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Faculty Relations Committee

Lee Stone, Chair

Committee Members

Charge: The Faculty Relations Committee shall consist of no fewer than five staff members. This committee shall have the responsibility for identifying staff concerns with faculty, with Human Resources Administrations, and with campus activities which impinge upon the quality of campus life. The committee shall also address issues of mutual concern to both faculty and staff and promote communication between them. In all activities, active collaboration with the Faculty Council and its relevant committee shall be pursued and appropriate recommendations made. (Bylaw V.B.5).

This committee meets jointly with the Staff Relations Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council.

Cathie Carrigan
Margo Foreman
Deanna Hart
Greg Mobley
Kathy Risacher
Lee Stone, Chair
Terry Wilson

Liaisons (or Ex Officio)
Jim Klenner (Ex Officio: First Vice President)