lee Stone, Michelle Tansy, Becky Thacker, Mel Titus, Kyle Torgerson, Elizabeth Wager, Marguerete Watkins, Shannon Wise, Aaron Woodsworth, and Courtney Wooton


Agenda Item I:  Call to Order

IUPUI President Michele Tansy called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day

Tansy noted that Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, would not be in attendance.  With that change, the Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day. 


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of the Minutes of the March 19, 2008, Meeting

Hearing no objections, the SC March 19, 2008, minutes stood as written and were entered into record. 


Agenda Item IV:  Report from the First Vice President (Sue Herrell, First Vice President)

·        Herrell said the Komen Race for the Cure is this weekend and thanked the staff for registering either for the Staff Council team or another IUPUI team.  Staff Council has 21 team members with an additional $200 donations.  Pat Laskowski raised the most donations and will receive a prize.  Several of our members are participating in the “sleep in.”  Team members are to meet at the IUPUI tent after 7:30 a.m.  A team picture will be taken on the steps of the University Library.

·        Herrell noted the Academic Plan brochures are being mailed.  Each faculty and staff member will receive a brochure.

·        Staff Retreat:  Herrell thanked the Special Events Committee for their hard work in finding a location.  After a review of the presented locations, the retreat will take place at Bradford Woods.  Herrell is looking into renting a bus or beginning carpools.  Herrell is talking with Human Resources in Bloomington about a program on the STARS philosophy.  The date for the retreat is July 18 (9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. – time subject to change).

·        Herrell announced the resignation of Christopher Walthers as Second Vice President.  The Executive Committee appreciates his hard work to lead the Staff Council Awareness Week as well as his other work with the Council.

·        Herrell welcomed Mary Lynn Hoffmann to the Council.  Hoffmann is joining in place of Anna Zufall.

·        Tansy announced that Ray’s Campus Salon is still on campus and located in University Place Hotel.  Karen DeHoney spoke about the salon and its services.  The salon will continue to partner with us on the Blood Drive as well as other initiatives.  She announced that the salon is a good place to promote events.  Discounts are given for administrative staff (including products).  JagTag is available for payment as well as Visa and MasterCard.  They will stay in the hotel but will be moving to another location in the hotel.  The salon is full-service (hair, nails, tanning, and hair restoration) and takes walk-ins, but prefers appointments.  Tansy thanked the salon for their support of the Staff Council.


Agenda Item V:  Updates from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities (Emily Wren, IUPUI Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities)

·        Wren reported there will be roof replacements at numerous buildings this summer.  The E&T building may obtain a “green roof,” which would be the largest in the state.  A green roof is a roof that is placed over the existing roof which contains a layer of soil.  Trays of plants (such as sedums) can be placed on the roof for beauty in both summer and winter, and will help cut down on cooling costs in the summer.

·        Parking garages around campus will be repaired.  The ambulatory garage is getting new revenue-controlled parking.  The software used to control the parking should help with equipment breakdown.  Riley Garage will receive the new parking controls.

·        Ball Annex steps will be replaced.  Other buildings will also have steps replaced.

·        A design for primary and secondary signage is in the final stages of approval.  The new signage will coincide with the opening of the new Cancer Center on University Boulevard and Michigan.  Remaining signage around campus will be replaced after that.

·        The Natatorium will have exhaust fan problems fixed for better air quality. 

·        The Ronald McDonald House is taking away their balconies due to age and will be replaced.

·        Cavanaugh Hall will have air handling problems fixed.  Some staff are relocating for the summer.  Persons on the first floor of Cavanaugh will need to be sought out until better signage is located.  Upper floors in Cavanaugh are not affected, but will have noise and dust problems due to the repairs.  The repairs are estimated at six weeks.

·        Wager asked about the bike trails on campus.  Is there an update?  Wren said there are talks with the master planners about narrowing to fewer lanes.  Wager suggested a median be placed between the bike lanes and car lanes.  Wren is open to suggestions that can be passed on to the master planners (ewren@iupui.edu).  You can contact Roger Schmenner as well (rschmenn@iupui.edu).

·        McCool asked about signage for University College and its recent name change.  Wren said she does not have an answer at this time, but a sign will be unveiled at some time.

·        Canganelli asked if vending machines that were taken out in BS/SPEA building will be replaced (first floor).  Wren does not know for sure at this time and asked that Canganelli send her an email with the specific room.

·        Herrell asked when Beautify IUPUI will be.  Wren said it is usually in September.  She spoke about persons who smoke on campus.  Receptacles have been placed in “hot spots” to help the situation and seems to be working.  Herrell said the event is fun and helps the workplace at the same time.

·        Simmons said the second floor restroom in Bus/SPEA (closest to the ET building) are not totally accessible for the handicapped.  There is automation to get into the restroom, but not to leave.  The door also opens very slow.  Wren will look into this.  Wren said to call 8-1900 to report any problems with buildings.

·        Please let Wren know if there are any topics that we would like her to address.

·        Green Day is April 22 at the Campus Center.  Vendors will be available to answer questions.  Office supply vendors will be present as well.

·        Tox Away Day is April 18.


Agenda Item VI:  Reports submitted by Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:

·        Bylaws:  No report. 

·        Communications:  No report. 

·        Diversity:  Gary Curto, Chair, will have a formal report on the Town Hall on Classism.  The turnout was not large, but those who attended were engaged.  Herrell said she was speaking to Maggie Stimming who attended the master planning open house and was using her notes from the town hall to add comments on the message boards to the planners.

·        Membership:  No report.  Sipes-Salter spoke of Walther’s resignation.

·        Rewards and Recognition:  Christine Padgett, Chair, reported the Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award nominees are being reviewed and will have a winner announced next month.  The Bohan Award and Nathan Award are the next awards/scholarships to be started.  Tansy suggested the awards/scholarships should be added to the IUPUI Scholarship site.

·        Special Events:  Karen Best, Chair, spoke of the Blood Drive on April 17. She asked that each of us bring three people with us to give blood.  Preregistration has not been good.  There will be IUPUI Slinkies given out to everyone who gives blood.  CVS will also have a goody bag for donors.  Thacker asked if the 200+ goal is people or pints.  Best said it is a pint goal and we have gotten really close in the past.  She reiterated the locations of the blood mobiles that have been advertised in correspondence and flyers.  The American Red Cross has approached the Staff Council to partner with them to have a blood drive as well.  There was some discussion of the drive publicity not getting out there.  Gibson said staff in Regenstrief did not know about the drive.  Tansy said the SCEC is looking at this problem.  They want to identify the representatives for each areas.  We will also be working with Human Resources as well.  Gibson said communication is not filtering from the representatives to their constituents.  Padgett said we need a strong Communications Committee.  Tansy said we are trying to recruit a staff member to be the Communications Committee chair.  Sipes-Salter said that even though she has sent the information to her constituents, the word still does not sink in.  Tansy asked that the Council members think about the committee and whether they would like to “serve by example.”  Most work is done via email.  Best also mentioned there is interest in having a blood drive that corresponds with the Employee’s Benefit and Health Fair.  There are 700 people that normally attend that event.  Tansy asked that Staff Council have a booth and help with the blood drive.  After consideration, Elizabeth Wager said she will chair the Communications Committee. 

·        Staff Affairs:  Lee Stone said the committee is still working on tuition reimbursement and short-term disability.


Agenda Item VII:  Call for Reports from Other Committees

·        Simmons reported on the Fine Arts and Craft Fair.  A flyer and application is available on the Staff Council website, as well as Staff Council Newsletters.  The deadline for a table may be extended depending on the demand. 


Agenda Item VIII:  [Discussion Item] Resolution for the Review of the Affirmative Action Office

Tansy presented a resolution designed by the IUPUI Faculty Council calling for the review of the Affirmative Action Office.  Eckert gave background on the resolution from the IFC meeting of April 15.  The resolution was passed by that body.  McCurry stated a bylaw on resolution (Article 6, Section E).  Discussion opened.  Padgett asked for time to review the procedures.  Thacker agreed.  There was much discussion about needing time to review the resolution and proposed procedures.  Tansy said that it is an opportunity for Staff Council to voice an opinion of procedures of the office.  Herrell also said that we do not have to support the resolution of the IFC but can write our own if we support the resolution.  Lack of attendance today was an issue as well to not vote today.  Stone suggested sending the resolution by email for review.  Tansy said there will not be a consensus today and that we should discuss the resolution and possibly vote via email with 2/3 vote the majority. Marguerete Watkins (from the Affirmative Action Office present for Margo Foreman) wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the original issue of the “book” being read by the staff member was not an issue of reading a book but of conduct.  If a faculty or staff member does not like the decision of the AAO, the next avenue is the Chancellor.  Canganelli said that the extra avenue is helpful as the cost of attorneys is great.  We are asking for a review of the office, not to judge the conduct of the staff member.  It was suggested that the Staff Council take part in the review of the office.  Tansy said the Staff Council Executive Committee has been asked to meet Barbara Mawhinny (external reviewer) to talk about the process. Tansy is not able to attend, but others on the Executive Committee is able to attend.  Curto said that to ask that the Chancellor do a review when one is already underway is fortuitous.  He suggested writing a resolution of support to the Chancellor.  Titus moved and Rey seconded that we go with the suggestion of Curto and vote on this at the next meeting.


Agenda Item IX:  Report from Human Resources Administration (Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate)

No report.


Agenda Item X:  Report from the Chancellor’s Staff Council Academic Designee

No report.


Agenda Item XI:  Report from IUPUI Faculty Council Liaison

No report.


Agenda Item XII:  Old Business

·        Gibson gave Walthers a business card for the State Fair to have a Staff Council Day at the Fair.  Tansy will ask Walthers the progress of the initiative.  Rey had information on whom to contact.  The deadline was April 14, but it would still be worth a call.


Agenda Item XIII:  New Business / Announcements / Hot Topics

·        Dowling gave a flyer showing the deactivation of SUVON.


Agenda Item IVX:  Adjournment

First Vice President Herrell (in the absence of Tansy) adjourned the meeting at 4:54 p.m.



Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax:  274-2970 / scouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil