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Staff Affairs Committee

Margo Barton and Lyndy Kouns, Co-Chairs


The Staff Affairs Committee shall consist of no fewer than 8 staff members who will represent as many of the classifications as possible from the membership of the Staff Council. The Committee is responsible for monitoring the concerns of each of the classifications (whether represented on the committee or not) as well as those pertaining to all IUPUI staff; for interacting with the Human Resources Department; and for proposals and policy issues other than fringe benefits related to all staff members (Bylaws Article V).

Committee Members

Margo Barton, Co-Chair
Emily Clossin
Felicia Jackson
Lyndy Kouns, Co-Chair
Dan Mathew
Matthew McKay
Greg Mobley
Greg Rathnow
Kurt Snyder

Liaisons (or Ex Officio)
Barb Hanes (Ex Officio: First Vice President)

Annual Reports