Board Meeting — September 2012

Senior Academy Board Meeting

Park 100

September 13, 2012

Members present: Pat Blake, Nan Bohan, Bill Bosron, Carlyn Johnson, John Paulsrud, Sharon Peterman, Becky VanVoorhis, Rosalie Vermette. Harriet Wilkins

Members absent:  Walt Linne, Golam Mannan, Rose Mays, Randy Strate, Jeffery Vessely

Others present: Marge Applegate, Scholarship Committee Chair

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Interim President Bill Bosron at 10:10 a.m..

The minutes of the Aug. 9 meeting were approved as distributed.


President’s Report

  • Bill reported that Nasser Paydar, the new Executive Vice Chancellor, is interested in developing programs for retirees as part of his strategic planning process.
  • Because Treasurer Randy Strate was in China, there was no treasurer’s report. However, he and Bill have met and gone over the accounts. A new financial officer has been assigned to the Academy by the University.
  • As Interim Sr. Academy President, Bill is serving on the IUPUI United Way Executive Committee. The campaign will run from Sept. 14 to Oct. 31 with a goal of $360,000. 20% of the goal has already been reached through early donations. Lee will send a mass mailing to current and former Sr. Academy members. Donations can be made on line at Bill reminded the Board of the Sr. Academy’s history as the leading donor group to the IUPUI campaign.
  • Bill requested that committee chairs send him the names of their committee members for approval at the next meeting of the Board.


Scholarship Committee

Bill distributed copies of the formal agreements for the Senior Academy scholarships with the IU Foundation. The scholarship titles must be those on the Foundation documents; however, the Academy has considerable flexibility regarding selection of recipients, including criteria for eligibility.

Bill also presented background information on the scholarship program. When the program was first established under the leadership of Art Mirsky and Jim East, the scholarships were funded with annual donations to the Senior Academy account with the IU Foundation. By 2007, sufficient funds had been raised to endow the scholarships and to ensure giving at least one scholarship annually from each fund.

Marge Applegate, Scholarship Committee Chair, distributed proposed revised descriptions of the scholarships and the on-line application forms for the Returning Student Scholarship and the IPS Student Scholarship. She also introduced a discussion of how to honor Art in the title of the scholarship program. After discussion, the Board approved the motion (Vermette/Blake) to name the program “Senior Academy Art Mirsky Scholarship Program.” The names of individual scholarships will be those on the IU Foundation documents: “Senior Academy Scholarship for Returning Students,” etc.

The Board reviewed the proposed descriptions of criteria.

  • After discussion of how to interpret “Indianapolis Public Schools” in light of charter schools and other changes, the Board voted to approve the committee’s description of the scholarship for Indianapolis Public School Students with the deletion of the word “system” and the change of “awardee’s” to “student’s” in line four.
  • In the discussion of the scholarship for Returning Students, Marge pointed out that the proposed description includes students in their first semester at IUPUI after at least a five-year absence from higher education; the previous description required application before a student was enrolled. It is expected that the new description will attract more applicants. After considerable discussion of the limitation of eligibility to students who had taken no college-level courses for five years, the Board voted to approve the committee’s proposed description with the following editorial changes: “. . . dropped out of college level status . . . , or have already enrolled in their first semester of re-enrollment . . . . “. . . prior to enrolling or re-enrolling at IUPUI .”
  • In the discussion of the General Scholarship description, the Board agreed to change the statement about eligible students to “students who expect to graduate with a baccalaureate degree within one year of the award” and the fourth criterion to “agree to enroll for the number of credit-hours required to graduate within one year of the award.” The Board voted to approve the amended description.

The approved descriptions are attached to these minutes.

Marge will work with staff in the Scholarship office to be sure that the new descriptions are used there.

Program/Social Committee

Chair Carlyn Johnson reported that 19 people had attended the program on “Downsizing” on September 11. She also distributed a revised schedule of events, including some sponsored by other campus groups that might be of interest to Sr. Academy members. Events sponsored by other groups will be identified with an asterisk in Sr. Academy communications.


By consensus, the Board authorized John to investigate setting up a Facebook page for the Sr. Academy. It was felt this would provide another avenue for communication with and among members.

Nan Bohan, Membership Chair, reported that 640 postcards had been sent to former and current Sr. Academy members and to recent retirees. Only twelve responses regarding the September 11 program were received. Nan emphasized the need to get increased visibility for the Academy at IUPUI.

Nan and Becky will work on special publicity for the Spirit & Place program on November 14.

Nominating Committee

On behalf of the committee, Becky presented Kathryn Wilson as a nominee to fill the vacancy left by the death of Art Mirsky. The Board voted to elect Kathryn to the Board.


By consensus, the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

                                                            Harriet Wilkins, Secretary