Staff Council  (“SC”)

June 20, 2007



Action Items Completed…


ü     1st Vice President Sue Herrell and outgoing Secretary Amy Jones Richardson presented the candidates for open positions on the Staff Council Executive Committee for the 2007-09 terms.  Following the balloting, Jones Richardson thanked all of the candidates and announced that the following individuals had been elected:


Christopher Walthers, 2nd Vice-President

Avis Frieson, Secretary

Jan Canganelli, Member-At-Large

Leslie Kidwell, Member-At-Large

Lee Stone, Member-At-Large


Those elected will join continuing members Susan Martin (President), Sue Herrell (1st Vice-President), Keith Battle (At-Large), Natalie Harvey (At-Large), Wayne Husted (At-Large), Karen Best (Chair), Gary Curto (Chair), Barbara Jarjoura (Chair), Mike Oakley (Chair), and Becky Thacker (Chair).




Information Items Presented…

o      SC President Susan Martin reported the following:

§       The SC Executive Committee would like to thank long-time member and officer Amy Jones Richardson for her many contributions over the years.


§       The Committee would also like to thank these long-time members, chairs, and former officers, who will be taking some time away from the Council starting in the Fall:


Linda Burzlaff – Informatics (Long–time representative)

Christina Freeman – Dentistry (Long–time representative & Executive Committee member)

Judy Johnson – Academic Support (Long–time representative)

Mary O’Neill – Informatics (Long–time representative & former Secretary/Chair)

Sherrie Tucker – ADFI (Long–time representative)


§       The SC Executive Committee would also like to recognize all those members who have completed 2005-07 terms, who will be continuing through June 2008, and who have recently been elected to 2007-09 terms. 


§       The Council’s Year-in-Review report for 2006-07 is available to view online.


§       All Council members--past, present, and potential—are encouraged to attend the July retreat (Bradford Woods, all day July 13th).  A fun event, for sure, it is also a working event critical to the success of the Council and the campus.  Please contact an officer if you have questions about attending the retreat.  Martin thanked Karen Best and the Special Events Committee for their outstanding work planning this year’s retreat.



o      SC Committee Chairs then made the following reports:

      • Acting Membership Committee Chair Amy Jones Richardson reported that the SC membership for 2007-09 currently stands at 108 (115 would be a full roster; this year we had 82).  If you are in University Library or Dentistry and know of any interested staff members, please e-mail Coordinator Molly Martin.  Also, Jones Richardson noted, if you notice someone in your unit or building who has been elected to the Council but is not attending meetings, please reach out to them, offering to walk together to monthly meetings.  Fellowship supports accountability.


      • The Rewards & Recognition Committee is currently accepting applications for the Carol D. Nathan Staff Scholarship.  The committee also recently adjudicated applications for the Nan Bohan Community Engagement Award.


      • Staff Affairs Co-Chair Becky Thacker reported that her committee continues to receive and address concerns and is reflecting on the many projects completed this year.  Parking Advisory Committee staff representative Gary Curto reported that he addressed concerns regarding insufficient and inconvenient parking options for staff who work at the head of the canal (in the HITS Building) to the committee and to Parking and Transportation Services Director Carol Pferrer.  Curto reported that Pferrer is aware of the problem but is unsure of how to address it, considering financial and space limitations.  Curto suggested to concerned staff set up town hall-style meetings with Pferrer (who can be reached at ).  SC Representative Sheila Chadwick reported via e-mail that a reasonable solution had been presented (‘A’ permits available for parking at a nearby church).  However, following her initial e-mail, Chadwick learned that ‘A’ spots in this church lot might be replaced by Reserved parking, displacing ‘A’ permit-holders into a grass lot.  Chadwick, Curto, and the SC Officers are reviewing the issue.


The SC Executive Committee will meet with Associate Vice President for Human Resources Dan Rives in early August to follow-up on the Council’s efforts to promote short-term disability options for staff (initially for CL staff).  Following the meeting, a small group met to discuss the project—currently led by Executive Committee Member Natalie Harvey--and its progress.  At reporting time, SC Officers Martin and Herrell, with Molly Martin, are researching the project status.


      • Special Events Committee Chair Karen Best reported that plans continue for the July retreat and encouraged members to visit the 2007 retreat webpage to RSVP and sign up for carpools.  She and Susan Martin also modeled two of the new Staff Council shirt options available through our online CafePress store. Shirts are available to order online. Please e-mail Coordinator Molly Martin if you have financial constraints that might prevent you from placing an order but would like to purchase a shirt.



    • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources (“HRA”) Ellen Poffenberger briefed the SC on the following:

§       Welcome, new SC members!  Poffenberger said she hopes everyone will be able to attend the Retreat, as it’s a


§       The university recently completed the Compensation Systems Initiative, the objective of which was “to install a fair and rational compensation system for all Professional Staff jobs across the university, with objective criteria for management decisions regarding employee pay.”  The products of the initiative—new “job families,” updated salary structures, and revised rank “labels”—will become effective September 1st.  All PA staff will receive personalized letters detailing their individual profile under the new system.  Learn more online at .


§       Several professional development opportunities will be available to staff this Summer and Fall, including:


7 Habits of Highly Effective People, An Introduction

Attend a 1-day introductory workshop to develop personal and professional effectiveness.  Click here for details.


Crucial Conversations:  Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High®

Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck.  Click here for full details.


As always, information and registration forms for professional and personal development workshops can be found online at



o      Academic Designee Paul Galanti welcomed all new members and spoke about how impressed he continues to be by the level of work done by the SC.  He reiterated his belief that staff are critical and central to the university’s success.  He said he looks forward to seeing everyone at the July retreat.



o      Becky Thacker announced that, on August 18th, the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, sponsors the Race Away from Domestic Violence event.



o      SC President Martin adjourned the meeting at 4:07pm.