Board Minutes — April 2012

Senior Academy Board Meeting

Park 100

April 12, 2012

Members Present: Marge Applegate, Pat Blake, William Bosron, Mary Grove, Carlyn Johnson, Walter Linne,  Rose Mays, Art Mirsky, Rebecca VanVoorhis.

Members absent:  Giles Hoyt, Nick Kellum, Shirley Newhouse, Randall Strate, Rosalie Vermette, Jeff Vessely.

Call to Order:   President Bill Bosron called the meeting to order at 10:05 am

Minutes:  There was a motion to approve the minutes of Jan, 12, 2012 (Blake/VanVoorhis).  Motion carried.

President’s Report: William Bosron 

  • President Bosron reminded everyone that the annual meeting is May 31, 2012 at the athenaeum. Giles has reported to Bill that plans are on target.  Parking is available just east of the building.  SA members can obtain a token inside the athenaeum for a nominal fee to cover parking.
    • A packet will be prepared containing the agenda, annual reports of the standing committees, the minutes of the last annual meeting and other items that will facilitate the meeting.  A format will be sent to all standing committee chairs for their annual reports.
    • Bill will check with the Administrative Offices to see who will be available to bring greetings to the SA members.  The IUPUI Administration has been very supportive of the Senior Academy and we welcome their greetings and the opportunity to thank them.
    • We will recognize the retiring members of the Senior Academy Board and announce the new Board members as well as the slate of officers who will be elected by the Board in the June meeting.
    • The 3 individuals who were awarded Senior Academy scholarships will be recognized and invited to say a few words to the group.
    • Rita Kohn has been invited to present the program for the annual meeting.  She has written many books, articles, plays and documentaries as a scholar, educator, journalist , editor and advocate for the arts.  She has undertaken oral histories of the elders of Contemporary Woodland Indian Tribes to assist in preserving their culture and historical memories.  This promises to be a great program.
  • Last Lecture: Bill thanked Golam Mannan  and Sue Herrell for their great organization of the Last Lecture.  It was a smashing success.  The speaker, Dr. James A. Lemons, was exceptional.  Dr. Lemons is the Hugh McK. Landon Professor of Pediatrics emeritus and the past director of neonatal-perinatal medicine at the IU School of Medicine.  He is well known for his expertise and scholarship in neonatal-perinatal care and especially for stem cell biology and  neonatal-perinatal metabolism.  He has been instrumental in establishing the Riley Mother and Baby Hospital of Kenya in Eldoret, Kenya.  His reflections were a splendid weaving of stories about the Kenya Project into a  thematic tapestry of  the  “unintended consequences of  love”
  • Dean Uday Sukhatme was recognized at the Last Lecture for his exemplary service as Vice Chancellor and Dean of Faculties at IUPUI as well as for his consistent and excellent support of the Senior Academy.  The Senior Academy presented him with Herron pottery and meaningful poetry books as an expression of appreciation.
  • IUPUI Research Day is tomorrow, April 13, 2012.  Several Senior Academy members will help with the program.  Bill expressed his appreciation for the SA members who volunteered to assist with Research Day.


Treasurer’s Report: Mary Grove (Jan/Feb/March 2012)

  • Mary pointed out that market values on the accounts  are moving steadily in a positive direction with good recovery.  We remain  in a negative net gain, but the last two months  have shown impressive gains..  Our investment income continues to grow at a modest and stable rate.
  • The gains in the scholarship accounts are worthy of note.
  • We have received $20 in dues in the last two months.  
  • It was moved (Blake/VanVoorhis) that the budget report be approved and filed for audit Motion carried.
  • Both the minutes and Treasurer’s report will be sent to Giles Hoyt who will put them on the web site.  The secretary will again attempt to attach a copy of the Treasurer’s report to the minutes.


Committee Reports:

Program Committee: Carlyn Johnson

  • Carlyn reported that the program at the Indiana Historical Society was a great success.  We had 10-11 participants who were delighted with the changes in how exhibits are formatted.  Harriett did a wonderful job of coordinating this experience. .
  • Carlyn noted that the Clifty Falls event is coming along nicely and on schedule.  There have been 14-16 reservations so far.  Several very interesting activities are in the planning stage.  Jean Gnat is coordinating this event (May 9 to 11, 2012)
  • Carlyn noted that two programs are in the planning stages for this fall:
    • September, 2012: Rita Woll, C.N.C. from Yellow Tag Household Sales will present a program on downsizing in the elder years.  It will focus on issues and resources for elders who are moving to a down-sized home or assistive facility in a period of  transition.
    • The Central Indiana Alliance for helping seniors will assist with the program.
    • Becky noted that some of our programs might be of interest to a broader audience.  We might, for example, work with the Shepherd Center to widen our circle of participants with similar interests.  Art suggested that people from Marquette Manor might want to participate as well.
      • October, 2012: A program is being planned related to living wills and advance directives. We need to be thinking about our interest in SA support of the broader issue of related legislation (Becky).   This also might be a good program to test planning for a wider audience.  We might even be able to present it at the Shepherd Center (Becky) with a co-host model.  This might help us to establish connections with other retirement groups to present programs and gain support for a legislative effort.
      • It was suggested that we might want to plan a program related to mental decline in the senior years.
      • Carlyn reminded the Board that they will need to appoint a new chairperson. 


Nominating Committee: Walter Linne

Walt noted that the Nominating Committee is composed of the Executive Committee members (Bill Bosron, Walt Linne, Mary Grove, Marge Applegate) plus Rose Mays and Randall Strate.

  • The call for nominations went out and a rich group of possible candidates was received.  Walt presented the list for Board consideration and preparation of a slate.  He called for nominations from the floor.  None were added to the list already established.
  • The final slate of candidates selected include: Nan Bohan, Eleanor Kinney, Sharon Peterman, Golam Mannan, John Paulsrud, Paul Bippen, and Randall Strate.   Individual Board members agreed to contact the nominees to confirm their willingness to run for a position on the Senior Academy Board.
  • The ballot will go out May 7th with a return date that enables  a report of the results at the annual meeting.


Scholarship Committee: Art Mirsky

  • Art reported that the winner of the IPS scholarship has accepted the award.  His name is Tyler McNeal. .  Tyler plans to major in clinical pathology.
  • The awardees for the Returning Student Scholarship and the Academic Scholarship have been selected.  The Scholarship office is in the process of notifying them .  If they accept the award, Art will notify Bill of the names of the winners.  Art expressed his appreciation to the members of the Scholarship Committee (Art Mirsky, Marge Applegate, Molly Hicks, Beverly Ross, Sheldon Siegel) and to Amber Pratcher in the Scholarship Office for their work. 
  • The scholarship winners will be invited to the annual meeting and will have the opportunity to speak to the assembly.
  • Art said that he has contacted Kay Kelly who is the chief of guidance and college readiness for IPS.  He told her that the Scholarship Committee will prepare a flyer containing information about the Senior Academy IPS Scholarship for use by the IPS guidance counselors to facilitate student applications.  Ms. Kelly said she would send the fliers to the counselors once they are prepared. 
  • Art noted that the Scholarship Committee is in the process of revising the descriptions of the scholarships as well as preparing the flyer for IPS counselors.  Once the committee has completed that process the descriptions and flyer will be presented to the Board for approval.


Old Business:


Spirit and Place: Becky Van Voorhis

  • The program for Spirit and Place (November) is moving along nicely.  Meetings with the organizing group for the total program have resulted in the decision to present both an informative and interactive part for our contribution which will embrace the theme of  “play”.
  • Becky requested that the issue of Living Wills and Advance Directives be placed on the June agenda. If we continue in our desire to support legislative action on this issue, we will need to be proactive.   We need to begin planning for that effort.


New Business:  Art Mirsky

Art noted that a previous winner of the returning student scholarship has notified him of his progress in school, his coming graduation and his plans to begin graduate study.  He expressed his appreciation for the SA scholarship that assisted him in achieving his goals.

He also noted that an article in the SA Sentinal contained personal information about his back ground that was uncomfortable for him.  The Board reviewed the article and agreed unanimously to pull the article from the web site.

There was a motion (VanVoorhis/Blake) that the Scholarship Committee establish a protocol in writing to protect privileged information submitted in scholarship applications and that the copy of the winning applications sent to the Senior Academy Office be secured.  Motion carried.


Bill will ask Giles to have the questionable information about a scholarship awardee in the August 2009 Sentenel removed from the IUPUI web site.  Bill will consult with IUPUI legal counsel and send a letter to the student congratulating him on his success and apologizing for the posting of the personal information.


There was a motion to adjourn (Applegate/Grove) at 11:41 am.  Motion carried

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate, Secretary


  • Meeting Schedule
  • Program/Activity Schedule
  • Treasurer’s report


NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: May 31, 2012 @ 2:30 pm @ the Athenaeum








Meeting schedule for 2011 – 2012 

Thursday                 May 31                    Athenaeum                2:30 pm

Thursday                 June  14                   Park 100                  10:00 am

Note: Park 100 is located at 5980 Woodward Drive (Near intersection of I 465 and 71st St)