IUPUI Staff Council (SC)


February 20, 2008 ~ IH 100 ~ 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



Agenda Item I:  Call to Order

IUPUI Fist Vice President Sue Herrell called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. 


Agenda Item II:  Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day

The Agenda was adopted as the Order for the Business of the Day.


Agenda Item III:  [ACTION ITEM] Approval of the Minutes of the January 16, 2008, Meeting

Hearing no objections, the SC January 16, 2008 minutes stood as written and were entered into record. 


Agenda Item IV:  Updates from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities (Emily Wren, IUPUI Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities)

Wren said there will be a major air handling overhaul in Cavanaugh Hall beginning in May.  The basement through second floor will be out of service for the summer.  There will most likely be a roof replacement project in Cavanaugh as well.  The basement and first floor of University College is being considered for the Multicultural Center.  Directional signage for the campus is being worked on, especially to get persons to the Campus Center.  The Mel and Bryn Simon Cancer Center will open in September and signage will be needed for that facility as well.  The right hand lane of Michigan Street will open in May for a short period then closed again for resurfacing.  Natalie Harvey asked if classes will be moved out of Cavanaugh; Wren responded those plans have already been planned for.  Karen Best asked who should be contacted about signage for an event.  Wren responded Donna Kent can help with signage.  Short-term yard signs requires no permission.  For signage within the buildings, contact the building coordinators (list available in her office or on the Campus Facility Services website).  Dale Ray asked about smoking receptacles.  Wren said receptacles and enforcement is in effect, but there is no assessment at this time.  Wren introduced Captain Bill Abston, Chief Paul Norris, and Captain Bob True regarding pedestrian safety.  Norris thanked everyone for their efforts in assisting with the pedestrian safety issue and asked for staff to continue to bring safety issues to his attention.   


True shared the following:

·        A committee was formed to look at pedestrian safety and security.

·        Solar powered crossing lights have been installed on campus. 

·        Measures have been taken to train people to use traffic crossing areas. 

·        Speed limit changes are still being discussed by the campus and city.  We cannot use “school speed limits” as a school is defined as K-12. 

·        Crosswalks have been repainted, with areas around the Campus Center needing to be taken care of now that is has been completed. 

·        Radar and warning tickets will be used to slow traffic on Michigan. 


Abston shared the following:

·        In regard to flashing signs by crosswalks, there was a press release issued in January (in conjunction with Metro Police) in which a speed machine was placed on Michigan to show motorists how fast they were travelling. 

·        The enforcement campaign began this week and is about visibility and education, not about tickets (they have no quota). 

·        Last year there were six pedestrian accidents.  In 2008 so far, there have been four incidents.

·        Walthers mentioned the street by the IT building that empties onto Michigan – students do not use the crosswalks as they are too far away.  Traffic is heavy there as well.  He asked if during the high traffic times at the beginning of the semesters there could be an officer present.  Abston said they have placed an officer in that area to help with traffic, but students still continued to cross illegally.  It is not hopeful that a light will be placed in that area. 

·        Walthers is on the safety mailing list and he believes that everyone should be on that list as it is informative.  True said the safety email list mentions every police run and crime activity each day.  If you want on the list, send Bob True (rtrue@iupui.edu) an email.  You may also join a traffic email listserv as well by letting him know.  True said IU Notify (available through OneStart) is in effect for everyone with an IU email address.  You can add your phone numbers to the list for notification as well.  From the tragedy last week at Northern Illinois, it has been found that text messaging is the best way to get an emergency notice through as phone lines can become jammed with everyone trying to make or receive calls. 

·        Abston encouraged staff to attend safety training for women as well as the Citizen’s Police Academy. 


Leslie Kidwell thanked Chief Norris for his department’s work on the safety issues.  Kidwell also asked if there was anything the Staff Council could do to help the campus get speed limits changed.  True said a resolution could be written to support the issue.  Wren said the resolution should be sent to Vice Chancellor Amy Warner.  Wren said we might mention the bike lanes on Michigan and New York and should be a reason to lower speed limits.  There will be a town hall meeting on safety.  Information is available on the Police website under “traffic.”  Kidwell asked about the possibility of a scramble light.  A scramble light is where traffic is stopped in all directions for persons to just cross.  Ball State has such a light and is eager to dismantle it.  True encouraged persons to use the crosswalks and the light buttons available to manage the cross time.  Tansy thanked the Police representatives for their time today. 


Agenda Item V:  Report from the First Vice President

Herrell distributed information on the Komen Race for the Cure (April 19).  Last year’s race attracted 40,000 people and $2.3 million for breast cancer research.  IUPUI had 950 participants last year (including students).  Herrell is the team captain for Staff Council and hopes everyone participates.  An emphasis will be placed on fundraising this year.  Herrell has registered the IUPUI Staff Council team on-line.  Eckert will send registration information out to the listserv.  Kidwell shared that you do not have to be just a Staff Council member to be on the team; family and friends can join as well.  It was moved and seconded that there will be at least ten persons from Staff Council to participate to form a team. 


Tansy recognized Teresa McCurry as the Staff Council Parliamentarian, Deanna Hart as the Human Resources Liaison, and Marianne Wokeck as the IUPUI Faculty Council Liaison.  She also recognized visitors who were attending for a representative who could not attend. 


Agenda Item VI:  Reports submitted by Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:

·        Bylaws:  Avis Frieson, Chair, reported the committee is putting together exact wording for each of the suggested Bylaw changes (reported at the December meeting).  These changes will be submitted to the Chancellor for approval. 

·        Communications:  No report.  Tansy said the next Executive Committee meeting will be used to discussion communications for Staff Council.  Scott Cunningham will be asked to attend to discuss his ideas for communications.  The committee is on “hiatus” at this time; if anyone wants to serve, please let her know.

·        Diversity:  Virginia Dowling reported the committee is discussing the proposed town hall meeting on campus diversity within ranks.  Tansy asked about the Multicultural Center.  Dowling and Poffenberger reported the Center is working and plans are moving along to promote it.

·        Membership:  Christopher Walthers, Chair, reported on Staff Council Awareness Month (March 10 is the week we will celebrate).  Instead of having tables in various buildings, a table will be set up in the Student Center food court.  The committee has worked with the Special Events Committee to find prizes from various vendors as well as community locations.  He wants to be sure that persons staffing the table talk about what Staff Council has done and what we can continue to do.  He asked that the Council use the “Spotlight Staffer Making a Difference” form to tell us about staff who make a difference.  Those submissions will be placed in a PowerPoint for display during the week.  The committee encouraged staff members to go to the Campus Center during the week and populate the restaurants and show we care about staff members on campus.  Take your lunch or purchase it each day.  The table will be set up from 11 AM to 1 PM.  He would like volunteers to help staff the table.  Walthers reported that several staff members have asked to resign and is working with the committee to fill those slots.  Mabel Walker asked if the Staff Council does anything on campus as a whole to challenge others departments to also raise consciousness of Staff Council?  She suggested a race between departments or other such events.  Walthers said he was not aware of something like that.  He thought a large staff picnic would be good. 

·        Rewards and Recognition:  Christine Padgett, Chair, reported on the Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award.  The information is available on the staff council website (January 14 – March 15).  Deadline is March 15. Information about the award will be placed in different on-campus media.  Tansy recognized Nathan Spaulding, winner of a Carol D. Nathan Staff Council Scholarship.  Mel Titus asked if a member of the committee can nominate a staff member.  The SCEC will discuss this at their next meeting.  The question is whether that is a conflict of interest.

·        Special Events:  Karen Best, Chair, said there will be a Blood Drive on April 17. There will be five Blood Mobiles (with one at the Safeco Building).  Questions were asked about eligibility to donate.  After discussion, it was decided to invite a representative from the Indiana Blood Center to attend the next meeting to discuss donation.  The Committee is working on the annual Staff Retreat, held in July.  Best is working with several venues for a location.  The date cannot be decided until the location is secured. 

·        Staff Affairs:  Lee Stone said the committee is still working on the short-term disability issue and he was pleased to hear the campus address safety at today’s meeting.


Agenda Item VII:  Call for Reports from Other Committees

No report.


Agenda Item VIII:  IUPUI Campus Campaign

Shelly Hunter reported on Campus Campaign.  She thanked the Campus Campaign Coordinators for their works.  The campaign runs from February 1 to March 31.  To date, $30,000 has been raised.  The goal is $325,000.  Last year, a little more than $300,000 was raised.  Kidwell mentioned the Staff Council has an account for those wishing to give to the campaign.  There is a tax credit (on your state taxes) for the donation. 


Agenda Item IX:  Report from Human Resources Administration (Ellen Poffenberger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate)

Poffenberger said Dawn Rhodes will join the campus in June from the University of Toledo as the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.  Lillian Charleston, Affirmative Action Officer, will be retiring in April.  The search is underway for her replacement.  Poffenberger thanked Deanna Hart for her involvement as a Human Resources Liaison.  Poffenberger announced a change in practice during adverse weather.  If classes are canceled, then the campus will be closed as well.  That means staff will not need to use vacation days to cover.  If evening classes are canceled, but not daytime classes, you are still required to attend work.  This new policy only covers closing during the daytime hours.  Laskowski asked about county emergencies.  Poffenberger said this is not part of the new policy.  The complete adverse weather policy is on the Human Resources website.  The Chancellor gave his Report to the Community earlier in the day and encouraged staff to look at the 2007 Performance Report (http://www.iport.iupui.edu/pr/details.aspx).   The Women’s Leadership Award nominations are being accepted through February 29. 


Agenda Item XI:  Report from the Chancellor’s Staff Council Academic Designee

Galanti was not present.  Wokeck said the Faculty Council is working on language best used to describe IUPUI as an urban research campus; our own identity.  There are many dean’s positions open, which reminds us to learn to recruit well. 


Agenda Item XII:  Old Business

Michelle Simmons said the Crafts Fair location has not been confirmed, but the date is still October 18.  Herrell said the Campus Center location will not work for October 18 as we need a Friday night for vendors to set up.  The Campus Center is not available that evening.  She has spoken to Dan Maxwell is considering waiving the fee for the Friday night set up if we are able to hold the event at the Campus Center.  She identified other expenses for the Fair that was not planned on at the beginning of the planning period.  Parking expenses will not be waived for this event.  The event will be held, but they need to look at all area of expenses before proceeding. 


Agenda Item XIII:  New Business / Announcements / Hot Topics

No New Business.


Agenda Item XIV:  Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The motion carried.  President Tansy adjourned the meeting.



Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator, Karen Eckert

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax:  274-2970 / scouncil@iupui.edu / http://www.iupui.edu/~scouncil