SC 10/18/06 Minutes

Approved 11/15/06

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Staff Council (SC) Minutes: October 18, 2006

Inlow Hall 375 (“IH 375”) / 3:00 - 5:00 pm


Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Susan J. Martin (SC President, 8.6128,

Herrell, sitting in for Susan Martin, called the meeting to order at 3:03pm.



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The order of business was adopted as the order of business for the day.    



Agenda Item III: Remarks from the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chancellor Dean of Faculties / The Academic Plan: Uday Sukhatme (Executive Vice and Dean of Faculties, 4.4477)

Sukhatme briefed the SC on the proposed Academic Plan for IUPUI (  The Academic Plan centers on four goals: Excellence in Teaching and Learning; Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity; Excellence in Civic Engagement; and Enhancement of the Resource Base.  “Striving for the first three goals will further enhance IUPUI’s reputation as one of the best urban research universities in the country. The fourth goal is an essential tool which will enable attainment of the first three goals. Each goal has been broken down into several sub-goals, followed by a list of action items for consideration and possible implementation in a spirit of collegiality and trust.  Small task forces (up to five members of the student body, faculty, and staff) are being staffed to address each sub-goal.  Staff members are strongly encouraged to submit feedback on the plan via the Academic Affairs website (linked above). 


Feedback submitted at meeting time included: the introduction of the exploration of more quality of life issues, specifically: campus food services (quality, nutrition, management); a commitment to explore the feasibility of offering short-term disability coverage for staff; and the lack of maternity leave available to staff.



Agenda Item IV: Report from the Chancellor's SC Administrative Designee: Robert Martin (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 4.4511,

Vice Chancellor Martin could not attend, but will update the SC at future meetings.



Agenda Item V: [ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 9/20/06:  Up for Approval.

Hearing no objections, the SC minutes of September 20, 2006 were accepted, with one minor spelling correction. and entered into record. 


These minutes are available online at



Agenda Item VI: Report from the President: Susan J. Martin.

Martin, who was out for surgery, could not attend the meeting. 



Agenda Item VII:  Open Enrollment: Susan Brewer (University Director of Health Care and Welfare Program Services).

Brewer briefed the SC on Open Enrollment [for university benefits].  Detailed information about Open Enrollment is available online at


For those who would like to learn more about plans and changes may attend any one of multiple information sessions planned. The timeline for Open Enrollment is as follows:

Third Week of October

Full-time, appointed faculty and staff will receive an open enrollment packet in campus mail. 


October 26: 

IUPUI Health & Benefits Fair

First open enrollment information session


November 17:

Deadline for the return of enrollment forms


January 1, 2007 

Effective date of changes made during open enrollment


Mid- to late-January, 2007

ID cards mailed by health care vendors.  New dental ID cards will not be issued.


            In closing, Brewer went over plan-specific changes for 2007, which include:

IU Dental Plan

·         Coverage will be enhanced by removing the age limit for reimbursement of sealants for teeth; current age limit is 14.

Medical Plans

·         IU PPO-Plus and IU PPO $900 Deductible plans prescription drug changes:

o        The threshold for determining ‘high cost’ brand (Tier 3) prescriptions will increase from $60 to $65. As a result some prescriptions will move to the lower Tier 2 copay.

o        Mail order (up to a 90-day supply) copays will increase to the amounts shown below.

Member Mail Order Prescription Copays




Generic/Tier 1


No change

Brand/Tier 2



Brand/Tier 3*



*Includes specialty drugs

·         IU PPO $900 Deductible Plan

o        Coverage of urgent care facilities and providers will be subject to the deductible and 10 percent coinsurance.

·         M-Plan HMO – no plan changes

·         Blue Preferred Primary POS – no plan changes


Agenda Item VIII:  Commuter Options: Maggie Stimming (HRA Work/Life).

Stimming briefed the SC on opportunities and incentives for car- and van-pooling, ride-sharing, alternative transportation, and the use of mass transit.  Stimming offered the following information, via hand-out (also available to view at


IUPUI Commuter Information


Central Indiana Commuter Services


General Information - (For more information, see the brochure we’ve provided.)


IUPUI is an official partner employer of Central Indiana Commuter Services (CICS – called “kicks”).  They try to promote alternatives to driving alone.  Alternatives include:


§          Car pooling

§          Van pooling

§          Riding the bus

§          Walking

§          Bicycling


Why use an alternative mode of transportation?


§          It cuts down on air pollution

§          It can save you money

§          It can be fun to ride with others and enjoy the conversation

§          If you bike or walk, you can get more exercise and be healthier

§          It cuts down on traffic congestion

§          It can decrease your stress


CICS services are for employers and employees in the following counties:


Marion                                                    Johnson

Madison                                                                Boone

Morgan                                                  Hamilton

Shelby                                                    Hancock



By visiting our staff, faculty and students can access:


§          A car pool matching service – You decide whether or not to call those on the list                                 you receive

§          Information about van pools

§          IndyGo route and bus riding information – You can also call 635-3344 and they can help you plan out your route. 

§          A commuter cost calculator - Figure out what the real cost of driving is


CICS Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program


Faculty and staff who regularly walk, bike, take mass transit, car pool or van pool to work and who register with CICS qualify for CICS’s Emergency Ride Home program.  Details are at under the “Commuter” section. 



Upcoming Meetings about Van Pools:


There are already van pools (basically an enlarged car pool with an outside contractor providing the van that one of the poolers drives) from Bloomington and Cloverdale/Greencastle, but there seems to be interest in starting another van pool from Bloomington (leaving slightly later in the morning than the current one) and one from the Terre Haute area.  Other information about van pools can be found by going to and clicking on “What’s New.”  If interested in van pooling, contact Ruth Reiman of Central Indiana Commuter Services (CICS) at 327-7433.  CICS is holding several van pool meetings over the next several weeks to inform commuters about prospective/existing vanpools.  All these meetings are open to the public.   


Hendricks County Vanpool Meeting - Wednesday, October 18, 7:00 p.m., Hendricks Co. 4H Fairgrounds/Conference Complex, Classroom A; 955 E. Main St., Danville, IN 


Morgan County Vanpool Meeting - Wednesday, November 8, 6:30 p.m., Martinsville Public Library, 110 S. Jefferson St.


Take a Ride on the Reading Red Line


The Red Line Circulator is a FREE bus that runs through the IUPUI campus and connects to downtown Indy.  See the map I provided for a map of the stops.  The Red Line Circulator runs every 15 minutes from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday.  It also connects into the Blue Line which is the free downtown circulator.  Just think of the possibilities now that parking is not a concern!  On your lunch hour, you could:


§          Pick up some chocolates at Circle Center Mall

§          Go to the Wednesday farmer’s market at City Market

§          Lunch with a bunch of coworkers at a downtown restaurant

§          Visit a museum

§          Meander around University Park with its lovely fountains

§          Just take a walk

§          And much more


IU’s Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit

Did you realize that IU employees (not students) who have costs associated with using mass transit or van pooling can reduce their income taxes by using the Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit?  It’s true.  This does NOT pay for the actual cost of your bus ticket, but taking advantage of this pre-tax plan DOES save you money by lowering the amount of federal, state and local income taxes you pay. 

Here’s an illustration based on an annual salary of $34,000.  Tax savings will depend on one’s individual tax rate – the lower the income, the lower rate of tax you’re paying so the lower the savings, but it still can be a sizable savings. 



Not Using Pre-Tax Benefit

Using Pre-Tax Benefit




Cost of bus passes for one year



Income taxes paid on that $480


$ 0

Amount you must earn to pay for bus passes



Amount of savings




So, if you make $34,000 a year and your bus passes cost you $480 per year, you could get $167 worth of tax savings.  That would be about $41 every three months (since you file for the reimbursement quarterly). 


Every three months of the calendar year, you can fill out the Pre-tax Mass Transit Expense Claim Form, attach the receipts for whatever mode of mass transportation you use and send it to University Human Resource Services; 400 E. Seventh Street, Poplars E165; Bloomington, IN  47405-3409.  Once the claim is approved, the amount of the credit will be reflected on your paycheck.  Van poolers can send in receipts for both their share of the van lease and the gas cost.  If your driver doesn’t have a receipt to give you, contact Ruth Reiman at 327-7433. 


Visit and carefully read all the details, then click on the item under “Forms” in the menu on the left to get the reimbursement form.


These mass transit pre-tax savings are not related to the IU Tax Saver Benefit (TSB) plan.


Note:  At IUPUI, if you pay for parking by payroll deduction, the university automatically takes that out pre-tax (which saves you money).  You do not need to complete any additional forms to make that happen.


Other Related Information




Visit the Central Indiana Bicycling Association’s Web site at .  Bicyclists offer their personal bicycle commuting routes. 


The city’s bike route map is available online by doing a search using Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization and then, when the MPO’s Web site comes up, click on “maps” in bar at top, then choose “general maps.”   


The city and state are both working to provide more greenways, BikePorts, bike parking information and events.  Check out .




If you have a particular interest in bicycling, let me ( or 274-5466) know so I can keep you abreast of opportunities and see if there is interest in an IUPUI Biking Interest Group.

Indiana Greenways


The Greenways Foundation here in Indiana has been busy collaborating with city, county and state government, various interest groups (bicyclists, etc.) and others to build a series of greenways.  These greenways will connect the downtown Indy Cultural Trail to trails all over Indiana.  Of course, this is all still in various phases of development, but if you want to keep up on the latest, visit, ,  and .  




Donald Shoup, a UCLA faculty member and expert on parking and why alternatives to driving alone are so important, visited Indianapolis earlier this year.  His Web site is full of good research on the subject (you can skip the first few items in the list that are links to books for sale).  Visit it at  He has some good articles that you can read on information that applies specifically to campuses.


Bus Riders


The two IUPUI Campus Card Services offices sell IndyGo passes.


IUPUI Sustainability Initiative – Transportation Subcommittee


There is a Transportation Subcommittee that is part of the IUPUI Sustainability Initiative.  It’s a fairly new group.  If you are interested in attending the Transportation Subcommittee meetings, contact Steven Jones ( ).


How to Keep Up on IUPUI Commuter Information


If you would like to be kept up to date on biking, buses, car/van pooling and the like, you might want to be on the Work/Life e-newsletter list.  To be added, contact Maggie Stimming at  You can also contact Maggie for more copies of the Red Line map and CICS brochures. 



Agenda Item IX:  United Way Campaign: Joan Isaacs.

Isaacs, of the United Way of Central Indiana, promoted the annual IUPUI campaign explaining the various ways in which the United Way assists community organizations in the area in times of crisis and as a means of maintaining community aid.  “As one of the top 20 contributors to the United Way of Central Indiana - ranked number one under Higher Education Companies - IUPUI staff, faculty and students take the commitment to improving our community seriously.”  Information about the IUPUI United Way Campaign is available online at



Agenda Item X: Reports from Standing Committees.

Communication Committee Co-Chairs Troy Barnes and Michelle Hurst reported that their committee would meet next on October 24th.


Membership Committee Chair Delana Gifford could not attend but disseminated her report electronically prior to the meeting.  Read it online at


Special Events Chair Karen Best reported that her committee would meet immediately following the SC meeting.  They are currently planning the SC’s December meeting/holiday program.


Staff Affairs Co-Chairs Becky Thacker and Jason Burnham gave their report, available to read at  In closing, the Staff Affairs Committee, they noted, is also keeping a close eye on and commitment to pursuing in-depth discussion and exploration of the possibility of short-term disability coverage.



Agenda Item XI: Call for Reports from Other Committees.     

No report.



Agenda Item XII:  Report from Human Resources Administration: Ellen Poffenberger (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate, 4.8932,

On behalf of Ellen Poffenberger, Theresa Martin reported that the annual IUPUI Health & Benefits Fair will be held from 9:00am-3:00pm on Thursday October 26th in the University Place Conference Center.  Please note that time taken to attend the fair is considered paid time.



Agenda Item XIII: Reports from the Chancellor's SC Academic Designee: Paul Galanti (Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,

Galanti briefed the SC on the following updates from the IUPUI Faculty Council (“IFC”) including:

·               The passage of a resolution requiring that “IUPUI” or “Indianapolis Campus” appear in the name of funded Signature Centers established according to Dean Sukhatme’s Academic Plan.

·               The proposed reorganization or decentralization of the Division of Labor Studies.  Learn more about the Division of Labor Studies issue online at

·               Work continues to define and clarify IUPUI’s approach to General Education in response to a charge by the Trustees [made to all IU campuses].

·               Faculty have been encouraged to familiarize themselves with new data protection laws in Indiana.  Read more at  


Information about the IFC is available on its website at



Agenda Item XIV: Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).

No discussion.



Agenda Item XV: New Business / Announcements.  

Herrell led the SC through items of New Business:


o        Representative Christopher Brown informed the SC that a new spam filter has been launched university-wide.  As the server initiates the new filters, Brown cautioned, the amount of spam may appear worse than before; however, after this induction period, the filters will improve spam-filtering on campus.  More information is available on the UITS website at


o        Secretary Amy Jones reminded the SC of Campus Day (October 22nd) and acknowledged the involvement of staff in the important event. 


o       Jones also reported that the IUPUI Office for Women is researching and reviewing professional development opportunities available as a part of a larger discussion of the advancement of female staff and faculty on campus.


o       An Al-Anon chapter is now available on campus.  "Al-Anon is for ANYONE affected by an alcoholic whether they are the spouse of, child of, parent of or friend of the alcoholic. Al-Anon does not strive to 'fix' the alcoholic, but rather to serve as a shared community for those affected by someone who is an alcoholic. All participants are expected to maintain high standards of confidentiality.


There will be no dues. Staff, faculty and students are all welcome. You are welcome to bring your lunch with you. This will be led initially by two current Al-Anon members. No one from HRA Work/Life or HRA, in general, will be present at the first or later meetings.


The group will meet each Tuesday from 12:05 p.m. until 12:55 p.m. (except on December 19th) in the Medical Science Building (635 Barnhill Drive), Room 312A (3rd floor) starting October 24th. "

The SC thanks Maggie Stimming and a collaborating Al-Anon member for their leadership in establishing this chapter. 


  • Representative Troy Brown reported that one of his constituents is exploring the possibility of requesting and establishing lactation rooms for nursing mothers across campus.


  • Representative Michelle Hurst requested that receptacles for cigarette butts be replaced on campus in attempts to curb the littering problem.  The SC will discuss this issue further after doing some research.



Agenda Item XVI: Adjournment.  

At 5:03pm, Martin adjourned the meeting, which was followed by break-out sessions for each SC standing committee.




Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /



Agenda for October 18, 2006 Staff Council Meeting.


[Attachment for SC 10-18-06 Minutes]


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Staff Council (SC) Meeting

Wednesday October 18, 3:00-5:00pm, Inlow Hall Room 375 (“IH 375”)

A G E N D A (SC: October 18, 2006)


Call to Order.                                                                             Sue Herrell for Susan J. Martin

(SC President, 8.6128,


Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.                              Sue Herrell for Susan J. Martin


Remarks from the Executive Vice Chancellor and                         Uday Sukhatme (Executive Vice Chancellor

Dean of Faculties / The Academic Plan.                           and Dean of Faculties, 4.4477)


[POSTPONED]Report from the Chancellor's                                 Robert Martin

SC Administrative Designee.                                           (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance,



[ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 9/20/06 (distributed electronically).            Sue Herrell for Susan J. Martin


Report from the President.                                                          Sue Herrell for Susan J. Martin


(4:00)  [INFORMATION ITEM] Open Enrollment.                          Susan Brewer

                                                                                                            (University Director - Health Care

and Welfare Program Services,



(4:15) [INFORMATION ITEM] Carpooling Options.                        Maggie Stimming (Director – Work/Life)


(4:30) [INFORMATION ITEM] United Way Campaign.                   Mary Myers                 


Reports Submitted by Standing Committees.

A.         Bylaws.                                                             Amy Jones, Chair

B.         Communications.                                               Troy Barnes & Michelle Fatheeree, Co-Chairs

C.         Membership                                                      Delana Gifford, Chair

D.         Rewards & Recognition.                                     Lorna Griffin & Mike Oakley, Co-Chairs

G.         Special Events.                                                  Karen Best, Chair

H.         Staff Affairs.                                                       Jason Burnham & Becky Thacker, Co-Chairs


Call for Reports from Other Committees.                                      Sue Herrell for Susan J. Martin  


[POSTPONED]Report from Human Resources Administration.       Ellen Poffenberger

                                                                                    (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources /

                                                                                    Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate,



Reports from the Chancellor's SC Academic Designee.                 Paul Galanti

(Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,


Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).


New Business / Announcements.  

A. Hot Topics: Share concerns & comments from your unit




CIVIC ENGAGEMENT UPDATE:  If you have cell phones that you are no longer using, why not donate them to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (for reprogramming for emergency use  by victims)?  You need not include chargers or accessories of any kind. Contact Representative Becky Thacker at or the SC office at to arrange for pick-up.  Many thanks!


Next Staff Council Meeting: November 15, 2006 from 3:00-5:00pm in Inlow Hall Room 100


Agenda prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin: UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /


Staff Discounts URL: 

SC Account # with IU Foundation: 32-P000-12-1 (give online at )