SC 2/21/07  Minutes

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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Staff Council (SC) Minutes: February 21, 2007

University Library Auditorium / 3:00 - 5:00 pm


Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Susan J. Martin (SC President, 8.6128,

Martin called the meeting to order at 3:00pm.



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The order of business was adopted as the order of business for the day.    



Agenda Item III: Report from the Chancellor's SC Administrative Designee: Robert Martin (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 4.4511,

Vice Chancellor Martin could not attend, but will update the SC at future meetings.



Agenda Item IV: [ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 12/6/06:  Up for Approval.

Hearing no objections, the SC minutes of January 17, 2007 were accepted as written and entered into record. 


These minutes are available online at



Agenda Item V: Report from the President: Susan J. Martin.

Martin briefed the SC on the following:

·         Amy Jones Richardson will work with the SC Office on membership & election issues [on an interim basis].


·         A 2nd Vice-President and Membership Chair through is still needed.


·         “Thank you, Troy Barnes, for your work as Communications Co-Chair!”


·         “Should the SC launch a staff message board or blog site?”  This topic was broached in response to some confusion about the now-renamed “Hot Topics” link on the SC website.  The Council discussed whether posting an open blog would be desirable and most agreed that some sort of open forum could be quite effective and positive, especially for the purposes of continuing discussions begun at Council meetings that have to be closed due to time  Suggestions included that the Council use OnCourse as the blog’s platform; that the SC designate a handful of officers, SC members, and non-SC members to blog regularly; that the Council consider acceptable use standards, maintenance, and content issues.


·         “Should the SC sponsor a panel discussion on performance review practices among different units and departments?”  Please forward any feedback to the SC office.


·         SC Representative Lee Stone has agreed to represent staff on the IUPUI Safety Committee.


·         Martin gave an overview of Friday’s leadership workshop on Microinequities, urging SC members to stop and think about how we all constantly send messages through inflection/body language/etc. without realizing it.   She gave an example by contrasting introducing her colleague as “Sue” versus “Sue Herrell.”


·         The SC Diversity Committee is drafting its own mission statement [on combating racism and other forms of prejudice as well as promoting diversity].  The committee is programming speakers on diversity and racism for Spring 2007.



Agenda Item VI: Report from Human Resources Administration: Ellen Poffenberger (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate, 4.8932,

Poffenberger briefed the SC on the following:

The popular six-part, free Home Buying Savvy series continues this Spring (see session schedule below).  You can register for the entire series or individual sessions—and other workshops—and learn more at (you must register and create a profile on this site, if you’ve not already).


Thursday, March 8, 12:05-12:55 p.m., Technology Building, IT 167

            Understand Your Credit Report and Credit Score

            Learn the Four Keys to Successful Money Management


Thursday, March 22, 12:05-12:55 p.m., Technology Building, IT 167

            Understand the Mortgage Process & Terminology

            How to Shop for a Loan

            The Difference Between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval and

                        How it Affects Your Bargaining Power


Thursday, March 29, 12:05-12:55 p.m., Technology Building, IT 167

            What a Realtor Can Do for You

            The Difference Between a Good Deal and a Great Deal

            The Power of a Purchase Agreement


Thursday, April 5, 12:05-12:55 p.m., Technology Building, IT 167

            The Home Inspection Process:

                        What’s Included in a Good Home Inspection

                        Why You Should Be There for the Inspection


Thursday, April 19, 12:05-12:55 p.m., Technology Building, IT 167

            Home Insurance:

                        The Best Policy

                        The Best Coverage

                        The Best Price

                        The Features that Give You Maximum Protection


Thursday, April 26, 12:05-12:55 p.m., Technology Building, IT 167


                        How to Prepare

                        How Timing Can Affect Your Pocketbook



SC Representative Judy Johnson has made flyers and information available about Campus Day 2007.


“Culture Shock!” the annual Spring seminar for administrative professionals (and other interested staff members) is scheduled for Tuesday April 10th at the NCAA Palmer Pierce Ballroom (700 W. Washington Street).  There is a $20 registration fee (which includes parking at the White River State Park Garage).  Participants may select from one of two sessions: 8:30-11:30am or 2:00-5:00pm.  The seminar is being presented by Tatiana Kolovou.


Following a successful SC-sponsored focus group of SLA staff at which a majority of staff expressed interest in an employee-paid short-term disability option for staff, Associate Vice President of University Human Resources Services Dan Rives continues to explore the issue.  Having drawn the preliminary conclusion that there is sufficient interest at IUPUI, Rives is seeking a similar focus group on the Bloomington campus.  He is also reviewing potential administrative costs.  SC Representative Leslie Kidwell reported that some faculty members are “shocked to learn” that short-term disability options are not available to staff already; others echoed this sentiment.  Focus group coordinator and Staff Affairs Committee Member Natalie Harvey urged staff to cultivate faculty support for this issue through communication.  She also reiterated her willingness to act as an advocate for short-term disability options for IU staff in any venue, at any time.  In closing and in response to a question from the floor, Poffenberger explained that short-term disability would have to be adopted as a university—as opposed to campus—policy.


Poffenberger than opened the floor for discussion of concerns about the pay status of staff on recent snow days (February 13th-14th) reiterating what has been communicated to staff and supervisors in the past week:  because the campus was not closed on those days—classes were, simply, cancelled—staff must account for their time on those days.    Per the summary provided via e-mail by HRA “staff who worked on either day are paid as usual for a regular work day, staff who did not work  have the option to cover their time off in one of the following ways:

1. Use any accrued paid time off accruals
2. Make up the time in the same work week
3. Request an absence without pay and with time off accrual
4. Work from home with supervisory approval

Poffenberger agreed that is was very unfortunate that certain news outlets did misstate that the campus was closed and that the announcement of whether campus was closed or classes were cancelled was delayed [until nearly 8:00am] on one of the days in question.  It is certainly understandable that certain deans or directors elected not to do business on either or both snow days, but, unfortunately, those days cannot simply be declared free time.


SC Representative Jan Canganelli noted that, when her Dean closed the building, many interpreted that as a request not to report.  She—while thankful for her own dean’s flexibility in allowing his staff to make up the time from that day and frequent communication about this issue—is especially concerned that communication to staff members that day was, both, inadequate and inconsiderate to staff members without internet access at home.  Poffenberger agrees that communication, in many cases, was lacking.


SC Representative Michelle Hurst asked what staff members who live in counties that were placed under snow emergencies (forbidding travel except in cases of emergency) were to do on snow days.  Poffenberger emphasized that the university does not want any staff members, faculty members, or students to engage in any unsafe or unlawful travel to get to work.  Still, however, the time missed due to snow emergencies must be accounted for by staff.


SC Representative Jennifer Briscoe noted that this conversation is an important one, even after the fact, but expressed concern about the timing of the e-mail explaining how time should be accounted for on those days.  She and others feel that the e-mailed reminder of policy was sent late enough that it left staff with inadequate time to make up hours for the week in question.  Briscoe asked if allocating one or two snow days annually might address the issue.  Poffenberger was sympathetic, noting that a reminder of this policy is sent out at the opening of each semester but that, in the future, attempts should be made to remind the campus of the policy in advance on imminent storms.  The university cannot, however, allocate snow days. 


SC Representative Sara Reed remarked that her constituents say they understand the policy and facts, but still feel communication about the status of the campus should have been earlier and more explicit.


SC Representative Sheila Chadwick noted that, while she agrees with the concerns expressed by her fellow members, she urges everyone to set aside a day or two to account for situations like this as it is unlikely that a university policy would be able to address every situation.


A concern echoed by several members was about situations in which staff are left with no option but not to report (holiday closures, building closures on snow days, etc.).  Many staff members feel “backed into a corner” by choices about closure that are not theirs to make, as these closures require staff to use considerable amounts of vacation/paid/other time.   Although it is certainly not definite, HRA’s Theresa Martin noted that their office is reviewing the possibility of offering another option to those staff without time available to account for the recent snow days, thus providing an alternative to going without pay.  The SC thanked Martin for this consideration.


SC Representative Christopher Walthers asked Martin if the allocation of vacation time in January each year address the issue.  Theresa Martin explained that the suggestion has been made in the past but has undergone no formal discussion. 


SC Representative Miki Hamstra asked Poffenberger what the snow threshold is for campus closure.  Poffenberger is not familiar with how the decision is made whether or not to close the campus.


SC Officer Amy Jones Richardson noted that she is troubled by the idea that when a building is closed—when a staff member cannot physically report to work—staff members affected must use their benefits to accommodate circumstances beyond their control.  


SC Representative Leslie Kidwell said she believes the deans and Chancellor need to discuss this issue in earnest and determine who has the ultimate authority to close a building.


SC Representative Mary O’Neill expressed relief that the Council is discussing the issue so thoroughly. 


SC President Susan Martin directed Council members’ and guests’ attention to posters placed around the auditorium, asking that they post additional concerns and comments on them.  Martin is also drafting a letter to Chancellor Bantz to urge further consideration of this issue.


Following the meeting, SC Representatives and various IUPUI staff members shared the following concerns on this issue:

“This only happens, maybe, once every ten years, so why not boost morale/create goodwill and give us all a break for at least one day.  I, personally, turned on the TV and saw ‘IUPUI Closed’ and now I have to pay with a vacation day.”


“An announcement needs to be earlier than 7:55am, clearly stating what is closed, what is open, etc.”


“The Chancellor’s Office needs to define a threshold re: adverse weather to close campus (for example, when 4 surrounding counties are under snow emergencies) and the deans and Chancellor need to meet to decide who has the authority to close a building or department.”


“I’d like to know a definitive information medium where employees can find out whether they must either report to work or cover the time themselves.  We’ll let our constituents know!”


“IUPUI needs to create snow days so that, if buildings are closed, no staff member will be forced to use the time they have accrued.  Communication concerning adverse weather needs to be vastly improved by the administration.”


“Reinvent the spring holiday so that it becomes, either, a floating day for snow coverage or a day off for religious observation or a reserved day to be used in whichever way a staff member might need.”


“If a dean closes a building, not allowing staff a choice as to whether or not to work.  Staff should not be charged for this.”


“We should not have to use personal time when we have no choice:  counties were closed down due to snow emergencies, etc.  Also there needs to be someone on campus directing traffic when weather is bad and we are not closed…it can take as much as two hours to get through a traffic light in bad weather.”


“It seems that the message is that IUPUI cares enough about the students’ safety to cancel classes, but not enough about the staff to close campus.  The sister of one of our staff members—also an IUPUI employee—decided to come to work and fell and broke her elbow.”


“Several TV stations listed ‘IUPUI-Closed.’  It seems to me that if IUPUI is ‘closed,’ IUPUI should be closed for all of us.  When looking at the TV, you don’t know who called it in (the Chancellor or not).  It is unfair to have to use vacation or sick time if you’re unable to physically close the building.”


“An exception to the policy needs to be made for staff members in buildings that were closed by deans.”


“A plan should be made for where snow is to be put while being removed, taking into consideration: the width of parking lot aisles, passable sidewalks, visibility around piles of snow, access to parking spots.”


“The staff should not be forced to use their PTO if deans closed their buildings.  The deans in question didn’t want anyone taking risks, but some staff just don’t have the PTO to take.”


“I truly do not wish to beat the snow days topic to death, but I and some of my constituents are of the opinion that is quite unfair for staff to be penalized in any way and forced to take vacation, sick and personal time accruals to cover February 13th and February 14th 2007 if the buildings we work in were closed by the Administration Head or Dean. The reason some of us feel this is unfair is because we had no choice in the matter, and also, it simply was not at all clear whether or not the campus was closed. What was clear was only that IUPUI classes were closed on 02/13/07 and 02/14/07. See below for what my constituents’ say (my constituents’ comments are stated anonymously below. I have written my name underneath what I’d originally sent you). PA staff (and some TE and research-level staff) have more opportunity to work from home and may be able to use comp time. In my unit, it is very, very rare for biweekly staff to receive comp time, and that is permitted only then when comp time is part of the individual’s specific job description. While most of us have accrual time to use for 02/13 and 02/14/07, I and others think we should NOT have to use vacation or sick time when the Dean of our unit has closed our unit—and this goes for any campus unit. This seems especially true since IUPUI as a campus unit made no collective, uniform, concise or timely effort to inform staff of whether or not the campus was indeed closed or open. I also hope that no one (including myself) should fear retribution for simply trying to have an open and sincere dialogue with campus administrators about this topic of concern. I wish to reiterate what I stated yesterday’s meeting: I and others here are quite grateful that University Library’s Dean is permitting us to make up the time. Tenured and tenure-track staff do not have to make up any of the time for 02/13 and 02/14/07, as they are salaried employees.”


“I also wanted to note that there are staff members, such as myself, who does not have access to the internet at home so we cannot get the message unless we either call that number or we call in stating that we can’t make it.  I did not receive [the Dean’s] messages until well after the fact.”


“Newly hired staff may not have any time accrued to cover the two days the library was closed due to the actions of the Dean.” 


“Hopefully action can be taken quickly on this matter.  My concern is that a decision on the issue will not be made before our timesheets are due next Friday, after which it might be more difficult to make things right.”


“Given the confusion about whether the campus was completely closed or not Tuesday and Wednesday, I am of the opinion that the Executive Committee of the Staff Council needs to urge Chancellor Bantz to officially declare that those two days were snow days and, in line with university policy, that we will receive pay for the days without having to use vacation time.  While Human Resources has acknowledged the confusion of the reports about the campus status in the media, that office is either unable or unwilling to declare these days as snow days.  Thus it seems that a strong appeal to the chancellor is the most direct and effective means of dealing with this situation.  This is a situation that affects clerical and PA staff across campus, as they were instructed by their senior administrators not to come in.  Thus I believe that the Staff Council is the best organization to take up this issue with Chancellor Bantz.  I also hope that the Staff Council will make forceful inquiries to find out whether the incorrect information reported in the media was the result of errors on the part of IUPUI or the television stations and what steps are being taken to avoid these problems in the future.”


“Under ‘Support, Service Staff and Professional Staff’ as copied directly from the IUPUI HR site:


The university will generally not close because of adverse weather. It is the university’s policy to operate at all times, and staff is expected to report for duty unless notified otherwise.


It seems to me that UL staff were “notified otherwise” via Library Administration on the e-mail sent out to all staff stated (this is a verbatim quote) on Feb. 13th: ‘All - As of 7:09 classes were cancelled.  The library will not open.  You should not attempt to come to work.  Enjoy the snow day and be safe.’


And on Feb. 14th an e-mail was sent to all staff by Library Administration stating:  ‘All - At 5:15 this morning I was informed that all classes were cancelled.  The library will NOT open.  Have a good Valentines Day.’


Thus on both days, University Library full-time appointed employees would not have been able to work even if they’d wanted to, as the building was closed.


·        I visited the IUPUI homepage from my home computers; from that site I clicked on the adverse weather link at on Feb.13th and Feb. 14th, 2007. I also called the (317) 278-1600 number listed on the link--both the IUPUI homepage and link (above) listed information regarding the status of IUPUI classes only--whether or not the campus was officially closed or open was not addressed on the above links or the (317) 278-1600 number. None of the other IUPUI sites/phone numbers I visited or called had any information re: whether or not the campus was officially open or closed.


·        In desperation I likewise called the IUPUI campus # (317) 274-5555; the operator simply referred me back to the (317) 278-1600 recording. Again, this recording merely stated that classes were closed; that’s all this recording stated.


·        I watched several TV stations on Feb.13th and Feb. 14th; even Channel 8 initially stated ‘IUPUI closed’ and the message later became ‘IUPUI classes closed.’ But all the other TV captions continued to state simply ‘IUPUI closed’ on both 2/13 and 2/14/07. All local TV stations get their information from IUPUI officials regarding whether or not IUPUI is closed.


·        My ultimate concern is that IUPUI as a campus unit needs to better inform all IUPUI full-time appointed staff about whether or not the campus is officially closed or open.”


“All I am hearing is grumbling about not being paid for the days or using PTO to cover it.  How about the other side.  If the notice said 'Classes Canceled', I take that to mean the university is till open.  After all, we need to remember that there are two hospitals on this campus so it is safe to say the campus will never completely close.  When I checked the web site to see if classes were canceled, I also saw the link for the policy regarding staff and snow emergencies.  It clearly stated what the policy is and what our options are.  This is cut and dry.  Besides, it is our own responsibility to know the policy and plan.  To me, this is equal to an unplanned illness or death in the family that requires us to take time off.  We don't have control over that any more than we do the weather.”


"UL employees very much appreciate our Dean's support and flexibility in making up time last week due to adverse weather conditions. It has been suggested by many IUPUI staff that the Chancellor look at the issue of "weather days" as a campus-wide communication issue, which needs to be clearly, uniformly and concisely addressed in a timely fashion. Most representatives at the 02/21/07 Staff Council meeting felt it is inappropriate to ask staff to use already accrued vacation, sick and/or PTO time in those instances when the Dean of respective units close their own buildings. If the buildings are closed by the Administrative Head or Dean, staff cannot report to work, and should therefore not be penalized due to circumstances beyond their control. IUPUI Administration did not make it clear to many IUPUI staff members whether the campus was officially open or closed."




Agenda Item VII: Reports from Standing Committees.

Communications Committee Chair Michelle Hurst reported on her committee’s efforts to promote March as Staff Council Awareness Month through a series of blurbs about SC’s functions, accomplishments, and history (which should appear in as many as five campus venues multiple times throughout the month).  Hurst is also working with the Special Events Committee to promote a number of upcoming events.


Rewards & Recognition Co-Chair Lorna Griffin reported that nominations continue to roll in for the Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award, with 16 nominations submitted to-date.  Nominations close on March 2nd.  Griffin also noted that she and Co-Chair Mike Oakley are currently serving on Dean Sukhatme’s Academic Plan Committee on Rewards & Recognition [for staff, faculty, & students] and that departments should expect a survey [from that committee] on recognition practices within the coming weeks.


Special Events Chair Karen Best gave the following report:

BLOOD DRIVE:  The first annual SC Blood Drive will be held from 9:00am-3:00pm on April 17th in two campus bloodmobiles staffed and provided by the Indiana Blood Center.  The committee is working to confirm the bloodmobile locations but believe they will be the Fesler Hall turnaround and University College-University Library breezeway. 


The SC’s goal is to generate 180 donors that day (the current campus record for turn-out is 35). The Communications Committee is working on an announcement of the event for distribution to SC constituents, which also asks that each Staff Council member personally invite three people to donate.  Molly will also e-mail the Chancellor and the Council of Academic Deans to find out if any high profile members of campus might be available or willing to donate that day.  The Special Events Committee also asks that the Staff Council spread the word to their peers, staff, and faculty.


The blood drive will also feature an off-campus site at the SafeCo. Building which will be coordinated by Special Events Committee Member Nancy Gibson.  Additional details about the drive will be explained by a representative of the Indiana Blood Center at the March 21st SC meeting.


Finally, Best noted:  in planning this drive the committee learned that blood drives are frequent fixtures on campus, but seem to be poorly publicized.  The committee recommends that the Staff Council website feature a “Blood Drive Calendar” link.


SC Representative Christopher Walthers urged SC members to participate in the blood drive, citing the statistic that a single accident victim can require up to 100 units of donor blood.


SC Representative Leslie Kidwell asked if the Special Events Committee was considering any promotions or giveaways for donors.  Communications Chair Michelle Hurst explained that her committee is working on a promotion along the lines of “Let’s Get Stuck Together” with complimentary magnets.  Best explained that the Blood Center offers certain donor perks as well.


SC PRESENTS STAFF NIGHT @ THE PACERS GAME (MARCH 14TH): The Pacers will offer $4 balcony tickets to the IUPUI community for its March 14th game.  This event is being promoted in accordance with Staff Council Awareness Month.  The Pacers ticket office is creating the online ticket order form and will forward it to the SC on Thursday 2/23.  The SC Office will send the information out to all Council members immediately and ask that—upon receipt of the e-mail—members please promote this opportunity to constituents.



SC Secretary Amy Jones briefed the SC on Staff Council Awareness Month (March), which will consist of a variety of publicity pieces distributed to deans, faculty, and staff as well as to campus publications (thank you, Michelle Hurst!)  We are also working with Chartwell’s to offer an afternoon or two of discounts on soft drinks, at which time the Council could distribute educational materials.  The Council would also like to have bold, simple SC t-shirts printed to wear on casual Fridays.  Additionally, the SC Officers ask that SC members think about ways they can promote the Council in their own areas—sponsoring a coffee break forum, holding an IUPUI trivia game, etc.  Contact the SC Office for help or ideas.  And, finally, the SC will offer discounted Pacers tickets on March 14th to staff as a means of heightening the Council’s profile.  The Council agreed that the practice of setting up SC information tables around campus was no longer viable or effective and the decision is still being made as to whether or not to continue the annual IUPUI-opoly game during this year’s Awareness Month; concerns have been raised that only 2-6 people play each year.



Agenda Item VIII: Reports from the Chancellor's SC Academic Designee: Paul Galanti (Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,

Galanti could not attend, but will update the SC at future meetings.


Information about the IFC is available on its website at



Agenda Item IX: [UPDATE] Foundations of Excellence Project: Scott Evenbeck (Dean – University College).

University College Dean Scott Evenbeck gave a presentation detailing the demographics and experiences of IUPUI undergraduates and University College’s goals to lay foundations of excellence.  He emphasized the critical role of staff in student success.  Click to download the Dean’s presentation.



Agenda Item X: [UPDATE] IU Integrated Image Project: Amy Conrad Warner (Interim Vice Chancellor for External Affairs).

Warner gave a presentation on the Integrated Image Program, initiated by the Trustees “to help establish a unified, flexible set of standards and guidelines that enable all campuses, schools, and departments to contribute to and benefit from a cohesive identity system.”  Click to download the Vice Chancellor’s presentation.



Agenda Item XI: Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).

No discussion.



Agenda Item XII: New Business / Announcements.  

No discussion.



Agenda Item XIII: Adjournment.  

At 5:00pm, Martin adjourned the meeting.




Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /



Agenda for February 21, 2007 Staff Council Meeting.

[Attachment for SC 2-21-07 Minutes]


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Staff Council (SC) Meeting

Wednesday February 21, 3:00-5:00pm, Inlow Hall Room 100 (“IH 100”)

A G E N D A (SC: February 21, 2007)


Call to Order.                                                                                         Susan J. Martin

(SC President, 8.6128,


Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.                                          Susan J. Martin



[TENTATIVE] Report from the Chancellor's                                               Robert Martin

SC Administrative Designee.                                                       (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance,



[ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 1/17/07 (distributed electronically).            Susan J. Martin


Report from Human Resources Administration.                                         Ellen Poffenberger

                                                                                                (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources /

                                                                                                Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate,



Report from the President.                                                                      Susan J. Martin

A.      Amy Jones Richardson will work with the SC Office

on membership & election issues [on an interim basis].

B.      A 2nd Vice-President and Membership Chair through is still


C.      “Thank you, Troy Barnes, for your work as Communications


D.      “Should the SC launch a staff message board or blog site?”

E.      “Should the SC sponsor a panel discussion on performance

review practices?”


Reports Submitted by Standing & Ad Hoc Committees.

A.         Bylaws. (NO REPORT)                                                              Amy Jones Richardson, Chair

B.         Communications. (working with various committees, etc.)        Michelle Hurst, Chair

C.         Diversity. (programming plans, mission statement)                  Gary Curto, Chair

D.         Membership. (May 2007 elections)                                             Chair TBA

E.         Rewards & Recognition. (Bepko nominations underway)           Lorna Griffin & Mike Oakley, Co-Chairs

F.         Special Events. (April 17th blood drive, etc. )                             Karen Best, Chair

G.         Staff Affairs. (SLA focus group on short-term disability Becky Thacker, Chair

            Coverage – Natalie Harvey)


Call for Reports from Other Committees.                                                  Susan J. Martin 



Reports from the Chancellor's SC                                                            Paul Galanti

Academic Designee.                                                                  (Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,


Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).                                                     Susan J. Martin


New Business / Announcements / Hot Topics.                                         Susan J. Martin

- Race for the Cure: “Team Staff Council”                                      Sue Herrell (1st Vice President, 4.4477,


(4:30) [UPDATE] IU Integrated Image Project.                                           Amy Conrad Warner (Interim Vice Chancellor for

External Affairs)


(4:45) [UPDATE] Foundations of Excellence Project.                                Scott Evenbeck (Dean – University College)




CIVIC ENGAGEMENT UPDATE:  If you have cell phones that you are no longer using, why not donate them to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (for reprogramming for emergency use  by victims)?  You need not include chargers or accessories of any kind. Contact Representative Becky Thacker at or the SC office at to arrange for pick-up.  Many thanks!


Next Staff Council Meeting: March 21, 2007 from 3:00-5:00pm in Inlow Hall Room 100.


Agenda prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin: UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /


Staff Discounts URL: 

SC Account # with IU Foundation: 32-P000-12-1 (give online at )