SC 9/20/06 Minutes

Approved 10/18/06

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Staff Council (SC) Minutes: September 20, 2006

Wynne Courtroom of Inlow Hall (“IH 100”) / 3:00 - 5:00 pm


Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Susan J. Martin (SC President, 8.6128,

Martin called the meeting to order at 3:00pm.



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The order of business was adopted as the order of business for the day.    



Agenda Item III: Report from the Chancellor's SC Administrative Designee: Robert Martin (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 4.4511,

Vice Chancellor Martin could not attend, but will update the SC at future meetings.



Agenda Item IV: [ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 6/21/06:  Up for Approval.

Hearing no objections, the SC minutes of June 21, 2006 were accepted as written and entered into record. 


These minutes are available online at



Agenda Item V: Report from the President: Susan J. Martin.

Martin welcomed the SC to another year of important work and, then, asked each member to introduce her or himself.  Following introductions, Martin briefed the SC on the following:

·               The Special Events Committee was, at meeting time, still seeking a new chair.  Immediately following the meeting Representative Karen Best volunteered for and was appointed to the position.


·               The attendance at this, the first meeting of the year, had outstanding attendance.  Martin thanked everyone for taking the time to, either, attend or send an alternate.


·               The SC Executive Committee is exploring their options in terms of relocating the monthly Council meeting to a more central location on campus.



Agenda Item VI:  Reports from Standing Committees.

The Bylaws Committee will be chaired, again, this year by Amy Jones.


Communication Committee Co-Chair Troy Barnes welcomed new Co-Chair Michelle Fatheree.


Membership Committee Chair Delana Gifford could not attend but will follow-up with committee members via e-mail.


Rewards & Recognition Co-Chair Mike Oakley reported that, along with Co-Chair Lorna Griffin and their committee, they awarded four Carol D. Nathan scholarships in August 2006.  The winners were: Tim Bennett (School of Business); Karen Eckert (University College); Nathaniel Spaulding (Building Services); and Melissa Titus (School of Medicine).


Staff Affairs Co-Chair Becky Thacker reported [on her own behalf and on behalf of her Co-Chair Jason Burnham] that Staff Affairs will reconvene for the year on October 3rd.


The SC Committee Roster is posted online; SC members and Committee Chairs are urged to review the roster.  Any SC member who has not yet signed up for a committee assignment should e-mail Molly Martin at



Agenda Item VII: Call for Reports from Other Committees.    

No report.



Agenda Item VIII:  Report from Human Resources Administration: Ellen Poffenberger (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate, 4.8932,

Poffenberger briefed the SC on the following:



  • Please note these other upcoming development opportunities, sponsored by HRA:

o         Administrative Support Professional Series
Designed for IUPUI clerical and administrative support staff, this training uses interactive training methods such as case studies, role-plays, group exercises, and classroom instruction to reinforce the competencies that are essential for Administrative Support Professionals.  View the flyer at for complete details.


o         Keys to Professional Effectiveness
A professional skills training series for PA staff.  View the flyer at for complete details.


o         Brown Bag Book Discussion: Crucial Conversations - Tools for Talking When Stakes are High
Come join us on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 in the Payroll Conference Room, UN 542 (North) Noon to 1:00 p.m. for a discussion of the following chapters of Crucial Conversations - Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.  View the flyer at for complete details.



  • In response to a question from Representative Nancy Gibson, Poffenberger offered to approach Maggie Stimming (Work/Life Coordinator) to discuss the possibility of scheduling development programming in order to serve IUPUI staff working off of main campus.


  • Teresa Shearer has joined HRA as a Training Consultant.  The addition of new staff will help HRA continue to expand professional development training options on campus.


  • The Chancellor’s Employee Recognition Convocation will be held on Friday September 29th from 2:30-4:30pm in the University Place Conference Center Auditorium.  Honorees will include the winners of the SC’s 2006 Bepko Spirit Award and Nathan Scholarship.


  • The annual IUPUI Health & Benefits Fair will be held from 9:00am-3:00pm on Thursday October 26th in the University Place Conference Center.  Please note that time taken to attend the fair is considered paid time.


  • The first draft of the results of the 2005-06 Staff Survey is complete.  Poffenberger anticipates being able to report on results at the November SC meeting.


  • Open Enrollment [for university benefits] is right around the corner.  No significant changes to benefit plans are anticipated this year, Poffenberger noted, but for those who would like to learn more about plans and changes may attend any one of multiple information sessions planned for the Fall. The timeline for Open Enrollment is as follows:

Third Week of October: Full-time, appointed faculty/staff will receive open enrollment packets in campus mail. 

October 26:  IUPUI Health & Benefits Fair

First open enrollment information session

November 17:  Deadline for the return of enrollment forms

January 1, 2007:  Effective date of changes made during open enrollment


Mid- to late-January, 2007: ID cards mailed by health care vendors.  New dental ID cards will not be issued.




Agenda Item IX: Reports from the Chancellor's SC Academic Designee: Paul Galanti (Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,

Galanti could not attend, but will update the SC at future meetings.


Information about the IFC is available on its website at



Agenda Item X: Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).

No discussion.



Agenda Item XI: New Business / Announcements.  

Martin led the SC through items of New Business:


  • Please note the new features of the SC website:  web-based forms with which to submit “Hot Topics” (concerns, comments, suggestions from staff) and staff accomplishments (promotions, professional transitions within IUPUI, awards, community involvement); an “Applause” page on which the SC Office will post staff accolades; and a list of SC representatives organized by unit and containing hyperlinked e-mail addresses.  The SC Office is also working on a searchable online knowledge base to help staff and SC representatives research issues previously addressed or discussed by the Council.


  • Feedback on the search for IU’s next president continues to come in via the web form on the SC website.  Please encourage your colleagues to submit their concerns.  Representative and Executive Committee Member Leslie Kidwell attended a luncheon with the Board of Trustees on behalf of the SC at which the presidential search was discussed and urged all staff to speak up about this critical issue.  The SC thanks Leslie for her representation!


  • Staff Affairs Co-Chair Becky Thacker explained the purpose of a pilot “cross team” (a task force that will break-out and focus, solely, on a single issue) assigned to the fee courtesy issue.  Staff have expressed concerns for a few years now that due to a laundry list of fees levied, both, by the campus and specific academic programs reduces the value and utility of the fee courtesy benefit for staff-as-students.  Anyone interested in signing up for the fee courtesy cross-team should e-mail Molly Martin at


  • 1st Vice President Sue Herrell asked that any SC member serving on a campus-wide or unit-based committee who thinks that such a committee’s activities might be of interest to the Council should alert the SC office.  She also asked that any SC member interested in future service on the Parking Advisory, Athletics, or administrative search committees (respectively) e-mail Molly Martin at


  • Herrell also announced that Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties Uday Sukhatme will join the SC in October to discuss his proposed Academic Plan for IUPUI.  The plan centers on four primary goals: Excellence in Teaching and Learning; Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity; Excellence in Civic Engagement; and Enhancement of the Resource Base.  Each primary goal also encompasses specific sub-goals (see below) to which Dean Sukhatme will be assigning task forces; the dean is committee to engaging staff on relevant task forces and has contacted Assistant Vice Chancellor Poffenberger and Herrell for referrals.

Goal 1: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

A.             Attract and support a better prepared, more diverse student population

B.            Emphasize and reward effective teaching

C.            Enhance undergraduate student learning and success

D.            Improve retention in the student pipeline; increase graduation rates

E.            Provide effective professional and graduate programs

Goal 2: Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

A.             Conduct world-class research and creative activities

B.            Provide support for scholarly activity and external funding

C.            Enhance infrastructure for research and creative activities


Goal 3: Excellence in Civic Engagement

A.             Enhance capacity for civic engagement
B.            Intensify commitment and accountability to Indianapolis and Indiana


Goal 4: Enhancement of the Resource Base

A.             State funds

B.            Research funds

C.            Additional students

D.            Donors – alumni and corporations

E.            Space issues

F.             Increased efficiency of current usage

G.            Faculty issues – recruitment and retention

H.            Quality of life issues



Agenda Item XII: Adjournment.  

At 4:06pm, Martin adjourned the meeting, which was followed by break-out sessions for each SC standing committee.




Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /



Minutes for September 20, 2006 Staff Council Meeting.


[Attachment for SC 9-20-06 Minutes]


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Staff Council (SC) Meeting

Wednesday September 20, 3:00-5:00pm, Inlow Hall Room 100

A G E N D A (SC: September 20, 2006)



Call to Order.                                                                                         Susan J. Martin

(SC President, 8.6128,


Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.                                          Susan J. Martin


Report from the Chancellor's SC Administrative Designee.             Robert Martin

(Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 4.4511,


[ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 6/21/06 (distributed electronically).            Susan J. Martin


Report from the President.                                                                      Susan J. Martin

A.         Introductions.    

B.         Report interest in chairing Special Events Committee



Reports Submitted by Standing Committees.

A.         Bylaws.                                                                         Amy Jones, Chair

B.         Communications.                                                           Troy Barnes & Michelle Fatheree, Co-Chairs

C.         Membership.                                                                 Delana Gifford, Chair

D.         Rewards & Recognition.                                                 Lorna Griffin & Mike Oakley, Co-Chairs

G.         Special Events.                                                              Chair TBA

H.         Staff Affairs:  NEXT MEETING OCT. 3rd                          Jason Burnham & Becky Thacker, Co-Chairs


Call for Reports from Other Committees.                                                  Susan J. Martin  


Report from Human Resources Administration.                                         Ellen Poffenberger

                                                                                                (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources /

                                                                                                Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate,



Reports from the Chancellor's SC Academic Designee.                             Paul Galanti

(Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,


Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).


New Business / Announcements.  

A.                  Hot Topics: Share concerns & comments from your unit    Susan Martin

B.                  Presidential Search Feedback                                         Susan J. Martin

C.                  New SC Website Features                                              Molly Martin, Coordinator

D.                  “Applause” Staff Recognition Page                                   Molly Martin for Delana Gifford,

2nd Vice President

E.                  October Preview: Academic Plan.                                    Sue Herrell, 1st Vice President

F.                  Committee Rosters 2006-07                                            Molly Martin

G.                 Fee Courtesy Cross-Team (Staff Affairs)              Jason Burnham & Becky Thacker

H.                  Campus Committees                                                      Sue Herrell, 1st Vice President

I.                     Committee Break-out Sessions                                       Committee Chairs




CIVIC ENGAGEMENT UPDATE:  If you have cell phones that you are no longer using, why not donate them to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (for reprogramming for emergency use  by victims)?  You need not include chargers or accessories of any kind. Contact Representative Becky Thacker at or the SC office at to arrange for pick-up.  Many thanks!


Next Staff Council Meeting: October 18, 2006 from 3:00-5:00pm in Inlow Hall Room 100


Agenda prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin: UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /


Staff Discounts URL: 

SC Account # with IU Foundation: 32-P000-12-1 (give online at )