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Web Site Committee [Ad Hoc]

Matt Borden and Andrew Myers - Co-Chairs

Committee Members

Charge: The Web Committee shall consist of three to five people with one person acting as the overall editor and web-master who shall be in charge of overseeing and editing all information placed within the Staff Councils Web Page to comply with the standards and values of IUPUI and Staff Council). This committee shall be responsible for the dissemination of Staff Council and sub-committee information via the Internet, and for the continual improvement of the Staff Council Web Page into a working a useful resource for the staff and the IUPUI community (Bylaws Article V).

Borden Matthew Co-Chair
Myers Andrew Co-Chair
Bernard Lee Non Member
Black Russell
Cockrum Ben
Lee Karen Coordinator and Editor
Lines Lodema
Riley Carol

 Liaisons (or Ex Officio)
Alicia Gahimer (Ex Officio:  Second Vice President)

Annual Reports