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Welcome to IUPUI's Staff Council

Professional Development Grant

Would you like to attend a conference, purchase a book for professional development, or attend a workshop? Do you need funds? Check out the Staff Council Professional Development Grant process. Click here for more information! The deadline has been extended to December 11.

Open Access Statement of Support

At their November 18, 2015, meeting, the Staff Council voted to support Open Access which gives staff members the ability to share the intellectual fruits of their work and scholarship. The Staff Council encourages all IUPUI staff authors to: support a more sustainable and inclusive system of scholarship and to reduce information inequality; to employ technologies that can preserve copies of their works as part of the IUPUI record of scholarship for future study; and to use the services available at IUPUI to provide full-text online discoverability of their scholarly works.

Purpose of the Staff Council

The purpose of the Staff Council at IUPUI shall be to represent the staff in the communication processes and the decision making of the university and

  • to increase the sense of identity, recognition and worth of each staff member in his/her relationship to the university,
  • to identify concerns relating to staff and to seek their solutions,
  • to provide a channel of communication for staff with administration and faculty,
  • to promote staff development and to recommend policies which aid in retaining highly-qualified personnel,
  • to integrate the staff into campus governance and existing university affairs,
  • to establish and promote university-wide activities, publications, workshops, and seminars,
  • to serve as a resource for other schools or units in the development of school of unit Staff Councils.

IUPUI Staff Council Constitution and Bylaws Article I

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