Board Meeting — June 2012

Senior Academy Board Meeting

Park 100

June 14, 2012

Members Present:  Marge Applegate,  Pat Blake, Nan Bohan,   Mary Grove,  Carlyn Johnson,  Walter Linne, Golam Mannan,  Rose Mays,  John Paulsrud, Becky Van Voorhis, Harriet Wilkins

Members absent: Bill Bosron, Art Mirsky, Sharon Peterman, Randy Strate, Rosalie Vermette, Jeff Vessely

Call to Order:  Vice President Walter Linne called the meeting to order at 10:02 am.

Minutes:  It was moved/seconded (Grove/Mannan) that the minutes of the April meeting be approved. Motion carried.  It was moved/seconded (Mays/Blake) that the minutes of the annual meeting be approved.  Motion carried.

President’s Report:

  • Vice President Linne reported that he would chair the meeting today in Bill Bosron’s absence.
  • He thanked the outgoing members of the Board (Hoyt, Applegate, Grove, Rand, Newhouse, Kellums)
  • He welcomed the new members of the Board: Full introductions followed.
    • Nan Bohan
    • John Paulsrud
    • Sharon Peterman
    • Randy Strate
    • Harriet Wilkins
    • Election of Officers

Walt presented the proposed slate of officers:

  • Walter Linne, President
  • Rebecca Van Voorhis, Vice President
  • Randall Strate, Treasurer
  • Harriet Wilkins, Secretary

It was moved and seconded (Mannan/Johnson) that the slate be approved. Motion carried

  • Now President Linne announced that he would be unavailable to serve as President for 4 months due to a prior commitment.  Bill Bosron has agreed to serve for 4 months  as interim president until Walt’s return subject to Board approval.  It was moved/seconded (Blake/Johnson) that Bill Bosron serve as the interim President while Walter Linne is on LOA. . Motion carried.
  • Walt encouraged all members of the Board to review the committees of the Senior Academy to determine the committees on which they wish to serve and/or chair.
  • He also encouraged all members to visit the SA web site at
  • Establishing membership year:  Walt noted that faculty and staff  retire at various times of the year and it is difficult to track them to invite them to join the Senior Academy.  Therefore, he proposes that the membership year be set as July through June so that all invitations would be sent out in July.
    • Nan:  some people retire and do not receive an invitation from the Senior Academy or receive it long after they have retired.  If the “year” dates are changed, it could mean that some people would not actually receive a full “free” membership to the SA. Nan suggested a letter to everyone who retired from June, 2011 to June 2012 expressing regrets if an invitation did not reach them and offering a full year of “free” membership now.
    • Walt noted that we attend the pre-retirement programs to alert retirees about the SA.  He said that the SA is sometimes invited to have a table at the event and sometimes to do a presentation.  Becky suggested that we proact and request to do a presentation rather than wait for an invitation.
    • It was also noted that obtaining names and addresses of retirees is complicated and sometimes, by the time we are able to receive them, any letters sent will be late for some retirees.
    • People taking early retirement may have contributed to the identification/contact problem as well.
    • We have a brochure that is given out to retirees that invites them to join, indicates the benefits of membership and encourages them to visit the SA web site to learn more.  We are working to make the web site more user – friendly.
    • It was suggested that we might appoint a sub group of the Membership Committee to study this issue and propose solutions to the Board.
    • We might need to do follow up invitations as people are so busy at retirement time – 2nd chance.
    • Motion: It was moved and seconded (Wilkins/Mannan) that we offer to all faculty and staff who have retired since June of 2011 free membership to the Senior Academy through July 2013. Motion carried.
    • Motion: It was moved/seconded (Wilkins/Mannan) that the SA Board establish July 1 through June 30 as the membership year.  Motion carried
    • Action: Nan Bohan, John Paulsrud, and Harriett Wilkins volunteered to form a group to research issues around membership that need to be addressed by the Board.
    • Action: Becky Van Voorhis volunteered to serve on the Membership Committee


Treasurer’s Report: Mary Grove

  • Mary noted that while our market value on accounts was up in March, it has been down for some time and remains in a negative position in all affected accounts.
  • Our investment income remains stable with modest increases.
  • Contributions are at a plateau right now and dues income is small at this time.
  • Kevin Walsh (IU Foundation) has removed $9,000 from two scholarship accounts to pay for scholarships distributed.  However, the funds were not taken in correct amounts from each account.  This is in the process of being corrected.  Mary, Kevin, and Art Mirsky are working to correct this.
  • The SA fund is $500 ahead this year.
  • Becky asked for an explanation of the difference between the SA account and the checking acct.  The SA account contains lifetime membership dues and related items that are connected to the IU Foundation.  These require channels to process charges against the account.  The checking account is an independent account that allows us to do business without going through the Foundation; it provides a day by day convenience so that we can pay bills promptly.  Annual membership dues go into the checking account.
  • We paid $692.52 for the annual meeting ($200 honorarium for Rita T. Kohn)
  • A question was raised as to the contribution of resources from the Administrative Offices.  Mary noted that the Office of the Dean of Faculties has been very supportive of  the Senior Academy and provides many resources.  The services of  secretarial support, office space and supplies, mailings etc are examples.


Committee Reports:

Commuications Committee:  Walter Linne

  • Walt referred Board members to the annual report of the committee to see activities.
  • Bill Bosron is going to try to get the Sentinel up and running again
  • Giles Hoyt will continue to work on the web site, but would appreciate some help.


Membership Committee: Walter Linne

  • Walt noted that a new chairperson of the Membership Committee will be needed as Nick Kellum is retiring from the Board and the chair position.


Program/Social Committee:  Carlyn Johnson

  • Action:  Carlyn stated that she would be willing to chair this committee for ONE more year (Hurrah!!)
  • Carlyn briefly reviewed the 11 successful programs/social events completed in the last year (See annual report for a complete listing).
  • She noted that the first three programs for the fall are moving forward in planning. 
    • The September program is designed to assist retirees as they prepare to downsize in their lives. Rita Woll C.N.C. from Yellow Tag Household Sales will present the program. 
    • The October program is related to living wills and advance directives.  Becky notes that we have a goal to support legislation in this arena and we need to begin planning if we want to influence action in the next legislative session.
    • The November program will be offered as a part of the Spirit and Life Festival. We will have both informative and interactive activities in our offering related to “Play”.   
    • Bill Bosron suggested a visit to New Harmony in place of a State Park overnight in 2012-13.  A visit to the Miller House was also suggested.  It was also suggested that we have one program per year related to activities of interest on the IUPUI campus.  We have a rich resource of people on campus doing interesting and exciting things.  Please share suggestions with Carlyn.


Scholarship Committee: Marge Applegate for Art Mirsky

(Art is in the hospital and is unable to be with us today.  The Board sends its greetings and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Art.)

  • Art has circulated the criteria for the three scholarships to committee members for input into revisions.  The process is complete, but Marge did not have a copy of the final revision.   We need to move on them in order for the committee to complete the flyer they are developing for use this fall by the school counselors in the Indianapolis Public Schools.
  • This will be placed on the August agenda for action.


Old Business:

  • It was determined that we will need an August meeting to attend to ongoing business.  We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 10:00 am at Park 100 unless otherwise indicated.
  • It is requested that we invite Dean of Faculties Nasser Paydar to meet with us.  We would like to meet the new Vice Chancellor and Dean of Faculties at IUPUI and to exchange ideas with him about how the Senior Academy serves and can further serve IUPUI and the community.
  • Becky noted that the Senior Center will be closing due to funding issues.  We will need a new partner for our Spirit and Place offering in November.  Margaret Burlingham has spoken to people at the Pike YMCA and they may become our new partner.

New Business:

John Paulsrud has offered to set up opportunities for people to come in with questions and issues in using their computers.  This needs further discussion.

It was moved/seconded (Wilkins/Bohan) that we adjourn at 12:12 pm.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Applegate, Secretary        

NOTE:  There is no meeting in July.  The next meeting of the Board will be August 9, 2012 at 10:00 am at Park 100.