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Welcome to IUPUI's Staff Council

Principles of Ethical Conduct

At their meeting on December 5, 2013, the Indiana University Board of Trustees approved principles of ethical conduct for all members of the IU community, including the trustees, administration, faculty, and staff. The principles can be found here.

Staff Council Member Feature

Beginning in November 2012, the Staff Development Committee will feature a different Staff Council member in the staff newsletter. If you have a nomination for a member doing outstanding work or with a story to tell, please contact Caitie Deranek.

Damon Spight is a dedicated and loyal Staff Council member, serving for the Staff Council for six years and counting, ever since his first term on the Council in 1994. Damon, true to his roots as a native Hoosier, is currently serving on the Staff Council Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (2nd Year). He has also served as Co-Chair on the Staff Affairs Committee, and the Staff Council Executive Committee as well. In addition, Damon also provided his services as Staff Council Parliamentarian from 1997-1998.

Some of Damon’s favorite experiences at IUPUI are those gained from IUPUI Staff Council and the IUPUI Black Faculty and Staff Council. It was through these organizations that Damon’s states he learned leadership and gained confidence that change can be impacted by actively speaking out. This is why participating on subcommittees has become one of his favorite parts of working on Staff Council.

Damon continues to serve IUPUI on the Staff Council because he believes we have the capacity to effect sustainable change in delicate areas such as job benefits and communication to-and-from administrators. Damon also has a rich respect for those who fought for him to experience what IPUUI offers him professionally, academically, and financially, and continues to serve in honor of their sacrifices as well as those who continue to sacrifice, helping to make IUPUI that community that it is today.

Damon has dedicated his time to IUPUI. While being involved in the many Staff Council committees that he has, he is also working on his Master’s Degree in Public Management through IUPUI. When not on campus, you might find Damon out enjoying life with his hobbies in basketball, ping-pong, tennis, or playing his trumpet and piano… ♫♫♪♪♫♫.

Damon had a wonderful answer when asked, “If you could be any office supply, what would you be,” Damon answered “A highlighter, because they accentuate what exists…”

This is very fitting for Damon Spight. He helps Staff Council grow, bringing things forward that need to be. Thank you for your service to the Staff Council and IUPUI community!

Ellen Poffenberger Work/Life Program Fund

Ellen Poffenberger, former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, retired in August 2010 after a twenty-four year career at IUPUI. Ellen provided leadership to the campus by advocating for work/life balance, human resource consulting for campus units, and thoughtful recognition of the achievements and success of the employees on the campus of IUPUI. Her service to the campus provided her with a firm foundation to understand and advance student employment, employee engagement strategies, and to launch the first staff bonus pay plan. Her role in forming a state-wide chapter of HR professionals in higher education brought external attention to the campus paving the way for IUPUI to be recognized as a great place to work.

In recognition of Ellen’s vision to establish a Work/Life Program for employees at IUPUI, the Staff Council has established the Poffenberger Work/Life Program Fund which will offer general support to enhance and develop programs. The Work/Life Program benefits all IUPUI employees by promoting job satisfaction and allowing people to maximize their contribution at work while enhancing their personal lives.

Your gift to the Poffenberger Work/Life Program Fund will help establish the legacy that will be used for the general support of the Work Life Program within the Office of Human Resource Administration. IUPUI’s work-life programs focus on inclusiveness, creativity and high-quality, practical information and programming. The fund is a great tribute to Ellen’s commitment to advancing work-life as a business strategy integrating work, family and community. A donation card is provided here for your convenience, and the Staff Council thanks you for your consideration.

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