IUPUI Staff Council (“SC”)

December 6, 2006




Action Items Completed…


ü       Hearing no objections, the SC minutes of November 15 stood as written and were entered into record.




Information Items Presented…           

o        Chief Information-Technology Policy Officer Merri Beth Lavagnino reported on new data protection laws in Indiana and how they relate to faculty best practices when dealing with sensitive information (student SSNs, financial information, etc.).  Comprehensive information about the new laws and recommendations for faculty [re: securing or destroying sensitive data] can be found online.  

“The first law, found at Indiana Code (IC) 4-1-10, basically makes it a crime to disclose a person's Social Security Number except under certain circumstances that are spelled out in the law.

The second law, which will appear at IC 24-4-14, basically makes it a crime to dispose of certain sensitive personal information areas accessible to the public, without taking certain steps to render it unusable by third parties.

The third law, found at IC 4-1-11, basically requires the University to notify individuals whose personal information is reasonably exposed to unauthorized access as a result of an electronic systems security breach.”

E-mail general questions about how to secure your data to Merri Beth at mbl@iu.edu or to itpo@iu.edu.  Contact Associate University Counsel Beth Cate at becate@indiana.edu with questions about data protection laws themselves.


o        President Susan Martin briefed the SC on the following:

    • Thank you to Beth Jeglum, the Center for Young Children (“CYC”), and the Special Events Committee (Meghann Arnold, Karen Best, Alicia Gahimer, Nancy Gibson, Patricia Laskowski, Chantel Stone, and Anna Zufall)!   


    • The Executive Committee is seeking volunteers/nominees for 2nd Vice President/Membership Chair.  E-mail Molly Martin with your note of interest.


    • The Executive Committee will meet with University Benefits Director Dan Rives on January 3rd to discuss short-term disability options for staff.


    • The Executive Committee will be pursuing an in-depth discussion of the issues raised by the Black Student Initiative.  Council officers have convened an ad hoc Diversity Committee to review diversity issues and plan for programming, etc. Representative Gary Curto will chair and welcomes co-chair nominees or volunteers.  Secretary Amy Jones and Parliamentarian Avis Frieson have signed on to serve; any SC members who wish to join the committee should e-mail Molly Martin.


    • The SC welcomes Cheryl Montgomery, attending the SC on behalf of the Testing Center.



o        Communications Committee Co-Chairs Troy Barnes and Michelle Hurst reported that their committee continues to plan for publicity in various campus media.



o        Special Events Chair Karen Best thanked her committee, the Center for Young Children (“CYC”), CYC Director Beth Jeglum (to whom the Council presented a gift of art supplies for the Center), and the following donors for their contribution to today’s special holiday program.   The program included holiday goody bags for the Center’s children, a program of holiday music presented by CYC students, door prizes for SC members, and holiday desserts.




Hart’s Bakery

Indiana University Cancer Center

IU School of Medicine

IUPUI Office of External Affairs

Jennifer Nelson, Geology Grad Student & Part-Time Instructor working for the Geology Department

Jeremy D. Salinas, Site Manager, IKON Office Solutions, IUPUI Campus

Judy Johnson, Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Center

Louise Conrad, Administrative Secretary, IUPUI, Department of Earth Sciences/CEES

Nancy’s Chocolates

National Institute for Fitness and Sport

Papa John's Pizza- IUPUI Campus Location

Rocky Rothrock at Visual Media

Steven Reusser, Office Assistant in the Dean’s Office, Office of Clinical Research

Taylor’s Bakery

WFMS Country Radio






























o        Staff Affairs Co-Chairs Becky Thacker and Jason Burnham gave their report and added that the committee now has representatives on the Food Services Advisory Committee and will pursue the idea of launching a pedestrian and driver safety campaign on campus.




o        Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources (“HRA”) Ellen Poffenberger briefed the SC on the following:

·         Unless you are an M-Plan member who made no changes to his or her coverage, staff members should receive their medical plan ID cards in mid-January.  Coverage, per your open enrollment changes or confirmations, is effective January 1, 2007.  You may need to consult the benefits office to retrieve your new ID number if you need it before your card arrives.  One representative noted that medical billing offices may be willing and able to work with you if you require care but have not yet received your new ID card.


·         Poffenberger wished everyone a peaceful, restful, and rejuvenating holiday break, reminding SC members to take the time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.






Information about SC business, meeting schedules, and more are available on our website.