Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Coffee House Series

Carlos Andres Gomez

The Coffee House Series committee the 6:06 series manages our series of 6:06 Coffee House performers that take place in the Campus Center atrium. Past performers include Javier Colon and Carlos Andres Gomez.

Current director: Janell Kelsaw



The advertising committee is responsible for getting the word out about events. Activities include designing and printing flyers and posters, managing the SAPB website, and find others ways to attract event-goers.

Current director: EunSoo Chung

Campus Traditions

Homecoming Dance 2010

Campus Traditions is responsible for coordinating annual events such as Weeks of Welcome Fest, the Halloween Social, Homecoming festivities, and Spring Formal, among others.

Current director: Teresa Castellanos

Entertainment & Speakers

Hypnotist Jim Wand

Entertainment & Speakers brings you funny comedians, good concerts, and other artistic performances. Past events include Hypnotist Jim Wand and Greg Fitzsimmons.

Current director: Rebecca Smith


Movie in the Courtyard

Films is in charge of bringing hit movies, many not yet available on DVD, to IUPUI. Students can kick back, relax and enjoy free popcorn, drinks, and a movie! Past films include Up!, The Hangover, and The Twilight Saga.

Current director: Sonya Gilbert

IUPUI Goes To Town

IUPUI at Jillians

IUPUI Goes to Town is responsible for organizing exciting trips to nearby attractions in Indianapolis and elswhere. Past events include Holidays at the Zoo, Jillian's Night, and a trip to King's Island.

Current director: Marion Muthama