IUPUI Staff Council (SC)


March 19, 2008 ~ Lilly Auditorium ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Members and Guests Present:  Emily Anne Anderson, Meghann Arnold, Karen Best, Susan Cauble, Scott Cunningham, Gary Curto, Amy Fletcher, Margo Foreman, Avis Frieson, Kristine Frost, Alicia Gahimer, Paul Galanti, Kimberley Gibson, Nancy Gibson, Steven Gregurek, Deanna Hart, Natalie Harvey, Scott Hemmerlein, Sue Herrell, April Hubbard, Wayne Husted, Brett Jackson, Leslie Kidwell, Nancy Lemons, Brenda Leveque, Teresa McCurry, Maggie McFarlin, Caroline Miller, Christine Padgett, Beverly Jane Schoening, Meagan Senesac, Rachel Sipes-Salter, Pat Stites, Lee Stone, Becky Thacker, Kyle Torgerson, Elizabeth Wager, Mabel Walker, Shannon Wise, Courtney Wooton, and Deborah Wyeth


Agenda Item I:  Call to Order

IUPUI Fist Vice President Sue Herrell called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day

The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day.


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of the Minutes of the February 20, 2008, Meeting

Hearing no objections, the SC February 20, 2008, minutes stood as written and were entered into record.  Herrell recognized Anna Zufall for her work with the Staff Council.  She has taken a new position outside the university and her last day is April 15, 2008.  Herrell also announced the Membership Committee has appointed Jennifer Taylor for Sue Jackson’s position with the Herron School of Art.


Agenda Item IV:  Marrisa Irvine spoke about Take Back the Night.  Visit the Take Back the Night website at www.iupui.edu/~save. 


Agenda Item V:  Presentation:  Indiana Blood Center (Valerie Morse, Field Representative, and Julie Houseworth-Cruz, MD, Assistant Medical Director, of the Indiana Blood Center)


Dr. Cruz gave a presentation on “Men Having Sex with Men Donor Deferral:  The Legacy of GRID.”  The presentation was a precursor of the Staff Council Blood Drive on April 17, and how we are to address the issue of persons who are not able to donate blood.  39,000 units of blood are needed each day.  She iterated that colleges and schools are the best places to receive blood donations as the population at those locations are more diverse.  29% of the overall blood supply in Indiana comes from colleges and high schools.  How can we change the discrimination of men having sex with men and not being able to give blood?  Sponsor a blood drive to create awareness, collect signatures, continue to lobby the FDA, and involve congressional leaders were just a few ideas suggested.



1.      What about herpes?  That was to be ruled as deferred, but no decision was ever made.  Dr. Cruz said the MSM is an easily identifiable category; however, it is not as easy to define the population with possible herpes risk.  The FDA has asked for continued testing due.  She indicated that black women are also at greater risk for HIV and this is being looked at for possible deferral.  It is a medical/data clinical judgment. 

2.      Military personnel are on the deferral list due to where they are located.  How long are they being deferred?  Dr. Cruz said they are deferred indefinitely.  The deferment also refers to military personnel families if they are located on the base overseas.  She indicated that the same problem is associated with vegetarians who have been to Europe, but do not eat meat and cannot get mad cow disease.  They are not able to give blood due to just being in Europe regardless of not eating meat.  Location plays a big part in the decision to exclude a person from donation. 

3.      If we want to lobby the FDA, who do we contact?  Dr. Cruz said to contact www.fda.gov.  CBER is the committee to address.  You can read the transcript of the FDA workshop on behavior based deferrals in the NAT era is http://www.fda.gov/cber/minutes/nat030806t.htm#7. 

4.      Can gay women give blood?  Dr. Cruz responded, “yes.” 

5.      Dr. Cruz suggested that MSM persons (who cannot be ruled out for any other reason) fill out the deferral form, then wait two weeks and have them tested.  The results should show their blood is good and it would be a good measure showing how much blood could have been donated.


Agenda Item VI:  Legislative Update (Amy Conrad Warner, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs IUPUI, and JT Forbes, Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations)

Warner gave a few highlights from the current legislative session.  Warner and Forbes both work with Public Affairs and Government Relations.  Johnny Goldfinger, an SLA faculty member, is working on the Political Engagement Project as part of a grant.  The 7th District debate was held on our campus last week due to that Project.  Hoosiers Helping Democracy is another grant through SPEA.  Warner’s team works with each political party.  Indiana University had four active legislative days at the statehouse.  One day was set aside to highlight what we do with graduate education.  She mentioned there is a working group on campus to prepare for the next legislative session.  That session will deal with the biennium budget.  Becky Thacker was a member of that group.  The group works to designate bills to keep an eye on.  Forbes said the university has never taken a total leadership approach to state relations as is being done at this time.  The State Relations Office is located in downtown Indianapolis in relation to the state capitol.  The new tax proposal makes the state need gaming revenue.  The payroll increases we receive next year may come in the form of property tax relief.    Dual credit – universities and high schools teaching courses for college credit – was looked at in this session as a way to improve student performance and for high school students to appreciate the challenges of college coursework before coming to campus.  Another bill on property management shaped the outcome of IUPUI as well.  IUPUI owns buildings that contain lead and this bill worked to clean up those properties. 



1.      Husted spoke about how IUPUI is reflected in the media.  For instance the staff member who was under review for reading a book that was viewed offensive to another staff member, as well as the fight between the Jags mascot and the Oral Roberts mascot.  Warner said Nuvo ran a story in November of an employment grievance on this campus and whether the incident was an incident of workplace civility or if persons have the right to read certain literature at IUPUI.  The result of the case was (1) there cannot be incivility in the workplace and (2) employees may read whatever they wish in the workplace.  There is more to the story that cannot be spoken about at this time, but both parties in the case feel they were not portrayed well in the media and their stories were not fully told.  The mascot issue cannot be discussed as to why the incident occurred, but the video on the incident can be viewed on YouTube. 

2.      Where can we find more information on legislative matters? 

Warner’s website on legislative affairs is on the IUPUI website under External Affairs.  http://www.iupui.edu/administration/extaff/govt/

3.      How do we contact our legislators?  Forbes said if you want to use email to discuss issues on a personal level, it is much better to use an email address other than IUPUI (e.g., Yahoo).  The legislature sees the IUPUI domain’s usage for education, not personal use.  Warner said to use non-university email, phone, and letterhead for personal correspondence with legislators.  You are a voter and deserve to be heard.



Agenda Item VII:  Report from the First Vice President

1.      Herrell indicated there are 15 persons registered for the Staff Council Race for the Cure team.  18 persons participated last year and it is hoped to surpass that number this year. 

2.      IUPUI Poetry Contest.  The poetry contest is in its second year.  It is for high school students and is sponsored by Academic Affairs, Liberal Arts, and Barnes and Noble Bookstores.  Registrants are able to receive an IUPUI scholarship if they register at IUPUI.  March 29 is the awards ceremony (1-3 PM in the Campus Center).  The winners will read their poetry at the awards. 

3.      The IUPUI Campus Plan is available on the Academic Affairs website.  Many of the staff members participated on action plan teams.


Agenda Item VIII:  Reports submitted by Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:

·        Bylaws:  Avis Frieson, Chair, reported the committee was looking at the definition of who sits on the Nominating Committee.  The definition was described as “coworkers.”  Herrell tabled the decision to the next SC-EC meeting. 

·        Communications:  No report. 

·        Diversity:  Gary Curto, Chair, reported the committee will send a flyer to the Staff Council on the Town Hall on Classism.  He encouraged everyone to get the word out about the meeting.  The meeting is not intended to be a grievance session, instead a way to come and open our minds about where we fit with others in the community.  Herrell said some feedback about the meeting was the purpose and what we hope the outcome would be.  Curto said the outcome is for people to learn more about themselves and each other as the subject has some university appeal. Marilyn Bedford, from Human Resources, will be the facilitator.

·        Membership:  Herrell reported on Staff Council Awareness Week (March 10-14).  A table was set up in the Campus Center outside Indiana Members Credit Union.  A 10% discount was given to everyone who paid with the JagTag for the entire week in honor of Staff Council.  Concerns were collected from staff and have been disseminated to the committee chairs.  There were giveaways as well as door prizes.  48 prizes were awarded.  Herrell thanked the Staff Council members who hosted the table.

·        Rewards and Recognition:  Christine Padgett, Chair, reported the deadline for Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award was March 15.  24 nominations were received and the committee is reviewing those to select winners.

·        Special Events:  Karen Best, Chair, emphasized the importance of the Blood Drive on April 17. She suggested that as a Council, we address the discrimination issue and take a stand in a positive way.  One constituent has asked if we can consider bone marrow registry.  We may do the registry at the next drive (after April 17).  There is a fee of $25 for testing of Caucasians.  Kidwell asked if the registry is still part of blood donation.  Best thought it was no longer an option as the two drives are separate.  She asked everyone to pick up a flyer to post in your area and encourage persons to register.  If our goal of 200+ pints is met, we will be the first drive to reach that amount.  Slinky’s will be available for giveaways for those who donate – keeping in the theme of Spring into Life.  More information on the staff retreat (July 25) will given next month. 

·        Staff Affairs:  Wayne Husted, Chair, said the committee is working on (1) fee courtesy, (2) bus passes on IndyGo (between 2K and 2,500 passes have been issued to students, however, this doesn’t help staff unless you are taking a class), and (3) the short-term disability issue.  Staff members who are registered for classes can obtain a student bus pass.  Husted is pursuing short-term disability through various insurance companies (such as AFLAC) that can be taken out of our pay as pre-tax.  He has found that this is not possible through present university policy. 



Agenda Item IX:  Call for Reports from Other Committees

Leslie Kidwell announced the Kelley School of Business is hosting the President of Chick-fil-A with a seminar on how to be an effective leader.  The seminar is at 6:00 p.m., in IT 152, on March 25.  Seating is limited, so arrive early. 


Agenda Item X:  Report from Human Resources Administration (Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate)

1.      Poffenberger said she received an email from Dan Rives regarding short-term disability.  Rives has sent a proposal listing five companies who may be able to offer short-term disability as a “product” to university employees. 

2.      During adverse weather, employees that live in locations that are not safe to drive in, you are able to use income protection instead of vacation time. 

3.      David Bouton has left IUPUI for another company.  Two positions in Human Resources have become available due to this change in staffing in HR. 

4.      She promoted the seminar on “When Generations Collide” which has been previously mentioned.  She promoted workshops this spring on civility in the workplace that coincide with the town hall meeting Curto mentioned under Committee Reports.  Maggie Stimming has put together a brown bad stress reduction series.  She also promoted the IndySaves initiative on debt reduction and student employment.


Agenda Item XI:  Report from the Chancellor’s Staff Council Academic Designee

Galanti encouraged the staff to attend the blood drive. 


Agenda Item XII:  Report from IUPUI Faculty Council Liaison

No report.


Agenda Item XIII:  Old Business

No Old Business. 


Agenda Item XIV:  New Business / Announcements / Hot Topics

No New Business.


Agenda Item XV:  Adjournment

First Vice President Herrell adjourned the meeting at 5:07 p.m.



Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax:  274-2970 / scouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil