SC 6/21/06 Minutes

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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Staff Council (SC) Minutes: June 21, 2006

University Library Auditorium / 3:00 - 5:00 pm


Agenda Item I: Call to Order: Judith Mathews (SC President, 4.4704,

Mathews called the meeting to order at 3:08pm.



Agenda Item II: Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.

The order of business was adopted as the order of business for the day.    



Agenda Item III: Report from the Chancellor's SC Administrative Designee: Robert Martin (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 4.4511,

Vice Chancellor Martin could not attend the meeting but will update the SC at future meetings.



Agenda Item IV: [ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 5/17/06:  Up for Approval.

Hearing no objections, the SC minutes of May 17, 2006 were accepted as written and entered into record. 


These minutes are available online at



Agenda Item V: [ELECTION] 1st Vice President.

Hearing no objections to her unopposed candidacy, Elections Chair Delana Gifford announced that Sue Herrell was elected 1st Vice President of the SC for the 2006-08 terms.  The SC thanks outgoing 1st Vice President Troy Barnes for his outstanding work.



Agenda Item VI:  [ELECTION] Executive Committee Members-at-Large.

Elections were held for three members-at-large of the SC Executive Committee for the 2006-08 terms.  Gifford thanked all of the candidates and confirmed Keith Battle, Natalie Harvey, and Wayne Husted as the winners.  They will join those Executive Committee members-at-large serving through 2007:  Christina Freeman, Leslie Kidwell (following her recent appointment to fill a position vacated mid-term), and Lena Woods .



Agenda Item VI:  Report from the President: Judith Mathews.

Mathews, in the final report of her 2003-06 Presidency:

§   Welcomed all re-elected and newly-elected SC members, thanking them for their willingness to serve.  


§   Thanked members who will not be serving in 2006-07, citing their outstanding work as SC representatives:  Linda Blacketer, Kathleen Boles, Sheryl Bornino, Barbara Browning, Freida Cormack, Rick Cuellar, Avis Frieson, Shaun Ingram, Lynda Johnson, Karen Proctor, Carol Robinson, Rick Van Horn, Marilyn Yurk, and Marla Zimmerman.


§   Thanked the SC Executive Committee members and chairs [over the past three years] for their tireless efforts and constant support: Troy Barnes, Delana Gifford, Amy Jones, Susan Martin, Leslie Kidwell, Lena Woods, Becky Thacker, Keith Battle, Chris Freeman, Sue Herrell, Lorna Griffin, Mike Oakley, Karen Neely, Jan Canganelli, and Mary O’Neill.


§   Thanked Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Ellen Poffenberger, Chancellor’s Academic Designee Paul Galanti, Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance Bob Martin, Executive Vice Chancellor William Plater, Academic Affairs’ Nan Bohan, and Chancellor Charles Bantz for their unflagging support of the SC.


§   Gave the 2005-06 Year-End Report (, which offered highlights such as the SC’s: critical role in the evolution of, vetting of, and communication about the tobacco-free policy; participation in the response to the administrative restructuring of IU; influence on increased traffic enforcement in dangerous areas; continued efforts to promote short-term disability benefits for staff; continued efforts to address fee courtesy shortcomings; adjudication of two Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award and five 2005-06 Carol D. Nathan winners; launch of a successful Special Events committee; and successful elections (resulting in the highest member headcount in three years for 2006-07).


§   Reflected on all the achievements of the SC over the years, crediting her colleagues and the unit representatives for the incredible growth the council has enjoyed.


Mathews closed her report by turning over the SC leadership to President-Elect Susan Martin, expressing great optimism for the council’s future.  The SC Executive Committee then presented Mathews with an engraved silver PC mouse.



Agenda Item VII:  Reports from Standing Committees.

Communication Committee Troy Barnes reported that work continues on the annual SC calendar.


Membership Committee Chair Delana Gifford announced that:

Ø A run-off election for two UITS SC representatives has concluded:  Christopher M. Brown and Gary Curto were elected and will join Troy Barnes (2005-07) and Becky Thacker (2006-08) in representing their unit.


Ø The schools of Social Work and Nursing, respectively, elect their SC representatives using their unit staff councils and have elected the following delegates for the 2006-08 terms:  Sally Krause (Nursing – joins Helen McKuras), Jennifer Fleming (Social Work), and Rachel Sipes (Social Work).


Rewards & Recognition Co-Chair Lorna Griffin reported [on behalf of her committee and Co-Chair Mike Oakley] that the application period for the Carol D. Nathan Staff Council Scholarship has begun.  Please encourage colleagues [who are IUPUI degree candidates] to visit and apply.  Applications will be accepted from through July 14th.  Scholarship winners will be named on or before August 4th.


Special Events Chair Sue Herrell briefed the Council on the 2006 SC Retreat at Bradford Woods.  The retreat (“Camp Staff Council”) will be held from 8:45am-4:15pm on Friday July 14th; SC members—past, present, and future—are welcome and urged to attend.  The day will feature: an outdoor team-building exercise and a program on customer service by IUB HRA training specialist Deb Dunbar; an overview of SC committees; the opportunity to tour the grounds; activities like chair yoga and a self-defense workshop; and more. Her committee has arranged for breakfast and lunch to be prepared by Bradford Woods.  Committee member Michelle Fatheree is coordinating carpools.  “Please contact Michelle at if you have not already stated that you need a ride; while drivers are welcome, we currently have quite a few volunteers.”


Herrell urged all SC members who have not yet registered to attend the retreat to do so online at  NOTE:  the event address and links to maps [to/of Bradford Woods] are also available on the webpage.  The SC thanks Sue Herrell and her committee for their outstanding efforts!


Staff Affairs Chair Lena Woods reported that her committee’s year-end report was distributed electronically.  She then announced the new Staff Affairs Co-Chairs for 2006-07:  Becky Thacker and Jason Burnham.  Lester Cook will act as Assistant Chair.



Agenda Item VIII: Call for Reports from Other Committees.   

No report.



Agenda Item IX:  Report from Human Resources Administration: Ellen Poffenberger (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources / Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate, 4.8932,

Poffenberger briefed the SC on the following:

§         Following up on her May announcement that Chancellor Charles Bantz has decided that IUPUI will be a campus free of tobacco use, Poffenberger reiterated that—as of August 14th—tobacco use will be prohibited on all IUPUI owned or leased property, including outdoor spaces and residence halls.  Campus “smoking butlers” will be removed on or around August 10th.  Poffenberger then discussed a draft of the implementation plan for the new policy (provided by Representative Wayne Husted), encouraged SC and staff feedback. 


§         The IUPUI Staff Survey is nearing a close.  Please log on to complete the survey if you have not already done so.


§         Annual salary letters are expected to arrive in the mail this week.        


§         In closing, Poffenberger commended President Mathews on her excellent work.



Agenda Item X: Reports from the Chancellor's SC Academic Designee: Paul Galanti (Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,

Galanti offered an update on the projected enrollment for Fall 2006 (information is available online at  He also reported that he will send a memo to Chancellor Bantz asking that he examine the fact that IUPUI staff who enroll as students are being burdened by fees not covered by their fee courtesy benefit.


In closing, Galanti echoed praise for Judith Mathew’s tenure as SC President.


Information about the IFC is available on its website at



Agenda Item X: Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).

No discussion.



Agenda Item XI: New Business / Announcements.  

Representative Sarah Reed made the following announcements re: the IUPUI Career Center:

§   The student employment database currently known as “JagJobs” will transition to a new, pre-populated system Monday June 26th.  All students/student employees will have access to the system using their ADS user ID and student ID # [as their password].


§   The hugely popular annual Student Employment & Internship Fair will be held from 10:30am to 2:30pm on Wednesday August 30th in the Student Activity Center Courtyard (in front of University College).  Interested campus employers should register as soon as possible.  Information and registration forms are available at


§                                                                           Some departments within the Career Center (career counseling, job search concerns, job fair planning) will be relocating to University College on July 5th.


Newly-elected Representative Christopher Walthers raised a concern about a lack of parking available to employees to be housed in the Medical Sciences Building on 10th Street.  Current plans have the employees parking a considerable distance from their offices and using the PeopleMover, raising concerns about time/efficiency, access for special needs employees, and safety.  Walthers will follow-up with former Parking Advisory Representative Mary O’Neill to pursue further information and to discuss how to best provide feedback to appropriate administrators.


Several SC members briefed the SC on the launch of a new voicemail system:  the Unified Messaging Service.  See for more information.  Account requests may be submitted to


An SC member asked if IUPUI employees receive discounts on registration for children’s sports camps held on campus.  Another member shared that, to receive a discount, staff must register their child early.


On the subject of discounts, a member shared that the cost of online or off-site IUPUI courses is entirely covered by fee courtesy benefits.  Another member offered that discounts on Community Learning Network courses are available only if one registers via phone.



Agenda Item X: Adjournment.  

Mathews adjourned the meeting, which was followed by a reception in the University Library Auditorium Lobby.  The SC thanks newly-elected Representative Teresa McCurry for her assistance in preparing for the meeting and reception.




Minutes prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin

UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /



Minutes for June 21, 2006 Staff Council Meeting.


[Attachment for SC 6-21-06 Minutes]


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Staff Council (SC) Meeting

Wednesday June 21, 3:00-5:00pm

A G E N D A (SC: June 21, 2006)


Today’s meeting will be followed by a light reception in the auditorium lobby.

Thank you for your service!



Call to Order.                                                                                                                        Judith Mathews

(SC President, 4.4704,


Adoption of the Order of Business for the Day.                                                             Judith Mathews


Report from the Chancellor's                                                                                            Robert Martin

SC Administrative Designee.                                                                            (Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, 4.4511,


[ACTION ITEM] Minutes for SC 5/17/06 (distributed electronically).                          Judith Mathews


[ELECTION] SC 1st Vice President                                                                                   Delana Gifford

                                                                                                                (2nd Vice President, 4.0870,



[ELECTION] SC Executive Committee Members-at-Large                                          Delana Gifford


Report from the President.                                                                                                                Judith Mathews

A.             Thank you, departing members & continuing members!

B.            Welcome, newly elected members!

C.            Reflections on the 2003-2006 Staff Council terms.

D.            2005-06 Year-End Report


Reports Submitted by Standing Committees.

A.             Bylaws.                                                                                                  Amy Jones, Chair


B.            Communications.                                                                                               Troy Barnes, Chair

                                                                                                                (1st Vice President, 8.4287,



C.            Faculty Relations.                                                                                                Sharon Grohowski, Chair


D.            Membership.                                                                                        Delana Gifford


E.            Rewards & Recognition.                                                                    Lorna Griffin and Mike Oakley, Co-Chairs


F.             Special Events. (Retreat July 14th @ Bradford Woods)            Sue Herrell, Chair


G.            Staff Affairs.                                                                                           Lena Woods, Chair


Call for Reports from Other Committees.                                                                      Judith Mathews 


Report from Human Resources Administration.                                                          Ellen Poffenberger

                                                                                                                                (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Human Resources /

                                                                                                                                Chancellor’s SC Administrative Designee Alternate,



Reports from the Chancellor's                                                                                         Paul Galanti

SC Academic Designee.                                                                                   (Former President, IUPUI Faculty Council, 257.6826,


Old Business (Unfinished or Pending).


New Business / Announcements.

A.             Functionality of search engine on IUPUI website.                        Executive Committee

B.            NEW!  “Hot Topics.” (SE members identify their constituents’                Susan J. Martin, President-Elect

top concerns; so-called “water cooler” talk)                                                                                                                  





CIVIC ENGAGEMENT UPDATE:  If you have cell phones that you are no longer using, why not donate them to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (for reprogramming for emergency use  by victims)?  You need not include chargers or accessories of any kind. Contact Representative Becky Thacker at or the SC office at to arrange for pick-up.  Many thanks!


Next Staff Council Meeting: September 20, 2006 from 3:00-5:00pm in The Wynne Courtroom of Inlow Hall (IH 100)

Agenda prepared by Staff Council Coordinator Molly Martin: UN 403 / 274-2215 / Fax: 274-2970 / /