Request for nominations

March 6, 2011

Dear IUPUI Senior Academy Member:

The Senior Academy Nominating Committee is currently soliciting nominations to the Senior Academy Board of Directors for the 2011-12 year.

There are four new members of the Board to be elected this year.  Please send your nominations by email to

Thank you for continued support of the IUPUI Senior Academy.


Bill Bosron

Chair of the Nominating Committee

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Senior Academy Board Meeting January 25, 2011

Members Present: Marge Applegate, Mark Grove, Mary Grove, Giles Hoyt, Carlyn Johnson, Nick Kellum, Walter Linne, Golam Mannan, Arthur Mirsky, Leon Rand.
Guests: Becky Van Voorhis, Jim Brown

Members absent: Patricia Blake, William Bosron, Theodore Cutshall, Noel Duerden, Shirley Newhouse

Call to Order: President Giles Hoyt called the meeting to order at 10:12 am.

Minutes: It was moved/seconded (Rand/Johnson) that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.

President’s Report:
Giles reported that the Faculty Club is in danger of closing due to increases in the rental fee ($12,000/yr) and substantial increases in the cost of meals. Board members agreed that the new charges are unsupportable and, without a reasonable readjustment, the Faculty Club will have to close.
Giles asked for board approval to draft a letter to hotel management pointing out that the sudden increase in costs likely would result in the closing of the Faculty Club. He proposed drafting a letter to Chancellor Bantz, Dean Sukhatme, and the Faculty Council pointing out the importance of the Faculty Club as an essential part of campus life. Approval granted.
Discussion followed regarding the hotel’s financial situation, which was the rationale given for the need to raise prices/revenue. Nick Kellum referred to the substantial costs (approximately $32 million) of the hotel purchase and renovation. Other venues for the Faculty Club were proposed, but none seemed practicable.

52: SA Fund    $ 6,879.03December 31, 2010      -47.54        23.92       50.00  
70: SA FundSchol. ReturningStudents     49,471.61 December 31, 2010   -348.94    175.38  2,036.90  
88: SA Fund Schol. IPSStudents    38,508.76December 31, 2010  -270.59   136.13             0.00  
96: SA FundAcademic Schol    40,094.30 December 31, 2010  -190.96        96.06              0.00  
Checking Account:       6,867.11December 31, 2010     Dues collected    10.00  0.50

L. Rand noted that Holiday party receipts totaled  $942.40.   A check was written to Hollyhock Hills for $942.91 for a net loss of  $0.50.

It was moved/seconded (Mannan/Linne) that the Treasurer’s report be approved.  Motion carried.


Committee Reports:


Communications Committee: Walter Linne

Walter had no report.  He introduced Jim Brown to the group.  Jim will conduct the web site learning event immediately following the meeting.  The board extended thanks in advance to Jim for providing this learning opportunity.

Social/Program Committees: Carlyn Johnson

  1. Carlyn referred the board to the Wabash Magazine that had two items of interest to board members.
  2. Carlyn  noted that Marilyn Bartlett from the Center for Teaching and Learning has offered an idea for a program that could be offered in the fall.  The program would run for one or two days with a two hour morning and 2 hour afternoon session with lunch between the sessions (Perhaps lunch at the Faculty Club).  The educational sessions would offer “hands on” opportunities to learn to use Excel, Power Point, Publisher and Picture Management computer programs.  Kendra Orr would coordinate the program sessions.  Becky Van Voorhis noted that these opportunities already exist  at the Center.  It was also suggested that a survey be done to learn what people would like to have presented.  The survey could describe the programs and seek to learn which ones are desired and also get a bead on numbers.  Kendra Orr will be contacted  re doing the survey, the best dates for the program (Oct/Nov suggested), and whether we are overlapping what is already available.
  3. Carlyn reported that the pharmacist program went very well.  There were a lot of questions about health care costs.  Perhaps we could offer a program on health care costs next year.  Bob Kirk was suggested as a person who might be able to help us identify people for this program.  It would be necessary to determine whether the approach should be conceptual or operational.  Most thought an operational approach followed by what policies affect/influence operations would be a useful approach.
  4. 4.       Becky Van Voorhis addressed the group about a possible interest in collaborating with other organizations to present a program for the S&P (Spirit and Place – a subset of Polis) Festival in the fall of 2011.  The Senior Academy might want to collaborate with other organizations to create a program designed for seniors to maintain health and enhance quality of  life.  Last year’s theme for the S&P Festival was “Food for thought”.  This year’s theme will be “The Body”.   The cost is $400.  If the SA collaborated with other groups, the cost could be shared.  Suggested collaborating groups were the Hiking Club and Shepherd’s Center. Becky Van Voorhis, Mark Grove, and Golam Mannan will investigate further. Becky will check with the Shepherd Center and Golam will check with the Hiking Club to establish whether there is an interest.   


Last Lecture:  Golam Mannan

Golam reported that the committee had 5 candidates.  Two candidates were unable to be considered this year, but would be interested in being considered next year.  There are 3 candidates remaining.  The committee will have the finalist by February, 2011.  Golam also noted that the time for the last lecture is 3:00 pm.  The Last Lecture will occur on March 25, 2011 at 3:00 pm.


Old Business: 



New Business:

There is no new business, but Giles reminded us that the web site learning event will immediately follow this meeting.

It was moved and seconded that we adjourn (Mannan/Mirsky).  Motion passed at 11:14 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate, Secretary    (with thanks to Mary Grove for her assistance)

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Senior Academy President Giles Hoyt and St. Nikolaus

Senior Academy President Giles Hoyt has other important activities this time of year. He incarnates Saint Nikolaus at the Sankt Nikolaus Fest and Christkindel Market at the Athenaeum. The Saint “examined” over 100 children on Sunday Afternoon Dec. 4th. Children are expected during their visit with Nikolaus to recite a poem, sing a song or in other ways indicate their worthiness. Herewith is Sankt Nikolaus with his “court”, including the nefarious Knecht Ruprecht, the dark side of the Advent season.

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Jim and Becky Brown Take Grandchildren to US Space and Rocket Center

Just as an adult putting on a Scout uniform makes you 11 years old again, so too does tagging along with grandchildren remind us of the fresh eyes of children exploring the world around them. Katie, 6, and Audrey, 4, are Jim and Becky Brown’s guides to fresh looks on the world.
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Brown competes in the Regatta

Nick Moreland and Jim Brown lead their heat in the 2010 Regatta. Photo by Mike Wolanin.

Jim Brown’s team, the Jour-Strokers, had the 15th fastest time of 96 teams in the 2010 Regatta held September 25 on the canal. At a practice the night before, a competing team participant observing Brown’s start said, “Wow this is really hard-core. Look at that old man go!”

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Are you Regatta-ing?

Where will you be on September 25, 2010? On the Canal of course for the IUPUI Regatta to enjoy live music, local food, the greatest canoe race in Indy, friends, and fun. To start a team, volunteer, or just get more information visit from the website below. You gotta Regatta.


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